Whitefish Will Rides Again!

Whitefish Will Rides Again!

by Arthur Yorinks, Mort Drucker
Whitefish Will was the mightiest lawman in the history of the Old West. But then the penny-pinching townsfolk put him out to pasture....


Whitefish Will was the mightiest lawman in the history of the Old West. But then the penny-pinching townsfolk put him out to pasture....

Editorial Reviews

Children's Literature - Judy Silverman
Whitefish Will was the best sheriff the nameless town had ever seen. He was so good, the bad guys all scrammed, and the town became so peaceful that the folks saw no need for a sheriff at all. So Will was forced to retire. He had nothing to do, so he tried all kinds of retirement activities. But finally he took up the harmonica, which he learned to play very badly. Meanwhile, back in town, Bart and his gang of bank robbers decided that without a sheriff the people would be easy prey. They were. They just gave in and did without anything the gang wanted-particularly money, clothes and horses-until Bart decided to burn the town. That was too much. Will is called back from retirement and he chases those gangsters out of town faster than-well, you call it. This is a very funny book by an absolute master of funny books. The pictures are terrific-they should remind you of Mad Magazine covers.
Children's Literature - Debra Briatico
Whitefish Will, a sheriff with the strength of forty mules, is famous for rasslin' rustlers and riding in the rodeo. This mighty lawman uses his strength and courage to protect the townsfolk from any harm. However, when the town runs out of money, the townsfolk have no choice but to send Will to the pasture, where he plays the harmonica and raises roosters. One day Bart the Bully and his gang come into town and cause trouble by robbing banks, stealing the townspeople's clothes, and threatening to set fire to the town. When the townsfolk can no longer take Bart's bullying, they call Whitefish Will, who uses his harmonica instead of a pistol to run Bart and his gang clear out of town. Humorous cartoon-style illustrations fill the pages of this knee-slapping tale!
Ellen Mandel
With his hairy chest, cleft chin, and bulging biceps, sheriff Whitefish Will merely had to look at varmints and they'd scramble out of his way. Why, Will was so good at keeping order that he made his job obsolete and retired to the hills, where he took up the harmonica. It's said that his playing provoked coyotes to learn to howl just to drown him out. After a while, peaceful Whitefish, Montana, was invaded by the evil villain Bart, who stole the townspeople's horses, money, and even their clothes. Reduced to walking instead of riding and to wearing barrels instead of clothes, the citizens finally sent for Whitefish Will to rescue them. But it was a pot-bellied, thin-haired Will who returned to challenge Bart. When the snickering villain went for his pistol, Will whipped out his harmonica and serenaded Bart and his gang right out of town. Having honed his talent on the pages and covers of "Mad" magazine, Drucker exaggerates Yorinks' text with rollicking, bright-colored caricatures, ably helping to stretch this tall tale to the heights of hilarity.

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HarperCollins Publishers
Publication date:
Michael Di Capua Bks.
Product dimensions:
10.03(w) x 10.00(h) x 0.34(d)
Age Range:
4 - 8 Years

Meet the Author

Arthur Yorinks is the author of more than two dozen books for children, including the Caldecott Medal winner Hey, Al, illustrated by Richard Egielski. He has also collaborated with Maurice Sendak on several titles, most recently mommy? The founder and artistic director of the yorinks theater group, he lives in New York City.

Mort Druckers legendary features and covers for Mad have been a mainstay of that magazine for over forty years. His only children's books are Whitefish Will Rides Again!, and Tomatoes from Mars, both in collaboration with Arthur Yorinks. Mr. Drucker lives in Woodbury, NY.

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