Who's That at My Bed Window

Who's That at My Bed Window


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  1. Seventeen Come Sunday
  2. Three Maidens to Milking Did Go
  3. When I Was Noo But Sweet Sixteen
  4. Rolling in the Dew
  5. The Bonnie Wee Tramping Lass
  6. The Old Petticoat
  7. The Copshawholm Butcher
  8. Adieu Unto All True Lovers
  9. The Bold English Navy
  10. Standing in Yon Flowery Garden
  11. Died for Love
  12. Betsy Bell
  13. The Banks of Sweet Mossing
  14. The Tan Yard Side
  15. On the Banks of the Silvery Tide
  16. The Banks of Red Roses
  17. Blow the Candle Out
  18. The Factory Girl
  19. The Seeds of Love
  20. Blackwaterside
  21. The Wind Blew the Lassie's Plaidie Awa
  22. The Wandering Girl
  23. Captain Thunderball
  24. Let the Wind Blow High or Low
  25. She Moved Through the Fair

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