Wicked Garden: A Millennium Tribute to Stone Temple Pilots

Wicked Garden: A Millennium Tribute to Stone Temple Pilots


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Disc 1

  1. Wicked Garden
  2. Sour Girl
  3. Dead and Bloated
  4. Heaven and Hotrods
  5. Lady Picture Show
  6. Silver Gun Super Man
  7. Crackerman
  8. Unglued
  9. Tripping on a Hole in a Paper Heart
  10. Interstate Love Song
  11. Son
  12. Big Bang Baby
  13. Glide
  14. Big Empty
  15. Plush
  16. Tumble in the Rough
  17. Sex Type Thing
  18. Let It Die
  19. Travel
  20. Velvet
  21. Sister Suicide
  22. Goodbye
  23. Fire Eater

Disc 2

  1. America
  2. Firewater
  3. Nero
  4. Wasted
  5. Disco in Baghdad
  6. Paper Thing Disguise
  7. The Sofa Song
  8. I'm the One Who Never Talks
  9. Barbed Wire
  10. Shinned
  11. Mushroom Cloud
  12. World of Fallen Sons
  13. Josie's Porch Swing
  14. Asylum
  15. Vulgar Hypocrisy
  16. New Egypt
  17. Wah Not
  18. You Can Always Go Home
  19. Reign
  20. Wander
  21. Watcher's Eye
  22. Rock N' Roll Destiny
  23. Triton
  24. Misguided
  25. The Closing Curtain
  26. Next Time
  27. Halo
  28. The Jones
  29. Addiction

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Chris Poland   Guitar,Soloist
Christopher Williams   Drums
Pierce   Vocals
Adam Hicks   Guitar
Lee Thompson   Vocals
Bill Melanson   Drums
James Murray   Bass,Guitar,Drums,Vocals
Jeff Smith   Drums
Craig Locicero   Guitar,Background Vocals
Richard Kendrick   Bass,Guitar,Rhythm Guitar,Tambourine,Vocals,Background Vocals,Shaker,MIDI Drums,Guitar (12 String Acoustic)
Shane Volk   Vocals
James Murray   Bass,Guitar,Drums,Vocals
Bob Bass   Bass,Vocals
Minnie Murphy   Piano,Vocals,Vocal Harmony
Brad Barth   Keyboards
Rev. George and Congregation Jones   Bass,Vocals,talking drum
Willy Walden   Percussion
DC Slater   Guitar,Rhythm Guitar
Jason Pike   Bass
Brian Colburn   Acoustic Guitar,Bass,Vocals
Ben Burris   Vocals
Keri Kelli   Guitar,Soloist
Ben Plasse   Electric Guitar,Vocals
Jeff Henson   Guitar,Vocals
Rev Jones   Bass,Vocals,talking drum

Technical Credits

Dean DeLeo   Composer
Matt Fink   Producer,Engineer
Scott Weiland   Composer
David Hammond   Composer
Paul Rabjohns   Composer
Joe Viers   Producer
Kenny Lewis   Engineer
Jake Brown   Producer,Executive Producer
James Murray   Arranger,Composer
Jeff Smith   Arranger,Producer,Instrumentation
Richard Kendrick   Producer,Engineer,Remixing,MIDI Programming
James Murray   Arranger,Composer,Instrumentation
Darren Reynolds   Engineer
Bob Bass   Engineer
Minnie Murphy   Producer
Rev. George and Congregation Jones   Producer
DC Slater   Percussion Arrangement
Brady "The Real Deal" Hill   Engineer
Matt "Dr." Fink   Producer,Engineer
Ben Plasse   Engineer
Jeff Henson   Producer,Engineer
Rev Jones   Producer
Darren Reynolds   Engineer

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