What the Future of Humanity Could Be!


Do you wonder where the world is going? Do you feel like the only stability left is change? Why are we here, and where do we go from here?

In this book, we explore key aspects such as politics, economy, education, art, nature, the role of women/motherhood, etc. and bring them under the light of the Initiatic understanding of renowned Initiates, Sages, and great Masters, particularly Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov.

Humanity is coming to the end of an ...

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What the Future of Humanity Could Be!

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Do you wonder where the world is going? Do you feel like the only stability left is change? Why are we here, and where do we go from here?

In this book, we explore key aspects such as politics, economy, education, art, nature, the role of women/motherhood, etc. and bring them under the light of the Initiatic understanding of renowned Initiates, Sages, and great Masters, particularly Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov.

Humanity is coming to the end of an era of materialization and is at the threshold of a new era, one of spiritualization. We are at a crossroads. Our awakening and cooperation as a global family, a universal family, are the surest way to face the twenty-first century.

This book is an opportunity to see with new eyes, with a new consciousness. The future can be harmonious and glorious. May we open up, go within, and explore our inner riches, the ones deposited by the Creator in the depth of our soul!

The exercises of visualization and affirmation at the end of each chapter are a way to uplift your consciousness to a new realm, that of universal love and cosmic light. Enjoy!

"I am frequently asked in lectures and seminars, "Who today is a believable, genuine, spiritual teacher?" Now I can answer without hesitation: Encounter Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov and see what happens."

—Dr. Larry Dossey, Recovering the Soul, Beyond Illness, Meaning and Medicine

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Product Details

  • ISBN-13: 9781452561561
  • Publisher: Balboa Press
  • Publication date: 11/27/2012
  • Pages: 128
  • Product dimensions: 5.50 (w) x 8.50 (h) x 0.27 (d)

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What the Future of Humanity Could Be!

By Carmen Froment Denise Bertrand Claude Brun Rolff Désiré France Gilbert Richard Kamendje Mark Walker Christiane van Aken Mikhaël van Aken

Balboa Press

Copyright © 2012 Carmen Froment
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4525-6156-1

Chapter One

Politics: Aristocracy, Democracy, and Synarchy

Political stakes regularly change, yet the world is still faced with the same problems that need to be resolved.

Political ideals are often replaced because, most likely, they are based solely on intellectual understanding. Oligarchy, aristocracy, monarchy, and democracy have often led countries to anarchy at one time or another.

What is missing within politics to bring security, peace, and growth to humankind?

People say, "The more things change, the more they stay the same." Politicians soak up the energies and ideas left by their predecessors, which is why the promises they make during campaigns often fall through. Their power remains limited to the economic circumstances and influences of those around them. As long as politicians are motivated by personal ambitions, vanity, interests, or power, they will not be able to offer any guarantee of peace or prosperity.

Hitler, Stalin, and other dictators in the modern world have exercised an incredible influence, and too many people, without discernment, have followed them at great personal cost. What were these people hoping for? They thought those political leaders were needed to meet an urgent need for change. Because they were not enlightened, they allowed themselves to be led to war and misery. Even today, despots fill their pockets while their people live in misery and poverty.

Initiates see things from a different point of view than ordinary people do. They rise above human perceptions to see from the summit or the center. The opinions of most humans originate from a geocentric point of view; for instance, not so long ago, people believed the sun circled the earth. Initiates, on the contrary, consider everything from a heliocentric perspective, whereby the sun is the stable body around which planets revolve. Today, everyone accepts this reality from an astronomical perspective but not quite from a psychological or a psychic one. Initiates stand by truth alone.

When we perceive politics from the point of view of the Initiates, we realize that people often elect a president or governor depending on their own limitations and down-to-earth ideas rather than their aspirations and ideals.

When the people of a country improve, heaven sends them enlightened rulers who bring them well-being and prosperity but, when they sink into evil ways, heaven sends a tyrant to rule over them. This is the law. It is important to know these laws.

