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Wild Horses

Wild Horses

by Katie Marsico

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Children's Literature - Keri Collins Lewis
Wild horses roam free on every continent except Antarctica, and captivate the imagination of people all over the world. Marsico invites young readers into the world of wild horses by painting a picture of a herd of American mustangs in Colorado, grazing prairie grasses on a peaceful summer morning. After delivering basic information about habitat, physical characteristics and some differences between domesticated and wild horses, the text details how horses became wild and their adaptations to the harsher environment they live in. Chapter three discusses life in the herd to show the relationships between horses and events over the animal's lifespan. Chapter four is dedicated to the history of horses, from the fossil record to now extinct and rare species. The book's final chapter addresses the modern-day conflict between landowners, ranchers and conservationists and the plight of the wild mustangs. Engaging photographs bring this straightforward non-fiction book to life. Young readers already familiar with horses will enjoy this close look at horses that live a much different life than their domesticated counterparts. The glossary contains words featured in red print in the text, and includes a pronunciation guide and easy-to-understand definitions. The habitat map highlights the range of wild horses in North America and Asia, with a more detailed map layered on top to focus on the famous horses of Chincoteague Island. This illustration contradicts the text's assertion that wild horses roam on six continents. The book does not include a list of sources, and suggestions for additional reading are limited to similar educational titles and a Scholastic-sponsored website. Reviewer: Keri Collins Lewis

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Scholastic Library Publishing
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Children's Press Nature's Children Series
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7.50(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.30(d)
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8 - 11 Years

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