What Happened to Patrick's Dinosaurs? Book & Cassette

What Happened to Patrick's Dinosaurs? Book & Cassette

by Carol Carrick, Donald Carrick

Fascinated with dinosaurs, Patrick imagines that at one time dinosaurs were great friends of people.See more details below

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Fascinated with dinosaurs, Patrick imagines that at one time dinosaurs were great friends of people.

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From the Publisher
"A fanciful explanation of the life and times of dinosaurs, as told by a boy to his older brother, this imaginative flight is a saurian delight." School Library Journal, Starred
Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
Patrick, young dinosaur aficionado, returns in this follow-up to Patrick's Dinosaurs. When the boy asks why the dinosaurs disappeared, his older brother Hank offers scientific explanations. Patrick has his own theory: the dinosaurs took care of the humans and built them a 20th century world, but then got tired of doing all the work, so they built a spaceship and flew into space, where they remain today. Hank points out that humans and dinosaurs never coexisted and adds, skeptically, that dinosaurs couldn't have built spaceships. But Patrick the dreamer knows they're still out there, looking down every so often to check on us. Donald Carrick's bold, full-color paintings are a perfect complement to the imaginative text. The orange-hued pages reflect the limitless capacity of a young child's mind. (58)
School Library Journal
K-Gr 3 Patrick, from Patrick's Dinosaurs (Clarion, 1983), is back to marvel children with his imagination. While he and his brother Hank rake leaves, Patrick unfolds the true life and times of dinosaurs. They were friends with people once, you see, picnicking and fishing, building houses, operating car wind-up (not fill-up) service stations and presenting carnival shows to bored humans. Patrick recounts the sad fact that people did not want to learn from the dinosaurs, as they were only interested in recess and lunch, so the dinosaurs left on a spaceship, keeping a celestial check on the people they miss so dearly. Carol Carrick's text masterfully understates Patrick's fanciful imagination and Hank's logical, yet respectfully teasing, perspective. Donald Carrick's ink and watercolor illustrations captivate. His Patrick clips the hedge into a saurian shape and sees only dinosaurs when he watches clouds; industrious, serious dinosaurs wear yellow hard hats on construction jobs; a stegosaurus munches watermelon while a woman sets up her telescope on his back. Leaf-raking scenes are in blues and greens, while the dinosaur pages make one gasp with glowing golden surprise. For sharing and laughing over together, or for independent reading, this superlative partnership of text and illustration will satisfy even the most passionate dinosaur buffs. Jacqueline Elsner, South Portland Library, Maine

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Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
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Read Along Book & Cassette
Product dimensions:
7.50(w) x 13.86(h) x 0.49(d)
Age Range:
5 - 8 Years

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