We all come from the same creator, which means that we all have the same physical and psychic structure. We all have a heart, an intellect, and willpower. We all have the same needs: happiness, love, and freedom. In addition, we are all inhabited by two natures: one personal and one impersonal, the "little self" and the "big self," or "personality" and "individuality." The personality wants everything for itself; it is basically egoistic and is always acting for its own benefit. By contrast, the individuality wants be of service; it is always altruistic, it gives out of selflessness. Therefore, politicians who are guided by their personality alone cannot avoid injustices or offer any guarantee of peace for their countries or the planet.

Many civilizations have disappeared—usually because personalities allowed certain human beings to dominate and enslave others through violence. When politicians are inspired by their individuality and manifest generosity and wisdom, they become heads of government who are efficient, inspiring, reassuring, and thus beneficial to all their people.

Before anyone can be a true political leader, he must have a profound knowledge of man and nature and a profound respect for divine law. Also, he must be free from all ambition, all personal passions.

Aristocracy and Democracy

Some say that democracy corresponds to the stomach, belly, and sex, and that aristocracy is linked to the head. Intellectual faculties emanate from the brain. Left on their own, however, and under the influence of the personality, these faculties sometimes manage to succeed in the most pernicious projects.

In order to harness the tendencies of the personality for the benefit of the individuality, a strong desire to transform oneself and establish an inner aristocracy is paramount. In addition, knowledge of oneself is needed—not only at the physical and psychological levels but also at the psychic level. Acquiring the appropriate methods of work is another essential element. Finally, developing the knowledge and understanding of the laws that govern the universe, nature, and human beings is indispensable. The human structure displaying the head and brain above the other organs is an image and an indication of the process necessary to accomplish this work.

As long as economists and politicians forget about the need for water and think that all they have to do to improve the situation is to set up a good organization, create new institutions and new structures or new administrative posts, the process of death and disintegration will continue. Whatever is done on the purely external, organizational level will be ineffectual if nothing is done to ensure the flow of water [love]. This is why it is essential that there should be someone at the top who is rich in light, knowledge, and love, for then every branch and every department will know how to contribute to the success of the whole.

The whole universe is built as a hierarchy and follows a well-established cosmic order; otherwise, all would be chaos. Most human beings are not aware of this cosmic order and the laws governing it; therefore, they cannot respect it. When people recognize their inner hierarchy, giving priority to the life of the soul and the spirit, and when they engage in the process of mastering their own thoughts, feelings, and actions, they will become masters of their own kingdom. They will do good wherever they go. Inspired by this noble hierarchy, politics will then follow in the form of a synarchy—the one model that the great Masters and Initiates support.

The only valid form of politics is that of the Initiates who have studied human nature and know all its strengths and weaknesses, who know what it needs and what spiritual, emotional, moral and economic conditions are most conducive to its fulfillment. As long as this knowledge is lacking, politics can only lead to conflict.

So, who are these Initiates and great Masters? In The Great Initiates, Édouard Schuré describes them as a group of most evolved beings who have managed to discover the same realities of the invisible world. Rama, Krishna, Hermes, Moses, Orpheus, Pythagoras, Plato, and Jesus are only some of the remarkable beings he refers to. Each of them brought a knowledge and some methods corresponding to the era in which they lived.

Materialization of their message, however, created separate religions, dividing one from the other. Nevertheless, in the world of ideas, these religions remain united in the same cause and work together for the advancement of humanity.

Inner Unity: The Idea of a Pan-Earth

Freedom and inner unity go hand in hand. The less we control our thoughts, desires, and whims, the more we become enslaved. True freedom, according to the Sages, is the result of self-mastery.

A human being is based on the model of the cosmos and functions on those same principles. Unity between countries should begin with unity within oneself, amongst one's own organs. The heart does not beat for itself alone, and the stomach does not digest just for itself but for the well-being of the whole person. When an organ ceases to function for the overall health of the person, anarchy settles in and a tumor or a cancer appears. Therefore, "Even physical health depends on obedience to this universal order—call it what you will: synarchy, hierarchy or divine monarchy."

