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Who's Loving You

Who's Loving You

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by Mary B. Morrison

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With her sudden windfall, Honey Thomas has enough money to make a fresh start. Leaving her old life behind in Vegas, Honey sets out for Atlanta, where she opens a counseling center to help victimized women. But just when she thinks she's finally getting a break, Honey's past comes back to haunt her. . .

"Mix dirty red drama, relationship scandals, suspense, love


With her sudden windfall, Honey Thomas has enough money to make a fresh start. Leaving her old life behind in Vegas, Honey sets out for Atlanta, where she opens a counseling center to help victimized women. But just when she thinks she's finally getting a break, Honey's past comes back to haunt her. . .

"Mix dirty red drama, relationship scandals, suspense, love and you get my girl Mary B. Morrison." —Vickie Stringer

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In Morrison's disjointed latest, former madam Honey Thomas has come into $50 million of her former pimp Valentino's money, courtesy of semicrooked cop Sapphire Blue-who is pursuing her own agenda. Honey's new boyfriend, Grant Hill, is the first man to treat her well, but when he finds out about her past from his wastrel half-brother Benito, he's soon calling Honey all sorts of names and sleeping with single mother, stripper and aspiring actress Red Velvet. As Honey starts a group to help women who have been abused by men recover from their problems and get on their feet, Red Velvet is soon on the client list. In the meantime, Sapphire is also in love with Grant, the only man who ever treated her decently, and conspires to take him from Honey and pin the theft of Valentino's money on her. The plot bobs and weaves with the three women's and Grant's travails. Each preaches her own brand of empowerment, while all cut each other down over a man who never seems as special as any of them believe him to be. (Aug.)

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Who's Loving You



Copyright © 2009 Mary B. Morrison
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-0-7582-1515-4

Chapter One


Love sucks! I swore on my sister's grave, I wished I'd never met him. His voice had lingered in my mind with crisp clarity every damn day, like he was standing behind me, leaning over my shoulder, whispering in my ear. But he wasn't. Not anymore.

"Baby," he used to say to me, and I would answer, barely above a whisper, "Yes?" Seductively, he'd say it again, "Baby," in a tone that quieted me. "Yes?" I'd say softly. We'd go back and forth: then his long fingers and strong hands would gently caress the side of my face and massage my ears.

I'd quiver whenever he'd moan, "Ummmm, you're fucking incredible. You know that? And I'm not talking about your bedroom skills. Baby, you are an amazing woman."

His eargasms would make cool waterfall secretions flow from my pussy, wetting my lips, before he'd ease his hand between my thighs, pressing his middle finger against my clit. He was left-handed. I'd heard Dr. Oz say on Oprah that left-handed people were smarter, more balanced, and better capable of processing information than those of us who were right-handed. His index and ring fingers would straddle my shaft, nestling in the crevices of my lips, as he strummed my black pearl with his middle finger. Thatwas my favorite finger.

Gasping at the sound of his voice in my head, I knew ... I was incredible. But no other man had told me that. No other man had said to me, "I love you." Grant was my first. I let the tears fall, then closed my eyes, visualizing our moments together, lifting my lids to see only me, surrounded by olive painted walls, bright lime cabinets, dark forest granite countertops, and a kitchen floor covered with new hundred-dollar bills that had been permanently laminated into clear ceramic tiles.

Green was my favorite color. I loved walking on men and money. I'd admit I was a little extravagant. A grand total of one million dollars-in hundred-dollar bills-was embedded in every floor of my home, including the bathrooms. Some preferred to walk on sunshine. Money was my visual reminder of where I'd come from. I wasn't proud of how I'd stepped on and over a countless number of people to get where I was. Live and Let Die was my favorite James Bond movie and my motto. Standing in front of the kitchen counter, I slid an already sharp knife along the steel sharpener.

Grant had been my joy. We'd loved sharing Cherry Garcia ice cream while watching The Boondocks DVD series, and making love. In between orgasms, we'd laugh at Huey, Riley, and their granddad. One time we stayed in bed all day, eating, sleeping, and fucking until we wobbled like ducks when we made our way to the bathroom for a much-needed piss.

"Quack, quack," I'd teased him.

"Quack, quack, quack," he'd tease me back.

Then, suddenly, our relationship had faded to dark. He was out of my life, as if I had frantically awakened from the best dream of my life. Shutting my eyes, I fought to go back to him, to go back to sleep and pick up where we had left off, before he left me. I tossed and wrestled with my empty bed. I opened my legs, easing the memory foam pillow between my thighs, then pulled my red satin sheet around my erect nipples, trying to forget he was no longer mine. Opening my eyes, I found myself standing in the kitchen, staring at a blue crystal bowl filled with red potatoes.

