When a Child Kills

When a Child Kills

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by Paul A. Mones

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L.A. attorney Mones eloquently defends brutalized teenage parricides in this well-documented study of juvenile crime and parental sadism. (Sept.)
Library Journal
Not since the highly publicized 60 Minutes interview of Richard Jahnke, who at age 16 killed his father in their Wyoming home, and Alan Prendergast's ensuing book The Poison Tree ( LJ 6/1/86) have we glimpsed the stark reality of parricide. Although very little has been written on the subject, Mones is the leading authority in defending these cases. He humanely conveys the plight of children caught in the web of child abuse and/or neglect. With compassionate insight, he documents the cases of eight children and presents interviews with 12 more, chronicling the years of abuse that led to their desperate actions. Mones's study is more involving than Muriel Gardiner's Deadly Innocents: Portraits of Children Who Kill ( LJ 7/76). In an informative but casual writing style, he presents a strong case for compassion toward those trapped in a justice system unwilling or unable to cope with family violence. Highly recommended.-- Lisa Wise, Steele Memorial Lib., Elmira, N.Y.

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When a Child Kills 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
When A Child Kills was written by Paul A. Mones. This book focuses on children who are sexually, mentally and physically abused. Most of these children that are mentioned are sexually abused by their parents. These kids have been pushed over the edge by their abusive parents that they take drastic measures and do very disturbing things to their parents. Some of these abused children wait as long as turning 18 to do something about the abuse. These children in particular waited after they killed their parent to tell someone what had been going on. It was very disturbing to me that they waited until they were 18 years old to do something about the abuse because they were too scared and embarrassed to tell anyone what was happening to them. Some of the children in this book were as young as 7 years old. It was very disturbing when the book went into detail about what went on in the years before the murder and the feelings that these kids had. It goes through the trials and interviews some of the psychologists that these kids had to talk to. I loved how the book gave background information on abused children and how they act and what to expect them to do. It gave some very interesting information on children who are abused such as their behaviors and signs of being abused. The information that was given was very accurate to how the abused children behaved and how they reacted to the murder and having to tell their stories. It was very interesting information to me. The book shared the psychologists and social workers information as well as the child¿s. It showed what was going through the detectives minds when they were trying to figure out the child¿s motive for murder. The detectives were in just as much shock as I was when the kid revealed their secret. I would recommend this book to people who don¿t know the seriousness of child abuse.