Wikked Lil' Grrrls

Wikked Lil' Grrrls

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by Esthero

Esthero ended her post-Breath From Another hiatus in 2004 with the "O.G. Bitch" single and an EP called We R in Need of a Musical Revolution that skewered radio and MTV for overexposure and homogeny, not to mention misogyny and the promotion of R. Kelly. She doesn't slow downSee more details below


Esthero ended her post-Breath From Another hiatus in 2004 with the "O.G. Bitch" single and an EP called We R in Need of a Musical Revolution that skewered radio and MTV for overexposure and homogeny, not to mention misogyny and the promotion of R. Kelly. She doesn't slow down on Wikked Lil' Grrrls, her first full-length in seven years. But Esthero also spends a little too much time in a drifty place between modernized trip-hop, mild R&B, and frilly, dizzily in love lyrics. The percussive, Björk-like "Musical Revolution" kicks things off, followed by an interlude from spoken word poet Jemeni. "Blanket Me in You (Never Is So Soon)" is a little too gauzy, as is "Thank Heaven 4 You," but anyone who heard the EP will recognize the irresistibly brassy chamber pop of "Everyday Is a Holiday (With You)" (a collaboration with Sean Lennon), and "Wikked Lil' Grrrls" itself lives up to its disclaimer -- "Warning: may cause ass to shake!" -- it's a soul sister to Gwen Stefani's L.A.M.B.. There are personal messages sprinkled throughout the record, in answering machine recordings and parenthetical shout-outs. And Esthero's rich, honeyed vocals give weight to her love proclamations and assertions of self-confidence. So you know Wikked is a personal statement, if not a labor of love considering how long it took to come out. But it still has some trouble finding its legs. "My Torture" is a sketch of faraway muted trumpet and skittering electronic percussion, modern and moody and glimmering like rain drops in the big city. And yet that very mood seems like a representation of something; it doesn't feel real. "Fastlane" too is lost in chattering drum'n'bass-lite spoken word and an eager but too busy Jelleestone rap. Fortunately "Bad Boy Clyde" is better with its touches of brass, and "If tha Mood" condenses the album's intimacies and "sex speak" into one track that's both sultry and audacious. Wikked Lil' Grrrls occasionally gets lost between songwriting, thematics, and stylistic flow. Nevertheless it's good to have Esthero back. She's furiously honest about what she wants, likes, hates, and loves, and that's something that can be quite a rarity in the 21st century.

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Reprise / Wea

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  1. We R in Need of a Musical Revolution  -  Esthero
  2. Dragonfly's Intro  -  Jemeni
  3. Blanket Me in You (Never Is So Soon)  -  Esthero
  4. Everyday Is a Holiday (With You)  -  Esthero
  5. Thank Heaven 4 You  -  Esthero
  6. If Tha Mood  - Shakari Nite
  7. Bad Boy Clyde  -  Esthero
  8. Beautiful Lie  -  Esthero
  9. Junglebook  - André 3000
  10. My Honeybrown  -  Esthero
  11. Wikked Lil' Grrrls  -  Esthero
  12. Gone  -  Esthero
  13. My Torture  -  Esthero
  14. Melancholy Melody  -  Esthero
  15. Fastlane  -  Jemeni
  16. Dragonfly's Outro  -  Esthero
  17. Brave Bear Woman  -  Esthero

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Esthero   Primary Artist,Vocals
Chuck Treece   Bass,Drums
Scott Alexander   Bass
Stephen Bradley   Horn
Peter Cardinali   Bass
Keith Crouch   Vox Organ
Bob DeAngelis   Clarinet
Phil Dwyer   Tenor Saxophone
Gene Hardy   Horn,Saw
David Kahne   Keyboards
Trevor Lawrence   Drums
Rick Lazar   Percussion
Andre Manga   Bass
Steve McDade   Trumpet
Ravi Naimpally   Tabla
James Robertson   Bass,Guitar,Bass Guitar,Keyboards
Michael Stuart   Flute,Alto Saxophone
Tom Szczesniak   Piano
Sean Lennon   Guitar,Piano,Keyboards,Vocals
Terry Promane   Trombone
Brian West   Guitar
Greg Critchley   Drums
Mike Elizondo   Bass
Gabrial McNair   Horn
Cee Lo Green   Vocals
Collin Barrett   Bass
Camara Kambon   Keyboards
Gordie Johnson   Guitar
Mike Olsen   Cello
Bryden Baird   Trumpet,Horn
Jelleestone   Vocals
Adam 12   Keyboards
Steven Donald   Horn
Malik Worthy   Guitar
Jemini   Voices,Spoken Word
William Carn   Horn
Adrian Eccleston   Guitar
Ron Blake   Flugelhorn
Owen Pallett   Violin
Oliver Johnson   Guitar
Larry Kline   Bass
Lil Dukes Up   Hand Clapping,Finger Snapping
Graph Nobel   Vox Organ
Shakari Nyte   Rap
Brian Green   Drums
Spookey Ruben   Bass
Jemeni   Spoken Word
Brian Austin Green   Drums
J. Englishman   Guitar
Shakari Nite   Rap
Terry Clarke   Drums

Technical Credits

Bill Conti   Composer
Keith Crouch   Composer,Programming,Producer,Audio Production
Mike Haas   Engineer
Chad Irschick   Engineer
David Kahne   Programming
Ray Parker   Arranger
James Robertson   Programming,Producer,Audio Production
Tom Szczesniak   Arranger
Sean Lennon   Composer,Producer,Audio Production
Brian West   Programming
Helix Hadar   Programming,Engineer
Rafa Sardina   Vocal Engineer
Cee Lo Green   Composer
Esthero   Composer
Austin Bascom   Engineer,drum programming
Adam Bravin   Composer
Camara Kambon   Composer,drum programming,Audio Production
Prophet B.W. West   Composer
Adam 12   Programming,Producer
Malik Worthy   Composer,Programming,Producer,Instrumentation
Jubu   Composer
Jully Black   Composer
Rick Aoyama   Engineer,Digital Editing
Larry Kline   Production Concept
Graph Nobel   Composer
Track And Field Productions   Producer
Spookey Ruben   Programming,Producer,Audio Production
Graph Gonzales   Composer

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