How could my past ruin my future? I had tried my damnedest to give that man my best, and he had slammed the door to his heart in my face, as though I was a Jehovah's Witness trying to save his spiritual behind so he would become the one-hundred forty-four thousandth person to make it ... Where? To Heaven? Wherever that was. Who'd been there? What did they do to get in? Mistreat others?

From hot to cold, within seconds he had swatted me away like I was a fly landing on his food, regurgitating shit. I'd meant nothing to him. It was as though he'd truly awakened to a stranger.

Words were powerful beyond measure, but his silence hurt me more. He'd made me make myself go crazy. Wow. Love or the lack thereof could do that. Make one go crazy.

"Answer your damn phone. You wrong for this shit, Grant! Dead wrong!" I yelled. I grunted loud enough to release my frustrations, but not so loud that someone in the house would come running to my aid with a straight jacket. My house had thirteen bedrooms. Twelve upstairs. Mine was the only one downstairs.

"I should kill him. Goddammit, son of a bitch!" I screamed. Sucking the stream of blood oozing from my finger, I threw the knife, the potatoes, and the crystal bowl in the damn trash can. "Fuck this shit!"

Love hadn't hurt me. I was clear that I'd hurt the one I loved. Now I was the one suffering. Every time I got angry, so angry that I could harm Grant, something bad happened to my ass. Unzipping the first-aid kit, I pulled out a bandage.

"He probably has some other bitch in his bed, sucking his dick right now, while I'm over here trippin' on unresolved issues that I can't control." Not by myself.

As I wrapped the Band-Aid tightly around my middle finger, thoughts of the way we had constantly been together replayed in my mind, reminding me of the irreplaceable love I'd lost. Where was I going to find another six-foot-five, 235-pound, twenty-eight-year-old, successful black man with a body sexier than any Chippendales dancer I'd ever seen? Grant was my man, and I'd be damned if I was gonna let him leave me. I just knew some ex-chick or someone hoping to be the next chick had been waiting for me to fuck up so she could move in on him, with him.

"Not on my watch, bitch! Get your own man!" I grunted.

Each morning I reached out my hand to touch him; rolled over, expecting to kiss him; opened my eyes, longing to see him. I called out his name, but he wasn't there to answer, "Yes, Honey?" as he had so affectionately done. Had he been sincere when he'd said, "You're the best thing that ever happened to me"? I wanted another chance. Hell, I deserved the opportunity to explain why I'd lied. Not everything I'd told him was a lie. Actually, most of what I'd shared about my past was the truth.

"Grant, listen to me," I said. "Are you seriously going to take someone else's word over mine? So what if Benito is your brother! Hell, your own mama don't like his ass. I can't believe you're upset with me about something that happened before we met. You're not making any sense. Okay. Answer this one question. 'Do you still love me? Yes or no?' "

I wasn't getting the answer I wanted; he wasn't here to respond. All of this vacillating in the kitchen, talking to myself, had to stop. One minute I loved him; the same minute I hated his ass to death. I stood topless and barefoot in the middle of the kitchen, text messaging him: Baby, it's not what you think. Please call me. I was trying to give him the impression I was being patient with him, but my patience had run out a long fucking time ago.

Chapter Two


You thought you knew a woman; then you found out shit you wished you hadn't. The saying "What you don't know won't hurt you" could actually kill you. In retrospect, I wished our relationship would've remained platonic. That way even if our friendship hadn't flourished, I could have continued respecting her.

We consummated our acquaintance the first day we met. From the airport to dinner, to dicking her down really good, Honey was one sweet lady. Nah, she wasn't a lady; she was a woman. But was she that easy with every guy? Honey was hot and sexy, and my dick was hard and horny, and we clicked. My dick fit her pussy perfectly. I never wanted to wait to have sex with a woman I liked. What were we waiting for? The one thing I could've avoided this time, if I had waited, was having my heart broken. Broken heart and all, life went on. That was for sure.

Parking in my parents' driveway, I contemplated whether to go in. I didn't feel like pretending I was happy again today. Stopping by to check on my mom and dad was routine. As usual, my old man peeked out the front window; then he opened the door, motioning for me to get out of the car. I read Honey's text message, slipped my iPhone in the holder, then smiled at my father.

We walked up the seven steps to the house, with my arm over his broad shoulders. Five inches taller, I towered over him. My dad re tired five years ago; Mom hadn't worked a day since they'd married. Her stay-at-home-wife job entailed taking care of my dad, my brother, and me, and although we could take care of ourselves, Mom still enjoyed taking care of us.

