Why Study Creativity?

Why Study Creativity?

Why Study Creativity?

Why Study Creativity?


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"What do I do with a degree in creativity?"

This question is a variant of "What's in it for me," the question we all ask when faced with change. This book examines the question of why one might pursue the formal study of creativity, with 30 stories of actual applications of creativity, creative problem solving, and change leadership, told by those who studied at SUNY Buffalo State's International Center for Studies in Creativity.

The 30 stories are presented in five parts, each reflecting one area touched by studying creativity: personal growth and transformation, careers and callings, business and organizational creativity, education, and applications of creativity. In these chapters you will find a story or two (or ten) that resonate with you, and help you to answer the question for yourself.

Why Study Creativity helps you to discover the value for you in studying and applying creativity in your life and work.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780984979561
Publisher: Icsc Press
Publication date: 05/23/2016
Pages: 178
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.41(d)

Table of Contents

Part 1: Personal Growth & Transformation
1. Foraging and Cultivating: Creativity and the Nourishing of the Mind
2. I Lead a Creative Life
3. Creativity: The Ultimate Challenge
4. What Studying Creativity Does to You
5. What Learning Creativity Has Done for My Life
6. Creative Studies Courses Changed My GPA...and My Outlook
7. My Journey Through My Studies
8. The Best Use of Time
9. Awakening Adult Creative Potential
10. A Path to Radical Aliveness
Part 2: Careers & Callings
11. Creativity as a Competitive Advantage
12. One's Purpose
13. Who Do You Want to Be a Hero to?
Part 3: Business & Organizational Creativity
14. Creativity Pays!
15. From the Bottom Up
16. Musings on Creativity Applications in Business
17. The Value of Teaching Incubation in Corporate America
Part 4: Education
18. Creativity in Music Education
19. Integrating Creativity into Science Education
20. Applied Creativity in Education
21. Helping Universities Walk the Talk
22. The Inspire Program
23. Creativity in the Classroom
24. Teaching for Problem Finding
25. Investigating Functional Fixedness in Student-Designed Survival Kits
Part 5: Applications of Creativity
26. What Does Creative Leadership Look Like in a Crisis Situation?
27. BE MORE Model: A Pathway to Tap the Creative Potential of Our Children
28. Looking for the Big Bang in the Creation Process
29. Brainstorming-A Multi-Purpose Creativity Tool Past and Present
30. Three C's: Exploring a Continuum of Creativity
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