Why Does Ice Melt?: Projects about Heat and Melting

Why Does Ice Melt?: Projects about Heat and Melting

by Jim Pipe, Jo Moore

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Children's Literature
Steve, Amy, Zack and Jo investigate what happens as water melts and freezes. There are several projects for children to do to find out the answers to several questions themselves. Each experiment is easy and builds off of the previous as more questions and ideas develop. Each experiment is explained and shows the reader why it works and what is happening. This book in the "How? What? Why?" series is filled with easy projects for the younger child. Steve, Amy, Zack, and Jo discover different aspects of water and ice and question each thing that happens. Then they do experiments to find out to find answers. There are even fun follow-up experiments for children to try on their own. This is a great book for those children who are always asking questions. The young scientists will blossom as they try out these fun projects dealing with the melting and freezing of ice. Jim Pipe makes the information easily accessible and interesting. 2002, Cooper Beech Books/The Millbrook Press,
— Christina Burbage

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Lerner Publishing Group
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How? What? why? Series
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9.32(w) x 10.52(h) x 0.40(d)
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5 - 7 Years

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