When a Woman Loves

When a Woman Loves

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by Patti LaBelle

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As the former frontwoman for the '60s sugar-and-spice girl group the Bluebelles and the outrageous '70s trio LaBelle, legendary songbird Patti LaBelle has been making soul-stirring music for decades. But Ms. Patti has assumed the throne as one of R&B's reigning queens thanks to her flamboyant stage presence and…  See more details below


As the former frontwoman for the '60s sugar-and-spice girl group the Bluebelles and the outrageous '70s trio LaBelle, legendary songbird Patti LaBelle has been making soul-stirring music for decades. But Ms. Patti has assumed the throne as one of R&B's reigning queens thanks to her flamboyant stage presence and her musical contributions as a solo artist, not to mention the risqué "Lady Marmalade" she recorded with LaBelle. Although her career has been highlighted by hits such as the sassy dance classic "New Attitude" and the poignant ballad "On My Own" with Michael McDonald, with When a Woman Loves, LaBelle has her sights set on the Titanic-sized chart success of contemporary darlings Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, and Mariah Carey. And since all of the disc's songs were penned by power-ballad über-songwriter Diane Warren, LaBelle should have no problem pulling our collective heartstrings. Slow jam highlights include the emotive title song, the sensual "Make Tonight Beautiful," and the earnest "Why Do We Hurt Each Other." While most of the 11 tracks are quiet storm-ready, the songstress does get her groove on on the up-tempo "Too Many Tears, Too Many Times" and the mid-tempo "Call Me Gone," both produced by whizzes Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. Showing her newfound independence and confidence, When a Woman Loves is a testament to LaBelle's raw, unbridled talent.

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All Music Guide - Ed Hogan
Patti Labelle's When a Woman Loves displays much of the appealing warmth that has endeared her to millions of fans. It also marks another tribute to the most successful songwriter of the '90s, Diane Warren. Johnny Mathis recorded a whole album of Warren songs on his 1998 Sony CD Because You Loved Me- The Songs of Diane Warren. Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis produced the bulk of this mostly mellow album that is sprinkled with Labelle's intimately voiced listener-aimed spoken interludes. Highlights are the Khris Kellow-produced "If I Was a River," "Why Do Hurt Each Other," and "Tell Where It Hurts." The pace does pick up on the four-on-the-floor house track, "Too Many Tears, Too Many Times," mid-tempo hip-hop-flavored "Call Me Gone," and "Time Will." It's appropriate that Patti Labelle should make a CD full of Diane Warren's songs: she had the first hit with "If You Ask Me To" (Celine Dion covered it three years later), and some of Warren's songs echo Philly soul (ex. Mary J. Blige's "Give Me You").

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Patti LaBelle   Primary Artist,Vocals,Background Vocals
Sue Ann Carwell   Background Vocals
Carl Carwell   Background Vocals
Lisa Keith   Background Vocals
Khris Kellow   Keyboards,Background Vocals
Ann Nesby   Vocals,Background Vocals
Jackie Simley   Background Vocals
James "Big Jim" Wright   Keyboards,Background Vocals
Ali Boudris   Guitar

Technical Credits

Patti LaBelle   Executive Producer
Steve Hodge   Engineer
Khris Kellow   Producer
Acar S. Key   Engineer
Terry Lewis   Arranger,Producer
Mario Lucy   Engineer
Mac Quayle   Arranger,Producer,Engineer
Alexander Richbourg   drum programming
Diane Warren   Composer,Executive Producer
Gene Grimaldi   Mastering
Hex Hector   Arranger,Producer
L. Armstead Edwards   Executive Producer
James "Big Jim" Wright   Producer
Ali Boudris   Engineer

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When a Woman Loves 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I have heard a couple of the songs from this CD and its really a Winner. I can't wait for the entire CD to be released on Oct. 24 2000.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Take a legendary powerhouse vocalist and team her with one of todays most sort after songwriters and you've got pure magic! I'm talking about the hot new album that puts singer Patti Labelle with songwriter Diane Warren.Diane's passionate lyrics and Patti's soaring voice are a great pair. The fun starts with the slow ballad ''When A Woman Loves'' with Patti letting men know that some women can't be bought! Patti's voice shines on the slow soothing tracks like ''Make Tonight Beautiful'' & '' If I was a river''. There's even a wondeful cover of Trisha Yearwood's '' I'll still love you more'' that is bound to please. LaBelle stands out on the funky mid-tempo cut ''Call Me Gone'' and dance lovers will in enjoy ''Time Will'' and''Too Many Tears''. On this set old Patti fans may be surprised by her new approach but definitely not disappointed. When A Woman Loves proves that after nearly four decades Patti LaBelle still has plenty to contribute!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Nobody can sing a song like Patti LaBelle. She has sung for everyone from the President to the average Joe Shmoe, and they all have the same reaction, ''Patti is the best.'' Teaming up here with Diane Warren, Patti displays a side of herself that even her close fans admit is different than normal. But don't think that it's not the same Patti you've always loved. I guarentee that you will love this album! It is, by far, the best she's ever done. No matter where you are in a relationship, this album has a song for you. From the Falling-In-Love lyrics of ''When A Woman Loves'' to the Tell-'Em-Off words of ''Call Me Gone,'' Patti takes you on a roller coaster ride of high-energy, awesome vocals that will leave you begging for more. If you're new to the world of Patti, this is the place to start. And if you're a returning fan, you already know the magic that is Ms. LaBelle. Try it out, I'm sure you'll love it. This album has Grammy written all over it.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I love this cd this is some of Patti LaBelle's best work!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I love Patti for her voice as well as her ability to rearrange a song. The songs on this album is dynamite!!! I listen to it all day long. When I am at home it is on and when I am in my car it is on. This Diva truly is a singer. All these songs have meaning for a man or a woman. When I listened to the title song, it made me realize what I was doing wrong in my relationship. I really think people will love it young or old. I am only 19 and i love her and the music on the tape. Females want more than the materialistic things. Fellas if you have a woman that you want to keep listen to this c.d. It helped me. Peace!! Go Patti!! You are looking good too!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I refuse to stop listening to this CD. This is Patti LaBelle's finest work! I had to listen to the CD a few times before I understood its riveting deliverance, phenomenal lyrics, soothing sound, rhythm and beats. This CD is simply a prelude to love, pain and hope. Women purchase it for your selves, men purchase it for your mothers, mothers purchase it for your sons and daughters, everyone else - ''purchase it'', so that you too may wear a :-). I recommend this CD. Every song is wonderfully composed! Many thanks to Patti LaBelle, Diane Warren, James Wright, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis; you've shared an enchanting story. Hopefully, women far and wide will love themselves and others more!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Patti Labelle has done it with this CD. This has platinum written all over it. Tracks like ''Too Many Tears, Too Many Times'' ''Make tonight beautiful'' & ''Love will lead you back'' are awesome!! ''If I were a river'' will become a classic. One of the greatest voices in musical history.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago