What''s in Ned''s Head? Game

What''s in Ned''s Head? Game


It's the wacky, silly, icky, sticky game of gross-out fun. Each player is dealt a card with a picture of a really gross item on it and they must find it by sticking their hands into Ned's head and feeling around for it without looking. Will you have to find Ned's lab rat or his used cotton swab full of ear wax? How about the giant ant or the slimy visiting alien? Whatever it is, if you pick the right item, you win that round, if you don't, it's back into Ned's head you go. The game includes 1 plush, 17 inch Ned's head, 15 silly objects, game cards with blanks (so you can add your own items to Ned's head), and instructions. For 2 to 4 players.A 2003 Family Fun Best Toy of the Year award winner. and winner of an i-Parenting Media Award.

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