What Do You Mean I Have Attention Deficit Disorder?

What Do You Mean I Have Attention Deficit Disorder?

by Kathleen M. Dwyer

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School Library Journal - School Library Journal
Gr 3-6Patrick, a sixth grader, has trouble sitting still and paying attention in school, and he forgets to do his routine chores at home. His physician diagnoses ADD and when his parents meet with Patrick's teachers, a plan is devised to remind him to raise his hand before speaking in class, to channel his excess physical energy, and to help him remember his assignments and chores, etc. The text emphasizes that children with attention deficit disorder are not "slow" in fact, they're often very intelligent and "think of too many things at once." The black-and-white photos show Patrick in school, playing sports, and at home; they are obviously not candid shots, but they do help show that the boy is "normal" in every way. While the writing is slightly stilted, this book will be a helpful resource for children with ADD, as well as for the adults who live and work with them.Christine A. Moesch, Buffalo & Erie County Public Library, NY
Leone McDermott
An attempt to inform and reassure kids who suffer from attention deficit disorder, or ADD, this follows the story of Patrick, who is always in trouble because of his impulsiveness and lack of focus. Patrick doesn't understand why he can't concentrate in school and thinks that perhaps he's just dumb until his pediatrician diagnoses him with ADD. With help from both parents and teachers and using techniques like checklists, color-coded subject folders, and egg timers, Patrick eventually is able to improve his focus and his schoolwork. There is some useful information here, but the book suffers from a confused perspective. It begins promisingly with the child's point of view but later strays with such sentences as, "His resource teacher is using perceptual techniques to correct his visual-spatial problems." Similarly, the black-and-white photographs are not unattractive but seem unlikely to hold the attention of a hyperactive child. However, libraries may still wish to acquire this book as a starting point for parent-child discussions of a common disorder.

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