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Whittling Little Folk: 20 Delightful Characters to Carve and Paint

Whittling Little Folk: 20 Delightful Characters to Carve and Paint

5.0 3
by Harley Refsal
A single carving knife and an afternoon is all that is needed to create one of the charming little characters in this book.


A single carving knife and an afternoon is all that is needed to create one of the charming little characters in this book.

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From the Publisher
In the informative yet humorous opening to this great little book, the author discusses the difference between whittling and carving. I would interpret his distinction as "a rose by any other name is still a rose": it's all about cutting away pieces of wood.

The book, "Whittling Little Folk" is small in size but big in content! Eighteen projects in total, including two "step-by-step" figures provide examples, tips, and techniques to carve (or whittle) the cutest little characters you have ever seen. One of the "step-by-step" lessons, (creating Kristian, shown in the bottom left of the book cover,) has 42 steps, including photos, demonstrating the process. Very in-depth and easy to follow.

My Ratings of The Book:

Layout and Appearance: Good balance of photos, how-to instructions, projects. Thumbs Up!

Instructions: Clear information and instructions Thumbs Up!

Projects Selection: A wide variety of characters, creating a small village. Great.

Inspiration: There is even a section on "ideas" - oh the possibilities. Thumbs Up!

Overall: Thumbs Up!

These little people are a joy to behold, tiny and cute. Refsal's book is great for both the serious carver and the whittler as well. Refsal provides us with 20 fabulous characters to copy as is or to add your own characteristics to. The illustrations and photographs are very clear as are the whittling and finishing instructions. So, even if you are a beginner you could have these delightful little people adorning your home. The Lumberjack, the Cop, the Baker and the Amish Farmers are just a few of the diverse characters that you can whittle away at and Refsal shows you how in step-by-step instructions. Have fun!

' if whittling and caricature carving appeals to you, then you'll enjoy Whittling Little Folk.'

'Plenty of fun guaranteed!'

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New Edition
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Meet the Author

Harley Refsal is the author of Carving Flat-Plane Style Caricatures, Whittling Little Folk and Art and Technique of Scandinavian Style Woodcarving. He is a regular contributor to Woodcarving Illustrated magazine. Harvey is an internationally recognized woodcarver who has been decorated by the King of Norway for his contributions to Norwegian culture. A professor of Scandinavian Folk Art, he has taught thousands of carvers his style of flat plan carving, which has become known as the “Refsal style.”

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Whittling Little Folk: 20 Delightful Characters to Carve and Paint 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I took a few woodworking classes and decided I wanted to start whittling. The instructions are easy to follow and there are a lot of pictures to guide you as well. Once you get the basic pattern down its basically up to you to embellish your little person. Lots of ideas to choose from
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
As a newcomer to whittling, this book met my needs and interests. It gives a brief but comprehensive history of the Nordic style of carving. Refsal then goes on to give cut by cut directions for two of his figures, including how to paint and finish them. The back of the book provides patterns for other figures from very basic to more complex. Highly recommended.
InkstainsJB More than 1 year ago
I'm fairly new to wood carving, or whittling, and I'm still surprised to find how many people enjoy this pasttime. The author of this book, Harley Refsal, is one of the most highly regarded wood carving teachers in the world -- and he has made it possible for me, and thousands like me, to take the first steps. This wonderful short book is in 3 parts -- a riff on the whys and whereofs of whittling, a very comprehensive step-by-step illustrated explanation of the "hows" of carving, and an illustrated display of how you can apply your own imagination to the process. Whitting requires very few tools. It's quiet and absorbing. And you end up with holiday gifts for everyone who is important in your life. Bravo, Refsal.