When a Guitar Plays the Blues [Compilation]

When a Guitar Plays the Blues [Compilation]

by Roy Lee Johnson

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Bear Family Germany

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  1. Mister Moonlight
  2. Love Is Amazing
  3. Sea Breeze
  4. Black Pepper Will Make You Sneeze
  5. Too Many Tears
  6. Nobody Does Something for Nothing
  7. Busybody
  8. I'm So Happy
  9. My Best Just Ain't Good Enough
  10. Love Birds
  11. When a Guitar Plays the Blues
  12. Plowing Playboy
  13. That's All I Need
  14. Slowly I'm Falling in Love with You
  15. Two Doors Down
  16. Stanback Headache Powder
  17. It's All Over
  18. Busybody
  19. So Anna Just Love Me
  20. Boogaloo #3
  21. Cheer Up Daddy's Comin' Home
  22. Guitar Man
  23. Can You Handle It
  24. Chunk Some Love
  25. Take Me Back and Try Me
  26. She Put the Whammy on Me
  27. Don't Do This to Me
  28. Two Wrongs (Won't Make It Right)
  29. Come Here Baby
  30. I've Got a Feeling

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Roy Lee Johnson   Primary Artist,Guitar,Vocals,Bandleader
Ray Stevens   Piano
Bobby Lee Tuggle   Drums
Howard "Long John" Hobbs   Bass
Beverly "Guitar" Watkins   Guitar
Curtis Smith   Guitar,Vocals
William W. Pursell   Organ,Piano
Leroy Tukes   Guitar
Jerry L. Smith   Guitar
Homer Louis Randolph   Saxophone,Bandleader
Grady Jackson   Saxophone
Ernest Hike   Drums
Elmer H. Sanders   Trumpet
Bobby Lee Tuggle   Drums
Willie Perryman   Piano,Bandleader

Technical Credits

Matt Kelly   Tape Research
Rick Hall   Audio Production
Roy Lee Johnson   Composer
Frank Jones   Producer,Audio Production
Don Law   Producer,Audio Production
Bill Millar   Reissue Producer
R.A. Andreas   Illustrations
Richard Weize   Tape Research
John Ridley   Illustrations
Martina Goggin   Liner Notes,Illustrations,Biographical Notes
Victor Pearlin   Illustrations
Curtis Smith   Composer
Andreas Merck   Photo Scanning
Rick Hally   Audio Production
Mason Hall   Composer
Cornelia Ann Smith   Composer
Wendell Parker   Audio Production

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