When the Levee Breaks: Mississippi Blues - Rare Cuts 1926-41

When the Levee Breaks: Mississippi Blues - Rare Cuts 1926-41


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Jsp Records


Disc 1

  1. Cottonfield Blues, Pt. 1
  2. Bedside Blues
  3. Mississippi Bottom Blues
  4. Poor Boy Blues  - Sam Butler
  5. I'm Leavin' Town  - William Harris
  6. Hittin' the Bottle Stomp
  7. Last Kind Words Blues
  8. Third Street Woman Blues
  9. Muddy Water Blues
  10. Fare Thee Well Blues
  11. That Won't Do
  12. Four O'Clock Flower Blues  - Willie Blackwell
  13. Evil Devil Woman Blues  - Joe McCoy
  14. The Jail House Blues  - Sam Collins
  15. Black Spider Blues
  16. Traveling Riverside Blues  - Robert Johnson
  17. Baltimore Blues  - Charlie McCoy
  18. Down the Big Road Blues
  19. You Scolded Me and Drove Me  - Mississippi Bracey "Caldwell"
  20. Milk Cow Blues
  21. Ten Pound Hammer  - Mose Andrews
  22. Noiseless Motor Blues  - Willie Blackwell
  23. Jailhouse Fire Blues
  24. 4A Highway
  25. Times Had Done Got Hard

Disc 2

  1. Mississippi County Farm Blues
  2. When the Levee Breaks  - Joe McCoy
  3. Ninety Nine Blues
  4. Snake Doctor Blues
  5. Little Girl in Rome
  6. It's Cold in China Blues
  7. Bald Eagle Blues  - Willie Blackwell
  8. Boodle-De-Bum Blues  - Ben Covington
  9. Bull Frog Blues  - William Harris
  10. Dangerous Woman
  11. Shaggy Dog Blues
  12. Devil in the Lion's Den  - Sam Collins
  13. Quarrellin' Mama Blues
  14. Devil and My Brown Blues  - Sam Collins
  15. Take a Little Walk with Me
  16. Last Time Blues  - Charlie McCoy
  17. Dough Roller Blues
  18. The Croowing Rooster
  19. Motherless Child Blues  - Geeshie Wiley
  20. Married Woman Blues
  21. She's Young and Wild  - Willie Blackwell
  22. Cherry Ball  - Mississippi Bracey "Caldwell"
  23. Bad Notion Blues
  24. Don't Cry Baby
  25. Rowdy Blues

Disc 3

  1. My Buddy Blind Papa Lemon
  2. Snatch It Back Blues
  3. Machine Gun Blues  - Willie Blackwell
  4. Revenue Man Blues
  5. Mr Freddie's Kokomo Blues
  6. Over to My House
  7. Barefoot Blues
  8. Jumpin' and Shoutin' Blues
  9. Look Who's Coming Down the Road  - Joe McCoy
  10. Traveling Mama Blues
  11. Leavin' Here Blues  - William Harris
  12. Got the Blues About Rome
  13. Young Heifer Blues  - Mose Andrews
  14. Skippy Whippy
  15. Yellow Dog Blues  - Sam Collins
  16. You Can't Keep No Brown  - Sam Butler
  17. Tallahatchie River Blues
  18. Stered Gal  - Mississippi Bracey "Caldwell"
  19. Motherless and Fatherless Blues  - Charlie McCoy
  20. Don't Misuse Me, Baby  - Willie Blackwell
  21. I'm Gonna Train My Baby
  22. Out on Santa Fe Blues
  23. It's Hard Time  - Joe Stone
  24. Your Good Man Is Gone
  25. Cold Woman Blues

Disc 4

  1. Clarksdale Moan
  2. Adam and Eve in the Garden  - Ben Covington
  3. Lonesome Man Blues
  4. Leaving Home Blues
  5. Loving Lady Blues  - Sam Collins
  6. Early Mornin' Blues
  7. Number Three Blues
  8. Tell Me Baby
  9. Little Boy Blue
  10. Cottonfield Blues, Pt. 2
  11. Chalk My Toy  - Willie Blackwell
  12. Barbecue Bust
  13. Two Time Blues
  14. Back Door Blues  - Joe Stone
  15. Way Back Down Home
  16. Skinny Leg Blues
  17. Meat Cutter Blues  - Joe McCoy
  18. Mississippi Moan
  19. Married Man Blues
  20. Jefferson County Blues  - Sam Butler
  21. Rampaw Street Blues  - Willie Blackwell
  22. I'll Overcome Someday  - Mississippi Bracey "Caldwell"
  23. Good Boy Blues
  24. Grand Daddy Blues  - J.D. Short
  25. Let's Go Riding

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Sam Collins   Guitar,Vocals
Memphis Minnie   Guitar
Robert Lockwood   Guitar,Vocals
Carl Martin   Guitar
Garfield Akers   Guitar,Vocals
Kid Bailey   Guitar,Vocals
Sam Butler   Guitar,Vocals
Joe Calicott   Guitar
Alfred Elkins   Bass
Aaron Graves   Tambourine
Roosevelt Graves and Brother   Guitar
William Harris   Guitar,Vocals
Son House   Guitar,Vocals
Charlie McCoy   Guitar,Vocals
Joe McCoy   Guitar,Vocals
Blind Willie Reynolds   Guitar,Vocals
Joe Stone   Guitar,Vocals
Jim Thompkins   Guitar,Vocals
Charlie McCoy   Guitar
Ben Covington   Banjo,Harmonica,Vocals
Jed Davenport   Harmonica
Joe Holmes   Guitar,Vocals
Cooney Vaughn   Piano
Walter Rhodes   Accordion,Vocals
Elvie Thomas   Guitar,Vocals
Mattie Delaney   Guitar,Vocals
George Torey   Guitar,Vocals
Otto Virgial   Guitar,Vocals
Geeshie Wiley   Guitar,Vocals
Walter "Buddy Boy" Hawkins   Guitar,Vocals
Arthur Petties   Guitar,Vocals
Freddie Spruell   Guitar,Vocals
Mississippi Moaner   Guitar,Vocals
J.D. Short   Guitar,Vocals
Robert F. Johnson   Guitar,Vocals
Joe Robinson   Guitar
Joe Robinson   Guitar
Mississippi Bracey "Caldwell"   Guitar,Vocals
Virginia Bracey   Guitar
Maylon Harney "Pet"   Guitar
Richard Harney "Can"   Guitar
Unknown   Guitar,Piano,Violin

Technical Credits

Neil Slaven   Liner Notes

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