When the World Knows Your Name [Deluxe Edition]

When the World Knows Your Name [Deluxe Edition]

by Deacon Blue

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Release Date:
Edsel Records Uk


Disc 1

  1. Queen of the New Year
  2. Wages Day
  3. Real Gone Kid
  4. Love and Regret
  5. Circus Lights
  6. This Changing Light
  7. Sad Loved Girl
  8. Fergus Sings the Blues
  9. The World is Lit By Lightning
  10. Silhouette
  11. One Hundred Things
  12. Your Constant Heart
  13. Orphans
  14. Real Gone Kid
  15. Little Lincoln
  16. Born Again
  17. It's Not Funny Anymore
  18. Wages Day
  19. Take Me To the Place
  20. Take the Saints Away

Disc 2

  1. Trampoline
  2. Fergus Sings the Blues
  3. Long Window To Love
  4. London a-Z
  5. Back Here In Beanoland
  6. Love and Regret
  7. Down In the Flood
  8. Undeveloped Heart
  9. Love and Regret/It's All In the Game
  10. Spanish Moon/Down In the Flood
  11. Dark End of the Street
  12. When Will You (Make My Telephone Ring)?
  13. Down In the Flood

Disc 3

  1. Queen of the New Year
  2. My America
  3. Las Vegas
  4. Sad Loved Girl
  5. Circus Lights
  6. Queen of the New Year
  7. Chocolate Girl
  8. Undeveloped Heart
  9. Town To Be Blamed
  10. Love You Say
  11. Let Your Hearts Be Troubled
  12. Is It Cold Beneath the Hill?
  13. Killing the Blues
  14. Gentle Teardrops
  15. That Country (Beneath Your Skin)
  16. Christine

Disc 4

  1. Real Gone Kid
  2. Real Gone Kid
  3. Wages Day
  4. Fergus Sings the Blues
  5. Love and Regret
  6. Queen of the New Year

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Deacon Blue   Primary Artist
Guy Barker   Trumpet
Pete Beachill   Trombone
Dave Bishop   Baritone Saxophone
Stuart Elliot   Bodhran
Mark Feltham   Harmonica
Graeme Kelling   Guitar,Group Member
Lorraine McIntosh   Vocals,Group Member
James Prime   Keyboards,Group Member
Jamie Talbot   Baritone Saxophone
Ewen Vernal   Bass,keyboard bass,Group Member
Chris White   Tenor Saxophone
Ricky Ross   Keyboards,Vocals,Group Member
Gavin Wright   Fiddle
Phil Todd   Tenor Saxophone
Neil Sidwell   Trombone
Simon Gardener   Trumpet
Douglas Vipond   Percussion,Drums,Group Member

Technical Credits

Julian Cope   Composer
Deacon Blue   Producer
Grant Hart   Composer
Bob Mould   Composer
Lowell George   Composer
Dan Penn   Composer
Matt Budd   Recording Assistant
Isaac Hayes   Composer
David Kahne   Producer
Graeme Kelling   Composer
Felix Kendall   Engineer
David Leonard   Engineer
Warne Livesey   Producer,Brass Arrangment
Gavin McComb   Recording Assistant
Lorraine McIntosh   Composer
Chips Moman   Composer
Greg Norton   Composer
David Porter   Composer
James Prime   Composer,String Arrangements,Brass Arrangment
Robert Rankin   Engineer
Robin Rankin   Engineer
Carl Sigman   Composer
Brian Soucy   Recording Assistant
Ewen Vernal   Composer
Simon Gogerly   Recording Assistant
Paul Mortimer   Recording Assistant
Ricky Ross   Composer,Liner Notes
Andrew Catlin   Director
David Browne   Recording Assistant
David Pringle   String Arrangements
Charles Dawes   Composer
Traditional   Composer
Meiert Avis   Director
Keith Mitchell   Engineer
Kevin Key   Engineer
Karen Down   Recording Assistant
Jools Williamson   Packaging
Douglas Vipond   Composer
William McIlvanney   Composer
Steven Bray   Recording Assistant
Jim Prime   Composer

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