Inside the house, I greeted my old man, hugging him tight. "You got a class this morning, old man?" I asked my dad.

He lectured to high-school students during the day and taught entrepreneurial courses in the evening. I took over managing his rental properties when I opened my business, GH Property Management and Development, seven years ago. With Dad's guidance, I'd done well for a twenty-eight-year-old.

"Still trying to outdress me, huh, son? You gotta figure out where my new tailor is first. Close the door before one of those nasty flies creeps in."

I had the best mom and dad. I loved my parents. Would do anything for them. "Hi, my angel," I said to my mother, kissing her cheek. She hugged my waist, holding on a few seconds longer than usual. Mom's hugs reassured me that everything was good. The prolonged hug made me wonder if everything was okay.

Mom whispered, "It's already all right, son. Let go and let God. I know you want us to accept her, but she's not the one for you." Patting me on the back, she said, "You see your brother sitting over there? Speak."

Like I said, I would do anything for my parents.

Benito got up off the sofa and hugged me. Mom hadn't said anything about hugging that fool.

"Hey, bro," he said. "You dump Lace yet? I told Mom all about Lace's past. Take it from me, I keep telling you I dated her for three years. She's bad news."

Pushing him away, I said, "Her name is Honey, and I'm positive she'd plead temporary insanity for the entire three years." Distancing myself from my brother, I followed my dad into the dining room.

Benito was right behind us. "Whatever you wanna call her is cool, but I'm tellin' you-"

Dad interrupted him. "Benito, that's enough. Why don't you stop all the madness about that woman and tell us the truth about what's going on with you? We haven't seen you for twelve years, since you went off to college. And your mother just mailed Tyra a check for ten thousand dollars to pay your son's tuition. You haven't been home in a long time, but I raised you better. Even if your relationship with her is over, you need to go see your son. Now, why'd you come back here?"

Thank God. I wanted to keep the focus on Benito, so I asked him, "Yeah. Why?" I smiled, waiting for my brother to answer. Benito was two years older than me, but he looked forty. His years of partying and drinking were etched on his face. I wasn't having any kids until after I got married. I wanted two, maybe three. All boys.

"I told y'all I kinda made a few bad investments, lost all my money. Then Lace kicked me out. I just need to stay until things settle. A few months. No longer than a year or two," that fool said. Problem was he was serious.

My mother walked into the room, sat a plate in front of my dad, then me, and went back into the kitchen.

"What about me?" Benito yelled. "Why does Grant always have to be first?"

"'Cause I check on my parents every day I'm in town," I said. "Your behind didn't call after you left, not until you needed us." I really wanted to say, "Nigga, your sorry black ass need to get up outta here and stop leeching," but my parents wouldn't have approved of that.

"Thank you, dear God, for this wonderful bounty, my mother, and my father. Amen," I said. I blessed my stack of pancakes, strips of peppered bacon, and scrambled eggs and started eating. I had a business to run. Benito didn't have shit else to do all day but lay up on my parents. I couldn't believe my mother had paid his cell phone bill. He knew better than to ask me to do anything for him.

Staring at my brother, my dad didn't blink once. Dad said, "You have one more time to disrespect my wife and you're outta here."

Benito was stupid, but not that stupid. He knew when to shut up. Mom walked back into the room and sat Benito's plate in front of him. No thank you, no grace, no comment. Benito started chewing with his mouth open.

"Man," I yelled at him, shoving his plate to the floor. "If you don't stop disrespecting my mother, I'ma beat your ass! Show some fucking appreciation for her. She ain't your damn maid!"

I stood over him, wishing he would push his chair back. My fists were tight. I wanted to punch him in his face. My dad scurried out of his chair and held my arms behind my back.

"Son, calm down. Sit. Finish your breakfast," said Dad.

Benito slid my plate in front of him and started eating my food. Through a mouthful of my pancakes, he said, "You not mad at me, bro. You pissed because you didn't know your sweet Honey baby was a hooker. Pass me the syrup, would ya?"

Chapter Three


The morning was three hours away from noon. The sun was too bright to go back to sleep. The red potatoes were in the trash, my finger was aching, and I was still in the kitchen.

I texted Grant again. I give. You win. I stared at my phone until the time and date confirmed exactly when my message was sent. I waited five minutes, then an additional ten minutes, for his reply.

"Ughhh. Motherfucker! What or who are you doing that's more important than me?" I yelled. Again, he had refused to answer. He was lucky I lived in Atlanta and not in D.C., or else ... or else ... What was his fucking problem? "Forget you, too, Grant. You're too old for this childish bullshit. A real man would have the decency to give closure to his relationship." Who was I fooling? I was angry because Grant was a real man. A real man with parents who loved him.

