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While Waiting

While Waiting

5.0 2
by L. Ray Born

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While Waiting 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Have you ever been at a doctor's office,dentist office, or lisence bureau waiting for your turn? Have you ever thought to yourself that you would rather be 'anywhere but here'? I'm sure you,as I, have been in that situation more than once and looked around at the available reading material, assorted magazines etc. for something to pass the time and make the wait more bearable. 'While Waiting' by L. Ray Born takes care of both wishes in one collection. This small collection of very readable stories not only transports the reader to other places and times it does so in such a way as to make one almost wish you had more time to linger and wait. Born's short stories, some true some fantasies, are a time machine for the mind. He takes you on fantasy trips into of all places 'reality'. You find yourself reading such wonderful adventure as 'Fred and The Summer of '37' and it not long before you are recalling the wonderful smell, sights and heat of carefree summer days of your own past. They are real and Born has transported you in his ingenious time machine back to them. In other stories such as 'The Dance' the author took this reader to a place where the butterflies in my stomach were still real,that wonderful place of new love. I remembered how exciting it is to be somewhat breathless and lighthearted on a date. One of my favorite trips into my own reality was 'While Waiting''s'An Eagle Hatches'. This is a short story about a new young pilot building the courage it takes for his first solo flight. As I read Born's account of reaching the point where his wing stalled I shook my head and said' 'Oh yeah, I remember that!' Being a pilot myself, it was easy to feel the trepidation of this young pilot on the stall and his first solo. Born's masterful story telling took me with him as he sat in that plane. If you are sitting in a doctor's office or anywhere you don't want to be, I can just about guarantee that this book will be able to take you in its pages to a place in your past where you not only want to be but are happy to be 'While Waiting'.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I received this book as a gift and it certainly is, this collection of short stories is a treasure. I am familiar with some of the places mentioned in the stories. The author's affection for his characters makes them feel like familiar friends as well. Each story can be enjoyed indiviually in periods of time 'While Waiting' as the writer suggests. However, once I started I didn't want to stop and I read the whole book. 'Fred and the Summer of '37' tells of adventures that could be had when America was a much more innocent place. Two boys could set off on their own, riding their bikes many miles from home and camping out at night. Young people today could never safely enjoy such freedom. Some of my favorites are the stories that can best be described as spine tinglers. As a reader I felt like I was hearing these tales over a campfire and they ended with a smile while Mr. Born waits to see if I believe him or not. I have re-read most of these stories numerous times and I think this book could be a heart warming addition to the library of any home. I hope the author has more to share, I'll be 'Waiting'.