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What is weather?: Weather Close-Up

What is weather?: Weather Close-Up

by Crabtree Publishing

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Children's Literature - RevaBeth Russell
This is a great beginning science book. Weather is different than climate. It is what is in the air each day, be it rain or warm air. Climate, and there are four categories of climate, does not often change. The reason for the four seasons in many parts of the world is explained because the earth gets more or less sunshine—making the day hotter or cooler. There is a clear graphic that illustrates this. A meteorologist is a person who keeps track of the weather and uses tools such as windsocks and wind vanes. Knowing what the weather will be helps us prepare and plan. The best part of this book starts with observations and recording of the weather with a weather calendar. Instructions are given to record each day’s weather. The reader is to total the different types of weather and see if there are patterns. Using that data they are taught how to make a bar graph. Graphing skills are essential to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards) as well as preparation for SAT and ACT testing. The four parts of the graph, including the y and x-axis are explained. Throughout the book are “what do you think question?” that allow the reader to be engaged in reading. The last “what” question helps them analyze what can be read from the weather graph they made. This book has essential skill and reading building and would be a great addition to a library or classroom. Reviewer: RevaBeth Russell; Ages 6 to 9.

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