What's the Word, Vol. 1 [Underground Inc]

What's the Word, Vol. 1 [Underground Inc]


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Underground Inc


  1. Infinty Hymn
  2. Winged Ants  - Robert Rich
  3. I Hate Spoken Word
  4. 10 Steps to Bliss
  5. God Speed: Chapter 1; "Daredevil Delievery"
  6. Knee Jerk
  7. MacGowans's Seeth
  8. British Beef
  9. Cop Cadillac  - Alan Vega
  10. My Music Is Like a Sick Child
  11. Black
  12. Wake Up and Smell the Noise (Opening Intro)  - Jello Biafra
  13. Broken Leg
  14. Napalm the Sky
  15. Without Doubt  - Little Annie
  16. Rainy Night, Rainy Day
  17. In the Early Light of Squeezed Morning
  18. Avenue D
  19. Feels Like Rain
  20. The Last Thing You Need to Hear
  21. Perfect Instant Thrill
  22. Life
  23. Nice Barrets  - Kristeen Young

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Chris Flam   Drums
Jeff White   Drums,Noise
Kristeen Young   Voices
Me   Chant
Cindy Wheeler   Group Member
Sam Fogarino   Group Member
Sandra T.   Chant

Technical Credits

Robert Rich   Composer,Engineer
Jill Sobule   Composer
Alan Vega   Composer,Engineer
Jarboe   Composer
Billy McLaughlin   Producer
Jennifer Charles   Composer
Jeff White   Engineer
John Bergin   Composer,Engineer
Little Annie   Composer
Cindy Wheeler   Composer
Meg Lee Chin   Engineer
Kevin Clay   Composer,Engineer
Frank Farmer   Engineer
Sam Fogarino   Composer,Engineer
Pete Szkolka   Engineer
Marev   Composer

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