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Wild Horses

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by B. J. Daniels

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It took only one impusive moment on an empty two-lane highway to cost her everything.

A man's responsible for his own prosperity—especially if he's Cooper Barnett, the most determined cowboy in the West. No one knows what he sacrificed to claim a piece of Beartooth, Montana, for himself and his beautiful fiancée, Livie. No one knows what he's willing


It took only one impusive moment on an empty two-lane highway to cost her everything.

A man's responsible for his own prosperity—especially if he's Cooper Barnett, the most determined cowboy in the West. No one knows what he sacrificed to claim a piece of Beartooth, Montana, for himself and his beautiful fiancée, Livie. No one knows what he's willing to do for love…until a stranger's twisted vendetta threatens the happy ending they should've had long ago.

One fateful mistake isn't the only secret Livie Hamilton is keeping from her fiancé. Victimized during a treacherous blizzard by a man she thought she could trust, she's pregnant…but unsure who the father is. With an unknown blackmailer threatening to expose her, she must confess to Cooper and trust he'll still protect her. But when the truth falls into place, she may lose the only man she's ever loved—or worse.

Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly
Daniels launches the Montana Hamiltons series, spun off from her recently concluded Beartooth, Montana series, with this convoluted western drama. Nearly a dozen POV characters all bring their own backstories, which confuse and distract from the central plot. Olivia Hamilton is engaged to Cooper Barnett, but their relationship is volatile. When an argument sends her out driving through a snowstorm, she gets in an accident, and a stranger rescues and then drugs her. By the time of her engagement party, she knows she is pregnant, but not by whom. Daniels toys with the possibility that Olivia has been raped and pairs this with an ongoing blackmail scheme. Plot points are raised and discarded without consequence, leaving a tangle of details that truncates any portrayal of romance between the protagonists. The resolution is an unsatisfying combo of vengeful ex-girlfriend, hateful stepmother, and a stereotypical portrayal of a closeted homosexual murderer. While fans may be eager to begin this new series, it lacks focus and believability. (Mar.)
From the Publisher
"Fans of Western romantic suspense will relish Daniels' tale of clandestine love played out in a small town on the Great Plains." -Booklist on Unforgiven

"An explosive tale of love, trust and the twisted ties among an embattled family." -RT Book Reviews on Crime Scene at Cardwell Ranch

"If you like the TV show and book series Longmire, only with a tiny bit more romance, this is definitely the book for you. The characters are solid and immediately relatable, and the suspense keeps the story rolling at a steady clip." —RT Book Reviews

"B.J. Daniels will absolutely move to the top of your list of must-read authors." -Fresh Fiction on Mercy

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Montana Hamiltons Series , #1
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4.10(w) x 6.60(h) x 1.10(d)

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Senator Buckmaster Hamilton stood on the second-floor outdoor balcony of the sprawling Hamilton Ranch house and surveyed the engagement party going on below him. Tiny white lights twinkled in the treetops as candles glowed on the cloth-covered tables around the provisional outdoor ballroom. A sea of Stetsons bobbed as a country music band played. The sound of clinking crystal glasses mingled with the hum of cheerful voices. It was a beautiful spring evening.

It should have been a perfect night since the party was to celebrate the first of his six daughters' engagements. All he'd ever wanted was for his daughters to be happy. That Olivia was the first to marry didn't surprise him. He'd seen the way she'd looked at the wrangler the first day he'd come to work on the ranch. Cooper Barnett wouldn't have been his choice for her, but what did he know about love other than it was blind?

He raised his own glass in a silent salute. No matter what happened after tonight, he couldn't have been more proud of his daughters, or as they were known around Beartooth, Montana, the Hamilton girls.

God knew he'd spoiled them after their mother died. In the twenty-two years since, he'd been over-protective, he'd be the first to admit it. There were stories that he'd met their dates on the front porch with a shotgun. He smiled. Although untrue, it had taken courageous young men to even dare to ask his girls out.

