When I'm Hungry

When I'm Hungry

by Jane R. Howard, Teri Sloat

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School Library Journal
PreS-Gr 3-- At the breakfast table, a young boy imagines what it would be like to munch a banana while swinging through branches with monkeys, sip nectar from blossoms with hummingbirds, lap milk with puppies, or dive for fish with ducks. He snacks with squirrels in a tree near his home and with koalas and pandas in far-off places. Finally, by dinnertime, he concludes that he is happiest at the table, eating with his family. Illustrations increase the value of this imaginative exercise. Each page is a lesson in habitat: jungle, garden, forest, backyard. Plants and settings are carefully portrayed in vivid colors rendered in fine colored-pencil shadings of greens, blues, and browns. Each page is a pleasingly composed picture, showing the boy surrounded by animals while he climbs, crouches, swims, or reclines as they do. Preschoolers will enjoy the many different animals found in the story; elementary-aged children will appreciate the fanciful situations and detailed settings. Teachers may use the book to introduce lessons on the similarity and diversity of the plant and animal kingdoms. It's bound to be popular with them all. --Nancy Seiner, The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh
Hazel Rochman
A child imagines himself with the eating habits of animals, grabbing fruit right off the tree as he swings with the monkeys, sipping nectar from a flower with the birds, lapping his morning snack with his tongue or using it to catch his food. In her simple text, Howard rings some clever changes on her droll concept, and Sloat's full-page color-pencil illustrations exploit the sense of play, from the picture of the child eating lunch in the mud with the hippos to the view of him digging for worms with the birds. In the end he realizes he's better off at the family dinner table with his plate and glass--even if those raccoons outside in the garbage do look as if they're having fun.

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