When Praise Meets Worship

When Praise Meets Worship

by Benjamin Cone III & Worship

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Release Date:
Muscle Shoals


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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Benjamin Cone III & Worship   Primary Artist
Rev. Benjamin Cone   Narrator
Melvin Williams   Soloist
Stephanie Williams   Soprano (Vocal)
Teresa Jones   Alto (Vocal)
Erica Johnson   Alto (Vocal)
Christian Scott   Soprano (Vocal)
Barry Bolden   Keyboards
Maurette Brown Clark   Soloist
Anna Hart   Alto (Vocal)
Jerry Kelly   Tenor (Vocal)
Courtney Jackson   Soprano (Vocal)
Carolyn Traylor   Soloist
Audrey Cone   Soprano (Vocal)
Shawn Newsome   Tenor (Vocal)
Albert "Scott" Tennon   Tenor (Vocal)
Jacinta Hall   Alto (Vocal)
Kelli Grant   Alto (Vocal)
David Armstrong   Tenor (Vocal)
Ashley Brown   Soloist
David Curry   Drums
Fransha Blount   Alto (Vocal)
Dathan Thigpen   Soloist
Justin Gray   Guitar
Benjamin Cone   Narrator,Choir Director,Soloist
Lillie Lewis   Alto (Vocal)
Cornelius "CC" Moore   Bass
Marcus Singleton   Organ,Keyboards
Castro Coleman   Guitar
Keisha Brown   Soprano (Vocal)
Andrea Turner   Alto (Vocal)
Jamel Strong   Soloist
Lauren Miller   Soprano (Vocal)
Scotty Brown   Organ
Ebony Nichols   Soprano (Vocal)
Ronald Young   Tenor (Vocal)
Kelly Jones   Guitar
Keneisha Harris   Soprano (Vocal)
Ashley Singleton   Soprano (Vocal)
Timothy Middleton   Tenor (Vocal)
Markiese Jones   Tenor (Vocal)
Lester Irvin Calloway   Tenor (Vocal)
Leora Everett   Alto (Vocal)
Latrice Wade   Tenor (Vocal)
LaToya Tate   Soprano (Vocal)
Lamar Randle   Tenor (Vocal)
Kimberl Ingram   Alto (Vocal)
Kimberly Shaffers   Alto (Vocal)
Kimberly Sampson   Alto (Vocal)
Kimberly Luckett   Alto (Vocal)
Katrina Smith   Soloist
Keith Bankston   Tenor (Vocal)
Julian Nunnery   Tenor (Vocal)
Jonathan Simeon   Tenor (Vocal)
Johna Street   Alto (Vocal)
Jennifer Wilkins   Soprano (Vocal)
Jennifer Hayes   Soprano (Vocal)
Jasmine Brooks   Soprano (Vocal)
India Giles   Alto (Vocal)
Geoffrey Page   Tenor (Vocal),Choir Director
Fran McKnight   Soprano (Vocal)
Erin RoShunda Michael   Alto (Vocal)
Eugenia Randle   Alto (Vocal)
Tiffany Lampkins-Greenwood   Soprano (Vocal)
Demetrius Robinson   Tenor (Vocal)
Dana Vaughn-Cousin   Soprano (Vocal)
Daijanna Ross-Newsome   Alto (Vocal)
Christopher Williams   Tenor (Vocal)
Clarisa Nolan   Alto (Vocal)
Christina White   Soprano (Vocal)
Cheryl Matory   Soprano (Vocal)
Chattie Natalia Taylor   Soprano (Vocal)
Charise Scott   Alto (Vocal)
Catherine Howard   Soprano (Vocal)
Britney Knight   Soprano (Vocal)
Brenda Willis   Soprano (Vocal)
Brenda Blount   Alto (Vocal)
Brandy Tillman   Alto (Vocal)
Asia Clay   Soprano (Vocal)
Ari J. Lewis   Tenor (Vocal)
Arieca Daniels   Soprano (Vocal)
Alonzo Williams   Tenor (Vocal)
Angenette Dixon   Alto (Vocal)
Alberta Ragsdale   Soprano (Vocal)
Trisha Green   Soloist
Travis Key   Tenor (Vocal)
Tarsha Gamblin   Soprano (Vocal)
Tarama Thompson   Alto (Vocal)
Tara Arnold   Alto (Vocal)
Tameka Gholar   Alto (Vocal)
Sherry Ayers   Soprano (Vocal)
Shawanda Gholar   Alto (Vocal)
Sharelle Smith   Alto (Vocal)
Roderick Harris   Tenor (Vocal)
Pierre Fields   Tenor (Vocal)
Percy Davis   Master of Ceremonies
Pastor James "Arte" Stuckey   Master of Ceremonies
Pastor Derrick Traylor   Soloist
Michael Scott   Tenor (Vocal)

Technical Credits

Labi Siffre   Composer
Lloyd Barry   Horn Arrangements
Eddie James   Composer
Wolf Stephenson   overdub engineer
John Tyler   Remote Engineering
Toby Johnson   Composer
Kent Bruce   overdub engineer
Jerry Mannery   Executive Producer
Bucky Alman   Engineer
Barry Bolden   Composer,Producer,Music Direction
Geri O'Neal   Engineer
Malcolm Williams   Composer
Kenneth Brandon   Composer
Audrey Cone   Staff
David Curry   drum programming
Benjamin Cone   Arranger,Composer,Producer,Liner Notes,Executive Producer,Mastering
Thomas Bruce   overdub engineer
Jamel Strong   Composer
Howard Loving   drum programming,overdub engineer
D.A. Johnson   Executive Producer
James Salone   Mastering,overdub engineer
Vernon Moore   Composer
Lester Irvin Calloway   Staff
Langston Lee   Staff
Jack Huggins   Remote Engineering
Erin RoShunda Johnson   Staff
Daijanna Ross-Newsome   Staff
Christina White   Staff
Cedric Robinson   Composer
Belinda Jenkins   Staff
Alvin Jenkins   Staff
Robin Street   Remote Engineering

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