It was his fault, no doubt, that all six had grown into headstrong, hard-to-please women. Buckmaster sighed, although he truthfully saw nothing wrong with that. His girls had grown up with the run of one of the largest ranches in their part of the state. They had wanted for nothing, he'd seen to that.

Except for the mother they'd lost.

He took another drink to wash down the bitterness.

"One of our girls is getting married, Sarah," he whispered into the warm spring night. "You missed it all. Now you won't even be there to see Olivia get married." He let out a curse, furious with Sarah for leaving him. Even more furious with himself because he still ached for her after all these years, as if he'd lost a limb.

He didn't want to think about her. Not tonight. Focusing on the party instead, he surveyed the growing crowd and spotted his oldest daughter, Ainsley, gathered with four of her sisters near the bar. She'd been ten at the time of her mother's death and had become a little mother to the others. She even looked like her mother, a blonde beauty. Except that Ainsley was much stronger than her mother had been. She was the one everyone depended on, himself included.

His gaze moved to Kat, the daughter who'd taken after him the most. Strong willed, Kat had gotten his dark hair and his gray eyes. She looked rugged and unapproachable even as pretty as she was.

She'd been eight when Sarah had died. Kat, who'd become a photographer, was always in trouble growing up. He'd watched her pull away from the family first by becoming a vegetarian and demanding he quit raising cattle, and later by spending less time at the ranch and more time rebelling in every possible way. He worried about her and often wondered what it would take to make her happy.

He let his gaze take in the fraternal twins, Harper and Cassidy, and smiled. They were blonde, blue-eyed and adorable. He still thought of them as his babies since they'd only been a few months old when they'd lost their mother. They were both still in college and only home for their sister's engagement party.

As he found Bo in the crowd below, he realized she was the daughter who worried him even more than Kat. Kat was defiant and obstinate. Bo was the secretive one. She had been five when Sarah died. Even back then, Bo was the quiet one who seemed to move through the house like a ghost. Green-eyed with sandy-blond hair and freckles, she was also the smart one.

To his surprise, it had been Bo who'd wanted to take over the charity he'd started in their mother's name. The Sarah Hamilton Foundation had been a sentimental gesture he'd regretted the moment he'd found out the truth about Sarah's accident the night she died.

With concern, he now watched Bo down a glass of champagne as if it were water. He could tell it was far from her first. Something was going on with her. This wasn't the first time he'd noticed. He didn't know what it was and he'd been afraid to ask. Maybe he'd ask Ainsley, but not tonight.

He looked through the crowd for Olivia, his blue-eyed brunette, but didn't see her. Sarah had been a lot like Olivia—headstrong, spoiled rotten and too beautiful for her own good. Cooper, he feared, was too much like he'd been, stubborn and uncompromising. He and Sarah had been so young, and Olivia was only twenty-five…

At the thought of history repeating itself—

He washed away that terrifying thought with a gulp of Scotch. Behind him, he heard the balcony door open.

"I thought you might be here," his wife of fifteen years said. Angelina Broadwater Hamilton glanced at the glass in his hand. "People are asking about you downstairs."

Influential people in their political circle, people who had made him one of the youngest senators ever elected from Montana. People who could make him president, something he knew Angelina yearned for even more than he did.

Now, it appeared that there was a very good chance the presidency was his for the taking. He had an excellent voting record and, while a conservative, he was moderate enough to gain respect from both parties. He'd made a lot of friends on both sides of the fence. All the work that Angelina had done had paid off.

While he had always been ambitious, Buckmaster believed in his heart that he could help the country. He would be a good president. He would make Montana proud.

Below him, he saw his brother-in-law, Lane Broadwater, working the crowd at the party. In his midthirties, Lane was blond like his sister with the same blue eyes. Although he was eleven years younger, the two looked more like fraternal twins. Angelina had talked him into hiring her brother to handle the campaign when he'd run for senator. He'd been skeptical at first about Lane's abilities, but he'd proven himself to be good at the job. Also he was enough like his sister that he went after whatever it was he wanted. Lane and Angelina wanted to put him in the White House. They'd proven to be very good at what they did.

