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What Is Lightbody

What Is Lightbody

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by Tachira Tachi-ren

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The true author of this book is the Archangel Ariel and it is channeled through Tashira Tachi-ren. It is a brief but powerful guide for lightworkers. From the introduction: “When we look at you, we see you as vast, multidimensional beings. There’s just a little bit of you in this body, thinking that you are all of it. Some of you are getting an inkling


The true author of this book is the Archangel Ariel and it is channeled through Tashira Tachi-ren. It is a brief but powerful guide for lightworkers. From the introduction: “When we look at you, we see you as vast, multidimensional beings. There’s just a little bit of you in this body, thinking that you are all of it. Some of you are getting an inkling that’s not so. We see you at all dimensions, in the vastness of who you are. From our viewpoint, because you are reading this, you are a Lightworker and you are here with a job to do. You are here to assist in the transition of planet Earth into Light. You’ve done it countless times before and you are an expert in your field. This book presents you with a model which describes what’s going on in this process for this planet. It is not truth. It is not real, because when you are attempting to describe a multidimensional, non-linear model, it’s impossible to describe it in the English language. But we’re going to do our very best. If at times it bounces around, bear with it, because the process itself is not exactly linear. It’s a lot more like music. Now the only way we can present this model is linearly. We have attempted to do it non-linearly and everyone goes brain-dead. We hope that you can feel the shifts you’re going through. We know that if your mental body can say, “Ah, this is part of eighth level of Lightbody,” it eases the secret fears. There is a need for this informa¬tion to go out because the fear level is so very high, especially com¬ing from the physical and mental bodies. If you know what’s happen¬ing to you and know that it’s part of a coherent process, then you feel less crazy.”

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All techniques and processes in this book are for Spiritual Light Integration. This is not medical advice. If you are experiencing any of the symptoms mentioned, please see your doctor.

As you probably know, this planet is in a state of ascension. Its frequency is rising at a very rapid rate and it’s losing density. Matter, as you know it from the third dimension, is densification of Light. That densification is beginning to drop off and the vibratory rate of each and every one of you, as well as the entire planet, is rising. It’s a pretty exciting process.

When you have a process of densification, such as that occurring in your universe, you reach a point when it’s gone to maximum separa­tion from the purest forms of Light. At that point of maximum separa­tion, a shift occurs, and the planet begins to reverse its process and start on what we would term a homeward route, i.e. back to the One Point. There are seven to eight million Lightworkers on the planet at this point — what some have called “planetary transition teams.” Each one of you is a Lightworker. You are here with special purposes, special skills, and special delights. Many of you are specialists in as­sisting planets in ascension, having done it thousands and thousands of times.

Each time that a planet ascends, it’s a unique process — the process of reunification. And the joy of reunification is expressed differently, depending on how the game was played. This game was one of the greatest possible separation from Spirit you could have. It was very successful.

But the game, as you know it, is now changing. And it began its process of change officially in March 1988. At that point, what we call “activation to first-level Lightbody” occurred for most Lightworkers. That was like a little bell going off in your DNA struc­ture that said, “Yahoo, time to go home!” And it began the process of mutation and change. While this is very joyful most of the time, sometimes it can be a little difficult. But it’s a process that all of you have gone through before.

What makes the game interesting is the question, “How should I do it this time? What energies, emotions, and delight will I express in this path of reunification?” What we call the “inbreath and the outbreath” of the Source has occurred many, many times, and this particular inbreath will have its own unique expression and delight, as this planet and all other planets return to the One Point.

This planet is in a state of transition to Light, or a process of ascension. It is a gradual process — you are not matter one day and Light the next day. Everyone is in the process, and many of you are at least halfway.

The Dimensions
First, let me briefly describe the various dimensions or planes of existence in our model. We use a twelve-dimensional model and you, sitting here in a physical body exist in the third dimension: it’s matter-based. The fourth dimension is what’s called the astral plane: it’s basi­cally emotionally-based. Together, these two make up what we call the Lower Creation World. These are the dimensions where the game of separation is carried out. These are the only dimensions in which the illusion of good and evil can be maintained and in which you can feel separated from Spirit and from each other. You’ve all become quite good at doing that. It’s been a very successful game of separa­tion, but now it’s time for it to end. So, this planet is in a state of ascension, and is currently vibrating at the lower levels of the astral plane. As part of the ascension process, all of the dimensions will be rolled up into the higher dimensions and will cease to exist.

Because the planet is now vibrating at the level of the mid-astral plane, it’s beginning to feel like a dream state, for many of you. You’re never quite sure if you are awake or asleep. Continuities are breaking down. There is the feeling that things can change as you hold them in your hand. The pen that you’re writing with may become a hammer, and eventually this lack of continuity will no longer bother you, just as it doesn’t when you’re dreaming. You’ll be noticing that your dreamstates are changing, that as you wake up you’re not quite sure if you’re awake. You will become lucid while you’re dreaming, fully conscious in that state. You will be fully self-aware as you move back and forth between different realities, and all of them will feel equally real to you. It won’t seem like there is only one true reality, anymore.

