Who Hops?

Who Hops?

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by Katie Davis

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Guessing who does - and doesn't - hop, fly, slither, swim, and crawl makes for some rollicking read-aloud fun! Frogs hop. Rabbits hop. Kangaroos hop. Cows hop. Cows hop?! No they don't, of course, and so begins the simple repetitive pattern of this clever book. From the cow that doesn't hop to the giraffe that doesn't crawl, animals on brightly colored page after

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Guessing who does - and doesn't - hop, fly, slither, swim, and crawl makes for some rollicking read-aloud fun! Frogs hop. Rabbits hop. Kangaroos hop. Cows hop. Cows hop?! No they don't, of course, and so begins the simple repetitive pattern of this clever book. From the cow that doesn't hop to the giraffe that doesn't crawl, animals on brightly colored page after page offer up giggles galore and a delightfully silly look at the way some creatures do - and don't - get around. When the time comes to guess who hops and flies and slithers and swims and crawls, observant young readers just might know the answer!

Katie Davis' artistic career began with Dirty Dishes, her line of hand-painted ceramics. She is also the creator of Scared Guy, a licensed character who has graced thousands of T-shirts, mugs, and calendars. Born and raised in New York, Ms. Davis now lives with her husband and their two children in Southern California. Who Hops? is her first book.

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Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly
More animals turn up in Who Hoots? and Who Hops?, converted from picture books by Katie Davis. Neon-bright colors make the creatures stand out. A question ("Who hoots?") triggers a series of correct statements, one per page ("Dogs don't hoot"). A wrong answer ("Owls don't hoot") signals the turning point and sets the stage for an ecological primer ("Yes they do! Owls have swively necks and stay up all night, and they definitely hoot!").
Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
The silly premise of this entertaining book follows a list of three animals that hop, fly, swim or crawl with one that obviously does not, enabling kids to participate by catching the "mistake." For example, the response to "Who slithers?" includes "Salamanders slither./ Snakes slither./ Snails slither./ Elephants slither." The next page sets the record straight--"NO THEY DON'T! Elephants have hairy babies and wiggly trunks, but they don't slither"--and the elephant is rolling on the ground in laughter, saying "Me? Slither? C'mon! You're cracking me up." Debut author-artist Davis juxtaposes pages with two words of text against those pages bearing lengthier, lighthearted explanations of why certain animals are misfits in a given grouping. The illustrations feature oversize, heavily outlined and extremely simplified shapes (the spider and crab are almost identical), in loud solid colors including goldenrod, hot pink, red, kelly green and purple. For kids, the book's main pleasure is likely to be shouting out "NO THEY DON'T!" before the adult reading aloud to them can turn the page. Ages 2-6. (Sept.)
Children's Literature - Melissa A. Caudill
The vivid and striking color combinations in this book are sure to capture attention along with the simple, yet adorable drawings of animals. Who Hops is a funny game of guessing which animals hop, slither, fly, swim or crawl. Of course, not all animals can do each described activity and Davis humorously provides images of a cow hopping or a giraffe crawling. It is an entertaining book that will keep young kids coming back to it again and again because it is just pure fun.
School Library Journal
PreS-Gr 1-A satisfyingly predictable structure and some unexpected twists make this an entertaining read-aloud. The question, "Who hops?" is answered with, "Frogs hop" on one page, then "Rabbits hop," "Kangaroos hop," and, finally, "Cows hop." After the last silly response, listeners can chime in with, "NO THEY DON'T!" and laugh at the illustration of a cow attempting to jump in the air and the caption of the animal admitting, "It would never work." Additional questions follow: "Who flies?..., Who slithers?..., Who swims?..., Who crawls?" Each is answered with three logical responses and then a ludicrous one. The final question asks who hops, flies, slithers, swims, and crawls, and the answer is, "You do!" The pages are completely filled with brilliant crayon-box colors. A green frog leaps across a purple background on one side of a double-page spread, while a bubble-gum pink rabbit bounds against a bright red one on the other. The cartoon animals are drawn with simple shapes and outlined with heavy, dark lines. The book design conveys a sense of page-turning action with many of the animals shown moving toward the right, as if they were all racing in the same direction. Preschoolers will enjoy the humorous illustrations and the jokes. Emergent readers can use the text patterns and picture cues to read the book on their own.-Adele Greenlee, Bethel College, St. Paul, MN
Kirkus Reviews
"Who hops?" asks newcomer Davis to her very young audience in this sharp introduction to the animal world. Frogs do, and also rabbits and kangaroos and cows. Cows? Well, no: "Cows moo and give milk, but they don't hop!" So it goes, through creatures that fly, slither, swim, and crawl, with each section suggesting three of the usual suspects, and one odd man out: anteaters swim? giraffes crawl? Davis rarely uses more than two words per page (except when explaining why the wrong choice is wrong), and her images are extremely simple, but recognizably familiar. They are also painted in Day-Glo bright colors that can be seen from the back of the room, without the edge such fluorescence usually radiates. Davis closes her book with a sweet conceit: "Who hops and flies and slithers and swims and crawls? You do!" There follows the most active page in her story, with kids doing all of the aforementioned, even flying, on a swing. A potential story-hour favorite, with all the grace notes just right. (Picture book. 2-5)

From the Publisher

"Bouncy, funny, and informative . . . a toddler's story hour dream come true."--Booklist
"An entertaining read-aloud."--School Library Journal
"Hold[s] the attention of the youngest tot."--Good Housekeeping

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From the Publisher
“A potential story-hour favorite.”—Kirkus Reviews
“Entertaining.”—Publishers Weekly
“Bouncy, funny, and informative...a toddler’s story hour dream come true.”—Booklist

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Who Hops? 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
psycheKK More than 1 year ago
The first thing you notice about Katie Davis is her fantastic smile. It is gigantic and genuine. It is so broad that her eyes twinkle. Clearly, this is a woman who loves to laugh, and by extension, make others laugh. With her book, "Who Hops?", Katie Davis has achieved this goal. I don't know if it's because of the brilliant (as in colorful and clever) illustrations, or because of the wonderful silliness of this book, but every time I read this book to my one-year-old son, he lets loose with a great, big belly laugh. Because his laugh is one of my favorite sounds, this book has become one of my favorite books.
Guest More than 1 year ago
My 2 1/2 year old grandson immediately fell in love with this book. The pictures are eye-catching, and the verse is lovingly repetitive but with a twist! He anticipates the silly endings of each subject: who hops, who slithers, who swims, etc. and wants to read it over and over again. He willingly goes to sleep with a smile on his face. I recommend this book for anyone who has grandchildren and, of course, to parents for their preschooler. A rare gem!!!