He drained his glass and smiled as he turned to her. "Then we should get downstairs at once."

Angelina eyed him, clearly unsure if he was being sarcastic. She'd never been able to tell, but it didn't matter. He hadn't married her for her astuteness. While she was a beautiful blonde, tall, willowy, with a face that could have been carved from porcelain, he'd married her for her name. The Broadwater connection had definitely helped put him in the Senate and made him even richer. It would put him in the White House.

He could laugh about it now, but fifteen years ago some people were under the misconception that he'd married her so she could help raise his six daughters. Angelina wasn't mother material.

Fifteen years ago, he also hadn't particularly needed a wife—not in the practical sense—when he'd met Angelina. Which was good because there was also nothing domestic about her. He'd hired a staff to run the house and take care of his children since he spent a great deal of his time in Washington.

Angelina, though, was queen of her realm when it came to throwing parties. She attracted the right people, the kind who had made Buckmaster Hamilton one of the most powerful men in Montana.

Now, Angelina took the empty glass from his hand, smiling as she laid it aside for the staff to take care of later. Then looping her arm through his, she said, "You look very handsome tonight, Mr. Hamilton. Ready for our grand entrance?"

"Why not?" He smiled, though most women would have seen through it. Angelina never looked past the surface. Because of that, she didn't know about the dark shadows he sensed at the edge of their lives. She couldn't imagine any problems that Buckmaster Hamilton couldn't fix. But then again, she didn't really know him.

Cooper Barnett walked along the side of the house to the ballroom floor that had been built for the occasion. Everyone who was anyone was here, which meant he didn't know most of the guests.

But he had to admit, it was some party from the tiny sparkling lights to the bubbly champagne and the imported caviar Buckmaster had flown in just that morning. No expense had been spared. It was the Hamilton way. Whatever it cost, money was never an issue.

He caught his reflection in a mirror as he passed through the house, and he straightened his tie. Wouldn't his family be surprised to see him now? He looked nothing like the old Cooper Barnett; he still felt a lot like the old one—except in nicer clothes. It was that old one who worried him.

You don't belong here. Worse, he feared that a lot of people at this party knew it. He shoved the thought away as he exited the house and walked among the crowd outside, anxious to find his fiancée. Stars twinkled overhead. A light breeze swayed the nearby pines and music filled the air. The Ham-iltons couldn't have ordered a more beautiful night. Even the weather did what Buckmaster wanted, he thought with a wry smile.

Then he saw his bride-to-be and forgot all about his future father-in-law and the old Cooper Barnett. His heart did a little stutter-kick in his chest. Damn but Livie Hamilton was breathtaking tonight. She wore a burgundy-red dress that accentuated her rich olive skin and contrasted perfectly with her long dark hair. He still couldn't believe she'd fallen in love with him. How had he gotten so lucky?

Not that she wasn't a spitfire who fought him at every turn. Also he'd done his best not to fall in love with her. He'd been warned about the Hamilton girls and he'd wanted nothing to do with her.

When he fell, though, he'd fallen hard. He wouldn't admit it to her even at gunpoint, but her independent, mule-headed stubbornness and determination were part of her charm. But she was a Hamilton and that came with its problems.

He was headed for her when she saw him. Her face lit, making his heart take off at a dead run. The band broke into Livie's favorite song, just as he had requested. It was sappy, but when he saw her smile of recognition, it was all worth it.

"You look…amazing," he said, taking her in with his gaze, then his arms.

She smiled up at him, her blue eyes wide and luminous. "You don't look so bad yourself. You clean up nice, cowboy."

He pulled her out onto the dance floor, drawing her in closer. As he nuzzled her neck, he caught the scent of light citrus. Desire almost buckled his knees. Overhead, starlight glittered down on them from Montana's big sky. The night really was perfect.