The fifth through the ninth dimensions make up the Mid-Creation Realm, in the model that we use. The fifth is the Lightbody dimension, in which you are aware of yourself as a master and a multidimensional being. In the fifth dimension, you are completely spiritually-oriented. Many of you have come in from this plane to be Lightworkers here.

The sixth dimension holds the templates for the DNA patterns of all types of species’ creation, including humankind. It’s also where the Light languages are stored, and it is made up mostly of color and tone. It is the dimension where consciousness creates through thought, and one of the places where you work during sleep. It can be difficult to get a bead on this, because you’re not in a body unless you choose to create one. When you are operating sixth-dimensionally, you are more of an “alive thought.” You create through your consciousness, but you don’t necessarily have a vehicle for that consciousness.

The seventh dimension is that of pure creativity, pure Light, pure tone, pure geometry, and pure expression. It is a plane of infinite refinement and it is the last plane where you perceive of yourself as “individual.”

The eighth is the dimension of group mind or group soul, and is where you would touch base with the vaster part of who you are. It is characterized by loss of sense of the “I.” When you travel multidimensionally, this is the plane where you would have the most trouble keeping your consciousness together, because you are pure “we,” operating with group goals. So it might seem as though you’ve gone to sleep or blanked out.

In the model that we use, the ninth dimension is the plane of the collective consciousness of planets, star systems, galaxies, and dimensions. If you visit this dimension, it can be difficult to remain conscious. Once again, it’s very difficult to get a sense of “I,” because you are so vast that everything is “you.” Imagine being the conscious­ness of a galaxy! Every life-form, every star, planet, and group mind of every species in it is within you.

The tenth through twelfth dimensions make up the Upper Crea­tion Realm. The tenth is the source of the Rays, home of what are called the Elohim. This is where new plans of creation are designed and then sent into the Mid-Creation levels. You can have a sense of “I” at this level, but it won’t be at all what you’re used to at the third dimension.

The eleventh dimension is that of pre-formed Light — the point before creation and a state of exquisite expectancy, just like the moment before a sneeze or an orgasm. It is the realm of the being known as Metatron, and of Archangels and other Akashics for this Source-system. There are planetary Akashic records and galactic Akashics, as well as the Akashic for an entire Source-system. You are in one Source-system of many. So, we are giving you a description of only one Source-system — this one. If you go to another Source-system, what you will experience will be different. As an Archangel, my home base is the eleventh dimension.

The twelfth dimension is the One Point where all consciousness knows itself to be utterly one with All That Is. There is no separation of any kind. If you tap into this level, you know yourself to be completely one with All That Is, with the creator force. If you tap in there, you will never be the same again, because you cannot sustain the same de­gree of separation if you have experienced complete unity.

Your Bodies
So, in the old world, you have a physical body, and most people’s reaction to that physical body is one of it being an enemy, an adver­sary. After all, it is what you experience karmic limitation through. So most people have this feeling: “If I didn’t have a body, I wouldn’t be experiencing all this limitation.” There can be a total denial that the body itself has a consciousness, and that this consciousness’ purpose is to serve you and to serve Spirit. So the physical body walks around most of the time feeling denied and abused, because you say, “Well, I don’t want to experience karma through you and therefore I’m not going to pay any attention to what you tell me. I’m not going to feed you what you want to eat. I’m not going to let you play in any way that you want to play.” You do all these odd things to your bodies. If you think about it, most of you have a love/hate relationship with your body. “It’s too fat, it’s too tall, it’s too wide, it’s too bald, it’s too curly, it’s too long, it’s too short.” So, most of you have this sort of relationship with the physical.

You also have something which we call an etheric blueprint. And most of you, if you perceive on an etheric level, perceive this body at about a half-inch away from your skin. It also exists within you. This body holds structures that are seventh-, sixth-, fifth-, and fourth-di­mensional. Now, we’re going to explain that. We’re talking in terms of dimensions. You are currently in the third dimension. The fourth di­mension in our model is the astral level. This is where the majority of your karmic patterning is stored within the etheric body. It sets up the motions that go on in the other energy bodies, which bring you karmic experiences. It also works to keep your DNA functioning at limited, survival-based levels by inhibiting the amount of Light your physical body can absorb.

Then you have the fifth-dimensional Lightbody structure (which lies dormant), and in that structure are something we call etheric crys­tals. These crystals block certain flows and prevent that body from activating too early.

The fifth-dimensional etheric blueprint is made up of an axiotonal meridian system, an axial circulatory system, and spin points through which these systems and structures are connected.

As part of this game of separation, the human axiotonal merid­ians were cut off from direct connection with the Overself and other star populations. This created brain atrophy, aging, and death. Axiotonal lines are the equivalent of acupuncture meridians that can connect with the Oversoul and resonant star systems.

