Whitney's Star Finder: A Field Guide to the Heavens

Whitney's Star Finder: A Field Guide to the Heavens

by Charles Allen Whitney

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YA This field guide to the heavens by a Harvard astronomy professor contains a removable Locater Wheel enabling students to identify every prominent star at any point in the world. First published in 1974, this is the fourth revised, updated and expanded edition for 1986 through 1989. Directions for using the plastic star finder, studying the moon, observing the planets with binoculars, determining the time by the sun and stars are included; sunsets, sunrises and eclipses, as well as sunspots, Aurorae Borealis, Aurorae Australis, haloes, sundogs and meteors are made clear with the help of plentiful diagrams and charts. An excellent, easy-to-use guide for anyone who is interested in the heavens. Mary Wadsworth Sucher, Baltimore County Reading Services

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4th ed., rev., updated, and expanded for

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