When Bobbie Sang the Blues

When Bobbie Sang the Blues

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by Peggy Darty

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One Woman’s Trash Is Another Woman’s Mystery…

When mystery writer Christy Castleman’s Aunt Bobbie storms into town, she brings a burst of wild wind to quiet Summer Breeze, Florida–and new life to the junk she scavenges for her trash-to-treasure shop, I Saw It First.

Bobbie enjoys restoring beauty to flawed items


One Woman’s Trash Is Another Woman’s Mystery…

When mystery writer Christy Castleman’s Aunt Bobbie storms into town, she brings a burst of wild wind to quiet Summer Breeze, Florida–and new life to the junk she scavenges for her trash-to-treasure shop, I Saw It First.

Bobbie enjoys restoring beauty to flawed items, and her free-spirited approach to life attracts a range of Summer Breezers, including members of the local Red Hat chapter, crusty widower Jack, and Christy’s roguish brother, Seth. Bobbie’s battered red truck becomes a familiar sight around the coastal hamlet–loaded down with such odd items as a huge old pickle barrel–and her electric presence lights up the Blues Club in the evenings.

But the fun and games turn deadly when Eddie Bodine, Bobbie’s ex-husband, is found dead in her pickle barrel. As compelling evidence mounts against Bobbie, can Christy and the Red Hatters expose the real killer before lively Aunt Bobbie is locked away for good?

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Publishers Weekly
The second installment of Darty's cozy series (after When the Sandpiper Calls) finds mystery writer and pastor's kid Christy Castleman playing hostess to her kooky, lovable Aunt Bobbie, who's just blown into town for an unexpected visit. Bobbie is being tailed by her estranged husband, Eddie, and his new girlfriend, who are after money Eddie claims Bobbie took from him. When Eddie turns up dead, the cops suspect Bobbie of foul play, and Christy knows she needs to prove her aunt's innocence. But who did kill Eddie? Was it his new sweetie, perhaps aided and abetted by her psychic mama? A racketeer out to collect a gambling debt? Or a local with a long-standing grudge against Eddie? The subplot concerning Christy's relationship with her maybe-beau Dan is less satisfying than the sleuthing. Still, Bobbie is an appealing character, and one hopes she'll make repeat appearances in this lighthearted, entertaining series. (Feb.) Copyright 2006 Reed Business Information.
Kirkus Reviews
A mystery writer's sleuthing skills are tested by a real-life murder. Author Christy Castleman's dashing aunt, Bobbie Bodine, blows into sleepy Summer Breeze, Fla., after her divorce from petty crook Eddie Bodine. Bobbie wows the locals when she sings at the Blues Club and is bursting with ideas for her reclaimed junk shop, I Saw It First. But clouds soon gather. Eddie and his girlfriend Roseann turn up at the club to accuse Bobbie of stealing a stash hidden in their vacuum cleaner, now aboard the moving van heading for Summer Breeze. Eddie's threats bring on one of Bobbie's angina attacks, and Christy's sometime boyfriend Dan and her old friend Jack toss him out of the club. When Eddie's body is found stuffed into a pickle barrel in her storage unit, Bobbie is in a pickle with the cops. The police suspect Bobbie when they find that a lethal combination of Viagra and angina pills were the cause of death. Both Christy (When the Sandpiper Calls, not reviewed) and her brother Seth have an uneasy relationship with their minister father and seemingly perfect mother, but they all pitch in to try to find a killer who could be anyone from Eddie's checkered past. A run-of-the-mill cozy with pleasant characters and some good ideas for dealing with all that junk stored in the attic.

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Peggy Darty is a popular speaker and the award-winning author of twenty-seven novels. When Bobbie Sang the Blues returns readers to Summer Breeze, Florida, the setting of the critically acclaimed cozy mystery When the Sandpiper Calls. Peggy and her husband split their time between the Colorado Rockies and the Florida seashore.

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When Bobbie Sang the Blues 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Peggy has done it again. I loved following Christie Castleman's into the next stage of her romance. And I fussed at her and scolded when she did what I didn't think prudent. I rejoiced at her discoveries and held my breath when the villain had her cornered.
Deborah_K More than 1 year ago
Another winner from Peggy Darty! I enjoyed this book even more than the first. Bobbie is a great character because she's so spontaneous that you don't know what she's going to do next and I love her idea for a trash=treasures shop. She is a complete opposite of Christy's mother. While one strives for perfection, the other chooses to live for the day. Because of these differences, the two have been at odds over the years and it was nice for them to finally resolve their conflict. My favorite part of the book was when Christy had to go into character in trying to find out who the killer was. While she was in a dangerous situation, I found her airhead-ness a hoot simply because it was so out of character for her. Once again I was surprised at who the actual killer was. I prefer mystery stories when the culprit is someone we have already been introduced to, and not some random person we have no connections to, and this story doesn't disappoint. I'm also really happy for Jack's character as well. From the last book you could see he was lonely after his son's death, and now he has a reason to be happy again. The only thing I found confusing was that at the beginning of this book Christy and Dan are no longer a couple. At the end of Sandpiper they have begun their relationship, here it is already on the outs, without much of an explanation. I just felt like I was missing something as they both try to figure out their relationship. As for the rest of the story, it's superb. This is one of the best cozy mystery series out there, and I can't wait for another!
harstan More than 1 year ago
To the joy of her niece mystery writer Christy Castleman and the chagrin off her pious strait-laced sister and Minster brother-in-law, Bobbie Bodine comes to Summer Breeze for the first time in three or four years. Bobbie is a free spirit who enjoys turning someone¿s trash into another person¿s treasure. As such she has opened up a shop in town to do so.------------------ Unbeknownst to Bobbie is that her former spouse Eddie and his girlfriend Roseann Cole are following her and now her niece because he believes she stole $10,000 from him and he needs it back to pay off a dangerous IOU in which his body is collateral. Unbeknownst to Eddie is that enforcer Tony Paneda is stalking Bobbie too because he expects Eddie to show up shortly. Everything comes to a head when someone murders Eddie with Bobbie as the prime suspect. The local Red Hatters who have adopted her and her niece begin to investigate because none of them trust the police to look past Aunt Bobbie.--------------------- Bobbie¿s attitude that you can be deeply religious but also enjoy life to the fullest refreshes the inspirational amateur sleuth sub-genre as like her niece and much of the townsfolk her lust for life is infectious. The whodunit investigation starts toward the middle of the strong story line as initially the audience meets the key players and how they relate to one another. Peggy Darty provides a delightful charmer as Christy and the Red Hatters (mindful of Fern Michaels¿ Sisterhood) try to prove that Aunt Bobbie did not kill her late mate.----------------- Harriet Klausner