When all the organs work together for the harmony of a being, health prevails. Countries are also the organs of the planetary body, and when a country works only for itself, to the detriment of other countries, anarchy eventually follows. If all the countries worked together for the well-being of humanity, harmony would reign and a Pan-Earth would emerge. This is a concept we will cover later on.

Besides this organ interdependency, scientists also recognize the hierarchy of the different body systems: skeletal, muscular, circulatory, and nervous. Some leading edge scientists now include the auric system in this hierarchy—the one containing the waves of light and colors, which are the reflections of the thoughts and feelings of an individual.

But let's get back to this idea of hierarchy, for it is extremely useful for our inner life. If we know that everything — from the stones of the earth to God Himself—is linked hierarchically, and if we keep this structure constantly in mind, we are bound to act accordingly and do what is right, for we see that everything fits in to that order, that organization, that system. Hierarchy is a state of perfect harmony in which each element is in place. This applies in every domain and, if most human beings are so unhappy, it is because they do not respect this hierarchy. Their belly is where their head or their heart should be and vice versa. There is no order.

The soul and the spirit represent the highest nature of a human being. They form the dot at the center of a circle where peace prevails. Recognizing this reality and connecting with the divine world nourishes our subtle bodies, gives a direction to our energies, and stabilizes any opposing currents.

Georg Feuerstein, in his work The Mystery of Light, writes:

The only way to heal ourselves and our ailing planet is by going to the root of the problem—which is our spiritual dislocation, our frivolous and by now habitual attitude of disregard for the Source of all life. We must recover our connection to the Divine, which alone can give us primal trust and the strength and wisdom to live our lives in harmony.

Bringing unity within is the first task we must focus on in order to establish harmony. Initially, the head will make the decision to enter this process; the heart will then need to accept and feel; willpower will finally set everything into motion. Once we establish harmony and unity within, we are invited to realize it in the world:

There are not many who are inwardly united. This is why we must work to make inner universal brotherhood a reality; we must work to unite human beings, peoples and nations and help them to attain that sublime consciousness of unity and a life of fulfillment and abundance, a life of inner prosperity.

The Government of the Initiates: Synarchy

Initiates and great Masters believe that the governing model of the future will be based on the cosmic order, on the image of the universe. It will generate order, happiness, joy, and plenitude for all. Force, be it military or economic, will no longer be necessary.

Hitherto human history has been a tragicomedy of tribal allegiance and, later, of national sovereignty, empire building, and capitalist or communist imperialism—all manifestations of the primitive urges to gain material security and exercise power over others. Aïvanhov saw world government as a political innovation that inevitably will be connected with humanity's spiritual maturity.

At present, with the failure of communism and capitalism, and with so many countries going bankrupt, synarchy may appear like utopia. Many strongly believe, however, that synarchy will be the form of government eventually accepted because everything else will have failed.

People will then be ready to be governed by this new system, a system that is above the many facets of the personality. Synarchy is based on eternal, unchangeable, and immutable laws and principles. The time will come when people will accept the truths taught by the great Masters and Initiates over the centuries; people will recognize that the human organization must follow the cosmic organization in order to guarantee the survival of the planet.

The coming of Aquarius brings about tremendous changes that will open up a new culture, a new civilization, and new politics—all of them based on the science of the Initiates and on synarchy. In the past, Ram, who had been instructed in the initiatic science by Vashista, was able to install a Golden Age through synarchy; thanks to his knowledge and his forbearance, humanity lived in peace and abundance for many centuries.

A synarchy form of government puts love, wisdom and truth in first place, and power and economic interests are seen as secondary in importance.