Lionel Richie's voice resonating through the kitchen's intercom created a much-welcomed distraction. One of the girls upstairs had decided to play songs, and since I insisted on the best, we had speakers in every room of the house, including the bathrooms. Softly, Lionel sang, "I do love you ... still."

As Lionel's voice faded, I heard Luther singing, "Time rushes on. And it's not fair. When someone you used to love, is no longer there ... now you're running back to me, to forgive you your mistake. Kinda makes me sad to say ... it's a little too late."

Rushing into the spacious white-marbled foyer, I yelled up the U-shaped stairways. "Turn that shit off!"

Grant had helped me find this eight-thousand-square-foot home in Buckhead, which I'd paid cash for, so my escorts could quit fucking men for a living and for once be comfortable and focus on what they really wanted to do with their lives, and this was how they thanked me?

Whosoever had decided to play Luther Vandross at nine o'clock in the morning was lucky I hadn't raced upstairs and slapped the hell out of 'em. They knew Grant and I had recently broken up. I didn't need to hear that depressing-ass music right now. The feelings of rejection palpitating in my heart fluttered up to my throat, suffocating me. Fanning myself, I could hardly breathe.

"Damn," I whispered, wishing I had the courage to hop a flight to D.C., show up unannounced at Grant's front door, and make him talk to me. But I didn't. What if a woman opened his door? I'd kill 'em both. For real.

Clenching my teeth, I scratched my neck. I was so frustrated, I felt like taking my damn iPhone, raising my arm high above my head, then slamming the iPhone on the ceramic floor and watching it shatter, like my heart, into tiny splintered pieces. What good was a communication device when I couldn't get a response from the main person I wanted to hear from? Trembling, I exhaled heavily, then quietly sat my PDA on the counter and resumed cooking breakfast.

Flipping bacon in the frying pan, feeling lonely, I stood in my new home, inhaling the sweet aroma of thick strips of sizzling pork and watching grease specks splatter onto the stove. I hadn't had a normal appetite in almost two weeks. The burning energy in the pit of my stomach had melted away ten pounds in the fourteen days that I hadn't seen or spoken with Grant. I had gone from a size ten to an eight.

Outwardly, I struggled to appear calm so my girls wouldn't think I was going crazy, but inside, I'd lost control of the hatred raging through my body, knowing I could easily slap or curse, for no rational reason, the first person that said, "Good morning."


Excerpted from Who's Loving You by MARY B. MORRISON Copyright © 2009 by Mary B. Morrison. Excerpted by permission.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Meet the Author

Mary B. Morrison is the New York Times bestselling author of Sweeter Than Honey,When Somebody Loves You Back, Nothing Has Ever Felt Like This, Somebody's Gotta Be On Top, He's Just a Friend, Never Again Once More, Soul Mates Dissipate, Who's Making Love, and Justice, Just Us, Just Me. She's also the co-author of She Ain't the One with New York Times bestselling author Carl Weber. Mary lives in Oakland, California. Her son, Jesse Byrd, Jr., is pursuing his vision to play in the NBA. Jesse is currently red-shirting with the UC Santa Barbara men's basketball team.

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Who's Loving You 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 52 reviews.
nfreeman1010 More than 1 year ago
This book was great. I didn't want to put it down. I love Mary B.'s books. The only thing is the ending left me hanging and wanting more. I hope there is a followup to this one because some things were left incomplete for me. I needed to know the ends of everything.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book is a total waste of time, with too many story lines. This was suppose to be a 327 page book,but the last 81 pages are book club questions, and thoughts on what love and relationships are about. The book did not have an ending, so I am sure there will be a sequel but I wont be buying. Normally like this author but this was beyond disappointing and a insult to my intelligence. Unsure if I will ever buy her books again.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Phenomenal Woman is definitely Mary `HoneyB¿ Morrison. I¿ve never known an author to write with such torrid passion and ecstasy at the same time tell an amazing story that keeps you anxiously engrossed. Who¿s Loving You is one of her absolute best. All of her novels are not just another love story, or erotica tale, Mary B keeps it real and tells life as it is, and its well worth every penny to hear how love, life, and faith all tie in together. No one can say it better.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Page turner a good vacation read, will make you read the next Honey book. It just keeps getting better!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
AUTHOR_V_BROWN More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Must read Sweeter than Honey first.... I read this one first and got hooked on Honey..... good read see for yourself
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Wowzers16 More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed this book but could not believe that just when I was about to explode the book ended! Mary B. are you serious???? OMG Help!!!! I need closure for this one.....
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago