When the Slipper Fits

When the Slipper Fits

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by Lynn Collum

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When the Slipper Fits 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Miss Luella 'Ella' Sanderson, daughter of the late Viscount Sanders, was a poor relation. When school was over, Ella was sent to reside with her aunt, Mrs. Leona Newton. Mrs. Newton made sure Ella knew she was not worth more than a servant. Mrs. Newton only cared about her own daughters, Iris and Daisy, making a good match. Ella was to get up before dawn each day and travel to 'Uncle Addison's' residence to work for him. ........................ Gabriel 'Gabe' Crowe, Earl of Shalford, had no choice but to comply with his father's edict. Gabe had one month to find a country-bred bride of suitable wealth and position. Gabe had no interest in any of the ladies that were thrown in his path. However, there was one spirited beauty that had stolen his heart, Ella. Yet the lady ran away anytime his mother came near. ........................ **** Author Lynn Collum place this Regency Romance in a country setting and made it interesting by adding the hobby/art of ballooning into it! I have read very few romances with ballooning in them, but have enjoyed every one immensely. This one is no exception! The heroine, Ella, is not a weeping leading lady either. She is very spirited and has a level head on her shoulders. Thank goodness, since I detest wimpy ladies. Excellent story that only loosely resembles the fairy tale of Cinderella! ****