This form of government already exists as the Marquis Saint-Yves D'Alveydre mentions in his book La Mission de l'Inde. He explains in detail its formation and its operation in Agartha, the nearly impenetrable legendary kingdom at the center of the Earth. Thanks to his astral traveling ability, Saint-Yves d'Alveydre apparently visited that kingdom repeatedly. Ossendowki also describes the same governing system in his book Beasts, Men and Gods.

Once human beings accept this system of government, all political, economic, and social problems will be resolved.

Thanks to synarchy, Earth will become a garden of paradise where all will live and act as brothers and sisters, as sons and daughters of the same father, God; as sons and daughters of the same mother, Mother Nature.

Exercise: Let us form links of light to help bring about a better world. In the first link, visualize yourself, then add your father, as he represents the head of your family (whatever opinion you have of him), then add the mayor of your city, followed by the head of the government of your country (whether you support that party or not, the goal here is to link ourselves with something sublime). Add the Regent of the planet, known as Sandalfon in the Kabala and then still higher up, the head of the solar system, the Sun or the Christ, as you prefer and, finally, the Lord or the Source of all life. Thus, we all form a chain where light circulates and all benefit.

Chapter Two

Economy: To Take and To Give

We are in a world today where we hear that the most important thing is the economy. The stress that individuals are putting on themselves and on the earth is enormous. Most people are unhappy with the state and direction of the global economy.

Economy of itself is neither good nor bad. It is the ideas that govern it that are either good or bad, and thus make the economy move in one direction or another. The world today is so materialized that no one pays attention to this subtle, imponderable, aspect called intelligence, although intelligence is what guides those ideas which in turn allow the capitals, resources, imports, and exports to move.

We notice around the world a vast amount of debt, joblessness, unhappiness, and materialism. So many people are influenced by the insatiable thirst for money and for possessions. Nowadays, all forms of comfort are accessible, and new technological discoveries make life easier; yet, in spite of these inventions, people keep on pushing to acquire more and are not necessarily any happier because true happiness does not belong in possessions.

If the economy is not working properly, it is because it is based on the principle of materialism and credit. We borrow money against other borrowed money—with no real or tangible assets to support this principle.

Our banks and institutions take advantage of the working class by lending them money to a debt level that is near impossible to ever repay. They profit from the interests and are then able to leverage more money.

In many countries, the middle class is slowly disappearing with the outsourcing of good-paying jobs to countries that have lower wages and lower standards of living—for the benefit and profit of both corporations and shareholders. The present global economy has allowed rich countries to keep on reaping the benefits and resources of less fortunate countries where the wealth distribution is often concentrated into the hands of dictators and wealthy corporations, while the people of the country have virtually nothing. The result is a shrinking middle class, a national economy with very little manufacturing or value-added sectors, and low-paying service sector jobs.

We are seeing revolutions starting in countries that have been long controlled by dictators who have starved the poor while stealing all of the riches.

The world has been influenced by two different models of economy: communism—where people are obliged to share all they have and earn, and capitalism—where people keep all they have for themselves, with no obligation or responsibility to others. Neither model is working.

Currently, we are stuck with an economy that only takes from the people and doesn't consider empowering individuals, only using them to promote the interests of the rich.


Excerpted from What the Future of Humanity Could Be! by Carmen Froment Denise Bertrand Claude Brun Rolff Désiré France Gilbert Richard Kamendje Mark Walker Christiane van Aken Mikhaël van Aken Copyright © 2012 by Carmen Froment. Excerpted by permission of Balboa Press. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

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Table of Contents


1. Politics: Aristocracy, Democracy, and Synarchy....................1
2. Economy: To Take and To Give....................11
3. Education versus Pedagogy....................17
4. Evolution and Involution....................23
5. The Role of Women and Motherhood....................31
6. Science, Conscience, and Superconsciousness....................41
7. Art: Source of Inspiration for the Soul....................53
8. Nature and Its Changes....................69
9. Aquarius: Fusion of the Religions....................81
10. Melchizedek: Master of Masters....................89
11. Creating Unity among All Spiritualists....................97
12. A Golden Age....................105
About the Authors....................115
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