When Early AAs Were Cured and Why

When Early AAs Were Cured and Why

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by Dick B.

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When Early AA's Were Cured and how they received their cures.


When Early AA's Were Cured and how they received their cures.

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Guest More than 1 year ago
I don't think anyone was more surprised than Dick B. and some of his colleagues who were researching with and for him and speaking at some of his history conferences. There had always been the curious 'There is no cure for alcoholism.' But where did this negative come from? It was so unusual that the A.A. book Dr. Bob and the Good Oldtimers wrote a footnote that explained that the original writers and founders had been mislead and had mistakenly used such terms as 'cured' and 'ex-alcoholic.' And it let the matter go at that. And so for at least 25 years, today's AAs have naively swallowed this undocumented nonsense and wandered from awakenings to experiences to daily reprieves and to personality change to explain the object of A.A. and its Steps. But that's not A.A. history. It's belated revisionism. The facts and the conclusion are simple: Alcoholism can be cured. God can cure alcoholics. God has cured alcoholics. And God will cure those alcoholics who believe and seek help. Three or four years ago, the truth burst on the scene--after years of darkness. Author Richard K. went to A.A. General Services and purchased the huge scrapbook that contains uncontradicted documented newspaper and magazine accounts of more than a decade of early A.A. publicity on cure. Then we all woke up. Dr. Bob had said he was cured, and he said it as he and Bill W. were hospitalizing A.A. Number Three. A.A. Number Three and Bill Wilson both said on what has become page 191 of the Big Book that the Lord had cured them of their terrible disease. Over and over the affirmations that God can heal were repeated. And that's the fact. Healings by religious means were so well known that Dr. Carl Jung, Professor William James, and Dr. William Silkworth all commented extensively on the cure of alcoholism by conversion and the work of the Great Physician. And Dick set to work revamping his research. He put his focus on what was said and done about healing. He first wrote Cured. Then he wrote Why Early A.A. Succeeded. Then he wrote this book. And a knowledge of all is essential if you want to know what God really did and still can do for the alcoholic who still suffers. You'll catch flak from the ignorant when you start talking about cure. Treatment centers won't welcome the assertion. Nor therapists. Nor insurance companies. Nor government grant seekers. Keep them sick. Keep them coming back. And keep up the search for drugs or therapy or some magic that will stop the alcoholic from drinking. That's the foundation. But the Bible foundation is far stronger. The verses, the accounts, and the testimonies are all stuffed into Dick's book. And you won't even have half your armor on for the verbal battle until you buckle up your chin straps and read the truth.
Guest More than 1 year ago
When I was visiting Maui, I met a young A.A. historian and researcher who had located hundreds of newspaper and magazine articles across the United States which contained the stories and statements of those alcoholics who had been cured of alcoholism in early A.A. and said so. Then I read several of Dick B.'s books containing statements by the A.A. founders and pioneers to the same effect. And I had always heard from my A.A. friends that alcoholism could not be cured. Apparently that is a false statement. And Dick's book lays out the documentation. It's good. And it answers lots of the fatalism prevailing in recovery talk today.