What Is An Asthma Attack?: Respiration

What Is An Asthma Attack?: Respiration

by Carol Ballard

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Children's Literature - RevaBeth Russell
To live you need to breathe. Oxygen in carbon dioxide out; it is that simple. Or is it? An asthma attack can be very scary and to acknowledge that is comforting to the reader. One is advised to use your inhaler. This book really is more about respiration with only two pages devoted to asthma attacks, but it thoroughly covers respiration, the subtitle of the book. The respiratory system is composed of many parts: bronchi, alveoli, diaphragm, and more. Definitions are found in a very good glossary, with glossary words bolded in the text. Practical advice is in every book in the series, "Inside My Body." This title has just the facts like a good science book. One learns that a cough is a violent push of air through the vocal cords. The enlarged photographs of the open and closed vocal cords are examples of the beautiful work in each book in the series. Taking care of your lungs is important. Don't smoke, avoid other people's smoke, and practice good hygiene. This series would be a welcome addition to any science classroom or library for research purposes or just to read. Reviewer: RevaBeth Russell

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Inside My Body Series
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8 - 10 Years

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