Whistle While You Work: Original 1929-1938 Recordings

Whistle While You Work: Original 1929-1938 Recordings

by Comedian Harmonists

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  1. Whistle While You Work (for Disney's Snow White)  -  Comedian Harmonists
  2. Marie, Marie  -  Comedian Harmonists
  3. Musketiermarsch  -  Comedian Harmonists
  4. Puppenhochzeit (Wedding of the Painted Doll)  -  Comedian Harmonists
  5. Die Liebe Kommt, Die Liebe Geht (Liebesleid, after Kreisler)  -  Comedian Harmonists
  6. Creole Love Call  -  Comedian Harmonists
  7. Liebling, mein Herz läßt dich grüben  -  Comedian Harmonists
  8. Ach! wie ist's möglich dann  -  Comedian Harmonists
  9. Muß i denn zum Städtele hinaus  -  Comedian Harmonists
  10. Schöne Nacht, O Liebesnacht (Barcarolle)  -  Comedian Harmonists
  11. Love Me a Little Today  -  Comedian Harmonists
  12. Congo Lullaby  -  Comedian Harmonists
  13. Donkey Serenade  -  Comedian Harmonists
  14. Ein Freund, Ein Guter Freund  -  Comedian Harmonists
  15. Ti-Pi-Tin  -  Comedian Harmonists
  16. The Dwarfs' Yodel Song (for Disney's Snow White)  -  Comedian Harmonists
  17. Eine kleine Frühlingsweise (after Dvorák's Humoresque)  -  Comedian Harmonists
  18. Night and day, song (from "Gay Divorce")  -  Comedian Harmonists
  19. Overture  -  Comedian Harmonists

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