Wheres My Darling Daughter

Wheres My Darling Daughter

by Mij Kelly, Katharine McEwen

Poppa Bombola has lost his darling daughter - or so he thinks. Desperately he searches high and low for her around the farm, ignoring the animals who can see that she is, in fact safely ensconced in a sling on his back!See more details below

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Poppa Bombola has lost his darling daughter - or so he thinks. Desperately he searches high and low for her around the farm, ignoring the animals who can see that she is, in fact safely ensconced in a sling on his back!

Editorial Reviews

Children's Literature - Claudia Mills
Poppa Bombola gets a shock when he looks in his little daughter's bed and does not find her sleeping there: "Where's my darling daughter?" He hunts for her throughout the house and then races outside to search his entire farm, along the way making desperate but futile inquiries to the cat, the duck, the cow, the hen, and pig. But only after he gives up all hope and sits down to cry does he discover his darling daughter at last, when baby Bombola crawls out from the carrier on his back, where she has been riding happily all along. The premise of the story is a bit over the top: even generously suspending disbelief, it is hard to accept a father quite this oblivious to the presence of his child, who is shown throughout in full view, open-mouthed, apparently vocalizing quite merrily, and even holding on to Papa's shoulder. Papa's pathetic fear and misery begin to seem painful rather than comical. That said, the repetitive, predictable structure of the search, punctuated by the refrain "I know I put her somewhere safe. Oh, where's my darling daughter?" should make for a satisfying read-aloud, and McEwen's colorful paintings create an affectionate barnyard community. Papa may be completely clueless, but he clearly does cherish his darling daughter.
School Library Journal
PreS-Poppa Bombola has misplaced his daughter-he is sure he put her somewhere safe, but he doesn't know where. He searches everywhere, asking each animal in turn if it has seen her. Youngsters will immediately note the missing child in a backpack on her father's back. In the end, the child crawls out, and the man thanks all of the animals for their help. While there is very little story here, and the meter and rhyme occasionally falter, the silly premise and predictable text will keep preschoolers entertained. The brightly colored cartoons really carry the day here. Scruffy Poppa busily searches high and low as the delighted toddler goes along for the ride. The refrain of "Oh, where's my darling daughter?" will have young listeners chiming right in. Libraries looking for patterned rhymes, father-daughter titles, or farm-animal books will find that this slight but sweet effort fits the bill.-Amy Lilien-Harper, The Ferguson Library, Stamford, CT Copyright 2006 Reed Business Information.
Kirkus Reviews
Poor, distracted Papa Bombola is distressed looking for his missing "darling daughter." He looks in the cow shed, the hen pen, the pond and the pig sty, forgetting she's on his back in her baby carrier. Sitting on the ground and tearfully trying to remember where he safely placed her, he's surprised to see her crawling toward him when she wriggles out. Oversized, full-page cartoon-style characters outlined in pen and ink, colored with pastels or crayons, bring out the humorous situation. The location of the missing daughter is revealed immediately while the slightly uneven rhyming text conveys Papa's desperation as words and pictures come together to tell the whole story. Children will enjoy being in on the joke with all the animals, join in with the repetitious phrase "where's my darling daughter," and offer smiles all around at the joyful reunion. Nifty fodder for the predictable and patterned books collection. (Picture book. 2-4)

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2 - 4 Years

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