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When Warhol Was Still Alive: A Novel

When Warhol Was Still Alive: A Novel

by Margaret McMullan

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Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
McMullan's debut, set in the mid-80s and peppered with pop-culture references, proves rather prosaic, for all its behind-the-scenes glimpses at a fashion monthly. Underpaid editor Catherine, who compiles the entertainment page for a women's magazine, is so overwhelmed by her Manhattan lifestyle that she's frequently chosen to appear as a beauty ``don't'' in the magazine's pages. She's single, can barely pay her rent and, worst of all, her latest romantic prospect is a bisexual man who is bedding both her uppity boss, Fran, and her only friend, the flamboyantly gay, Andy Warhol-obsessed Joey. Aside from Catherine's growing realization that she can get by without a man or the approval of her boss, practically the only event of consequence is Joey's battle with AIDS--with its inevitable outcome. That Joey is healthy in one chapter and on his deathbed the next is characteristic of the story's lack of continuity; McMullan often cuts to the chase without adequate buildup or transition. As the book skips from crisis to crisis, even the most sympathetic reader will grow frustrated with the choppy narrative. (Apr.)
Library Journal
Focusing on a young woman's search for meaningful relationships in New York City, this novel examines beginnings, endings, and growth. It's 1983. Catherine, an editorial assistant at Women magazine, and her best friend, a transvestite called Joey, are pals who share confidences and problems. Catherine has an affair with her boss's boyfriend and later finds out that Joey is involved with the same man. Wondering how to ``look your best friend in the eye after you've seen him with the man you thought you loved,'' she renounces men and puts all her energies into her work. Slowly, she begins to resolve her problems. Then Catherine learns that Joey is dying of AIDS. Their reconciliation enables her to face the future with hope and move ahead without fear. The situations, though outre, never seem contrived, and the characters are very real and human. Recommended.-- Ellen R. Cohen, Rockville, Md.

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Meet the Author

Margaret McMullan lives in Evansville, Indiana, with her husband and son. Margaret was born in Newton County, Mississippi, near Smith County, where How I Found the Strong is set, and the main character is based on her grandmother's great-uncle.

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