Through the axiotonal lines, a human body is directly repro­grammed by the Overself into a new body of Light. Axiotonal lines exist independently of any physical body or biological form. They emanate from various star systems and are the means by which the galactic body controls its renewing mechanisms. Picture the Milky Way as the body of a living conscious being. The stars and planets are organs in that body; all the different species on the stars and planets are like cells in the organs of the galactic body, renewing the energies of the organs and cells. Planet Earth and her inhabitants were sepa­rated from the galactic body and the Oversoul to play this game of separation, and are now being reconnected.

The axiotonal lines are made of Light and Sound. The functions of the Office of the Christ are necessary to restructure the axiotonal meridians in the human body. Once reconnection has occurred, the Overself transmits the appropriate color/tone frequencies to regen­erate the physical body into a Lightbody.

The axiotonal lines lie along the acupuncture meridians and con­nect into some of them by means of the “spin points.” Spin points are small spherical vortexes of electromagnetic energy that feel like they are on the skin surface. There are also spin points in every cell of the body. These cellular points emit Sound and Light frequencies which spin the atoms of the molecules in the cell at a faster rate. Through the increased molecular spin, Light fibers are created which set up a grid for cellular regeneration.

The axial circulatory system was completely vestigial in the human species, due to the axiotonal lines being disconnected so that this game could be played. It is a fifth-dimensional energy system that connects the spin points on the skin surface to every spin point in every cell. It is a model for physical transmutation and it is being renewed now that the axiotonal lines are reconnected. The axial system pulses energy like the circulatory system pulses blood, but the axial system is basically electrical in nature, like the nervous system. The Overself sends energy into the axiotonal line, which then goes into the spin points on the surface of the skin, feeding the physical acu­puncture meridians and then the axial system. As the axial system receives energy from the Overself, it recombines color and sound to realign the blood, lymph, endocrine, and nervous systems into the Divine Template, the Adam Kadmon. It also carries the energy from the Overself into the spin points inside the cells. This stimulates the spin points to emit Sound and Light to create a gridwork for the renewed evolution of humankind.

The sixth-dimensional structure holds templates, or patterns, that are set for the formation of matter and Lightbodies. It is where the entire DNA encodement is held. So you have this sixth-dimensional template that determines what is in your DNA and the shape of your physical form. Lightworkers carry bits of genetic material from the various species which live on the 383 ascending planets.

The seventh-dimensional structures are for embodiment of Divinity. They act as an interface between the physical or astral bodies of a given species and its Divine blueprint. The Adam Kadmon is the Divine form from which all sentient species forms emanate; therefore it is inclusive of myriad forms. The seventh-imensional structures are very flexible, differing from individual to individual. Preset “thresholds” within the structure and within the third- or fourth-dimensional bodies create a ceiling on how much the Oversouls can interface with and embody in any given species.

So, before activation of the bodies to Light, if you were walking around this planet, you were mostly aware of the fourth-dimensional patterning in your bodies.

The next body in this model is what we call the emotional body. The emotional body, the mental body, and the spiritual bodies are made up of double tetrahedrons, if you look at them fifth-dimensionally. They have certain specific rates of spin. In the emotional body, you have all of these wonderful stuck places, and all they are is geometry that happens not to be moving in a coherent fashion. That incoherent motion is caused by the fourth-dimensional structures in the etheric blueprint. So, you sit on emotion — that’s part of the karma game.

In this game, you are taught to not express. Expressing is dangerous. If you cannot express, you will lock down those wonderful geom­etries in that field. What happens is you bop along until you run into someone with a complementary “stuck-point.” Your little geometries lock and there you are, doing a karma. You’re stuck. And you’re stuck until it is complete and they get themselves unjammed. You experi­ence this as limitation. You experience this as discomfort. And you experience this as “Why the hell am I here?”

The mental body is also made of geometries. This body’s func­tion is to determine your reality. It believes that it’s in control. It be­lieves that it is running the show. It isn’t, but its whole job is to deter­mine what is “real.” It determines how the universe recreates itself in your life. So, by determining what’s real, it keeps you stuck in the karma game. There is nothing the mental body hates more than change. Nothing. Because if you change what you’re doing now, you may not survive in the future. It keeps maintaining a reality that it thinks will keep you alive, whether it works or not. It doesn’t give a flying fig over whether you’re happy or satisfied in any way. It is set there to maintain.

The natural state of All That Is is unified within itself. The amount of energy it takes to maintain the illusion of separation is absolutely incredible. It takes so much more energy than to simply let go. That’s part of the reason why the mental body was developed to be so strong. The easiest way to maintain the illusion of separation was to have the mental body declare everything it cannot see as “not real.” So it screens out all the impulses coming from your Spirit.

The spiritual body (the next one out) is also made of the same double tetrahedrons, and is — for the most part — ignored in a karma game. Its original design is to connect you to your Oversoul, your Christ Oversoul, and to the I AM Presence. Obviously, the spiri­tual body is underused in a karma game. It just sits out there and those connections are not made.

The spiritual body brings through impulses and information from your own Spirit, which then hit up against a mental body that says, “That’s not real.” When the emotional body picks up hints from Spirit, instead of trying to express them, it shuts down. And you keep re­peating this entire cycle of limitation and separation, because this entire game was based on the illusion of separation from Spirit. That’s what it was all about.

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