"I am the luckiest man alive," he said as he drew back to look at her. He'd never understand why she'd fallen in love with him. If only she wasn't a Hamilton, he thought, and shoved the thought away. He wouldn't let anything ruin this night.

He'd never believed in luck. He'd gotten where he was through hard work. But he was afraid to jinx this, afraid he didn't deserve this woman, deserve any of this—and he knew he could blame his father for that.

Ralph Barnett had told him from the time he was a boy that he wasn't worth two cents and would never amount to anything. He's spent most of his twenty-eight years trying to prove the man wrong. But there was still that part of him that didn't believe he deserved anything, especially happiness.

"I'm the lucky one," Livie said.

Cooper pulled her closer, leaning down to whisper, "I love you," against her hair. He relished the soft sweet moan she uttered in response. He ached with a need for her. The two of them had been so busy they had hardly seen each other for weeks. Once this shindig was over, he couldn't wait to get her alone.

As the song ended, she drew back to look at him, her gaze locking with his. He lost himself in her sky-blue eyes. Her dark hair floated around her bare shoulders, making his fingers long to bury themselves in it. No woman had ever made him feel like this and he knew, after Livie, no other woman ever could.

"I love you, Coop. Remember that always." She said it with such force that he felt a niggling of worry. She looked a little pale, he thought, and recalled that the few times he'd seen her over the past few weeks she hadn't been herself.

He'd been busy working on the ranch, getting it ready for when she moved in after they were married. Livie had also been busy, taking care of the wedding plans. He would have been happy to elope, but Buckmaster Hamilton wasn't having that. His first daughter to marry was going to have a huge wedding, no expense spared.

Cooper had gone along with it, knowing it was important to Livie. But he'd dug in his heels when it came to her father helping them financially, which had been a bone of contention between them, among other things.

He would also have gladly gone for a longer engagement, giving him time to finish the house he was building for them on his ranch. But Livie wasn't good at waiting for anything. It was her impulsiveness that he loved—but it also caused him concern. She often acted without thinking of the consequences.

Like last winter when, after a fight, she'd taken off with a storm coming and ended up in a ditch. Even though she swore her injury was minor, she hadn't been the same since, he thought now.

"Is everything all right, Livie?" he asked, his heart suddenly in his throat.

Meet the Author

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author B.J. Daniels lives in Montana with her husband, Parker, and three springer spaniels. When not writing, she quilts, boats and plays tennis. Contact her at www.bjdaniels.com or on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/pages/BJ-Daniels/127936587217837 or on twitter at bjdanielsauthor.

