Why Does This Bug Bite Itch?: Skin and Healing

Why Does This Bug Bite Itch?: Skin and Healing

by Steve Parker

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Children's Literature - RevaBeth Russell
Did you know that the skin on your feet is about 5 millimeters think where a rhinoceros's skin is 50 millimeters thick? Did you know that an adult's skin weighs 5 kilogram, or nearly 11 pounds? This book is a fun and fascinating read with lots of talking points to amaze your friends and irritate your parents. If you collected all the skin flakes that wear off in a year it will fill five buckets. The section about freckles, moles, and albinism explains that they are caused by a pigment called melanin. When you get a sun burn you increase your chances of skin cancer. So why does your skin itch when you get a bug bite? It itches because the insect injects a foreign substance into your blood that creates an allergic reaction that itches. Unfortunately, it doesn't go into more detail than that. There is great advice, however, for bruises, blisters, burns and impetigo. A great explanation on how skin heals is detailed. Kids want to know these things, and this series does the science right. This would be a great start for a future dermatologist. Part of the "Inside My Body" series. Reviewer: RevaBeth Russell

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Raintree Publishers
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Inside My Body Series
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7.90(w) x 10.40(h) x 0.30(d)
910L (what's this?)
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8 - 10 Years

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