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What Is a Liquid?

What Is a Liquid?

by Lynn Peppas

Editorial Reviews

Children's Literature - RevaBeth Russell
This is part of the “Matter Close-Up” series where each book starts with a definition of what matter is. Each book uses slightly different and accurate explanations. Each book has “What do you think?” question that helps the reader to interact with what they read. This is an excellent reading strategy when reading science books. Matter can be in three different states and a liquid is one of those states. A liquid will fill a container it is in because it has no shape of its own, like a gas, but its volume does not change, where a gas’s will. Liquids can be poured but some flow slowly, such as honey. Liquid has particles that are so small they cannot be seen but if you heat the liquid up it will change state and become a gas. If you take heat away it will become a solid. The more heat you take away the slower the small particles move and they come closer together. A fun experiment making frozen juice on a stick is explained. Reviewer: RevaBeth Russell; Ages 6 to 9.

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