Who Shrank My Grandmother's House?: Poems of Discovery

Who Shrank My Grandmother's House?: Poems of Discovery

by Barbara Juster Esbensen, Eric Beddows

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Reviewers also make discoveries, and this year mine is poet Barbara Esbensen. Her images are fresh, revealing, and often profound. Consider "In Autumn", from Who Shrank My Grandmother's House?: "I am the astronomer of / orchards / I know the secrets / hidden there / (Macintosh Winesap Cortland...) / I am the discoverer / the splitter / of apples. You must call me / Star finder!" And "Geode": Whenever you look at a "stone egg" you, too, will see "...a city frozen in a hollow stone ... / Listen / to / the busy sound / of crystal traffic thin as a splinter / the sharp-shadowed / sun / rises and sets transparent / in this amethyst sky." Eric Beddows's handsome illustrations accompany her poetry.

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HarperCollins Publishers
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1st ed
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8 - 12 Years

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The Visit

shrank my grandmother's
house? I mean
the banister
is cut off at
the knees! Last year
I had to stretch
to slide my hands along
the rail      hauling myself

In every room
the walls move in
to take a closer
look      "My!" they whisper
corner to corner
(The curtains
hold their breath)
"How you have grown!"

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