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Wild Horses (Wild Ones) 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 20 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Felt a little let down with this book. To many characters to follow, to much confusion. The ending is abrupt. Just not a good read.
MyBookAddictionandMore More than 1 year ago
WILD HORSES by B. J. Daniels is an interesting Romance, Mystery & Thrillers. The Montana Hamiltons #1 Fast paced tale of secrets, mystery, danger, passion, romance, Blackmail, and true love. An interesting tale, with engaging characters. The secrets and blackmail is amazing with many twists and turns. Oh, I did forget to mention murder? Well, the readers will find many intriguing things about WILD HORSES, not just passion, romance and love but life's complications, and the wild ride to finding your HEA. I enjoyed how Cooper Barnett and Livie Hamilton come to terms with all the secrets, danger, passion and blackmail. A well written story, with vivid descriptions and a passionate romance. I would suggest picking up WILD HORSES for your reading pleasure. *Received for an honest review* Rating: 4 Heat rating: Mild Reviewed by: AprilR. courtesy of My Book Addiction and More
PureJonel More than 1 year ago
Daniels writes romantic suspense like no other.  She keeps readers on her toes with this fantastic novel, while at the same time portraying all of the trials and tribulations of a real life romance.  The plot was complex and very rewarding.  Each and every aspect of the tale was tied to another, leading readers on an intricate journey that they won’t ever forget.  Her picturesque Montana settings draw you in to ranch life, allowing you to experience this world to its fullest.   I thoroughly enjoyed the characters that Daniels introduced us to throughout.  The cast of this novel was all well developed and a joy to get to know.  I enjoyed the fact that there were ties back to the original Beartooth, Montana series without being dependent on it for character development.  Top this off with an unforgettable lead couple who had more than their share of troubles yet a love that will stand the test of time.  I really appreciated how their personalities and histories contrasted one another yet at the same time they fit together perfectly.   Daniels had definitely created a fantastic tale to begin her Hamiltons series.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to those who enjoy romance with suspense and a healthy dose of ranch life, or to anyone looking for a romance that will touch your heart.   Please note that I received a complimentary copy of this work in exchange for an honest review.
Amigagal More than 1 year ago
The best thing about B.J.'s books is that she has several storylines going at a time! I enjoy that so much! I like seeing how different characters are acting and thinking. It's not complicated and it's pretty easy to follow along because they intersect each other throughout the book. The best part is that one storyline carries over to another book so you are left "hanging" and can't wait for the next book! Wild Horses introduces us to the Hamilton girls who are the daughters of the powerful senator from Montana, Buckmaster Hamilton. His wife has supposedly been dead for many years and he's had to raise those 6 daughters by himself, although he remarried 15 years ago. The stepmother didn't really help him with the daughters though, she just wants him to run for President of the United States so that's been her focus. In this book, we get to meet Livie. She's engaged to Cooper, who works on the Hamilton ranch. Livie has a very disturbing experience in the beginning of the book with huge consequences for everyone throughout the book. I love B.J.'s ability to weave a suspenseful tale through so many twists and turns to keep the reader guessing the who, what, where, and why until the very end of the book! As usual, I stayed up very late every night until I finished this book. I can never be satisfied until I know how the book turns out! B.J.'s characters are awesome - some are creepy, some are emotional, some are steadfast and some are bad to the bone! I love them all! Her storytelling is fantastic and every book just reels you in from the first page! Need I mention that I can't wait for the next book to pick up where the last one left off?
MARY_ADA More than 1 year ago
I was one of the lucky few that received a copy to read before the book was released. B.J. Daniels hit true love on the head. Olivia and Cooper definitely have unconditional true love. As always, once you start reading one of B.J. Daniels books, it will be hard to put down. Her charters are so real that you will feel as if you know them. Also, she describes the setting so vividly that you will feel as if you are really in Montana.  I love the way she blends the charters from Beartooth, Montana together. They really know how to suspense there. The kind that will keep you on the edge of your seat through the whole book. You might even think you know "Who did it" but I promise you she will throw you a curve ball in the end making you will think "Wow I never saw that coming."I can't wait for the next Montana Hamiltons book to come out. Wild Horses is set to be released on February 24, 2015. Go out and grab you a copy!
JL_Coy0 More than 1 year ago
The prologue of this book was a great hook. The final line was superb! You have to turn the page – you just have to.  In Wild Horses, Daniels takes us back to Beartooth, Montana where this story intersects with some old familiar townsfolks and their story continues on through the arc of this book. The story of Cooper Barnett and Olivia Hamilton is fraught with tension from the beginning. We know Livie has a secret she’s keeping from her fiancé, and we know it has something to do with that dreadful opening. Their journey keeps us turning the pages.   One of the things I enjoy most about BJ Daniels’ books is that the stories stay with me long after I’ve closed the cover on the last page. The overlying arc is as intriguing as the storyline of the book itself and I immediately want to know more. I would and have recommended this book to my friends. I can’t wait for the next installment to The Montana Hamiltons.
DebsIN More than 1 year ago
For a great clean romantic suspense story, B.J. Daniels does it best. I have read several books by this author and I have never been disappointed. As the story begins, the H and h are already engaged and they deal with miscommunications, jealous others, blackmail and finally murder. Although the backstory continues with other family members, this is a stand alone book. As a light enjoyable read, then I recommend "Wild Horses".
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
What a great read
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The story would have been better without so many character changes in every chapter. Just jerky which made the book unpleasent to read and follow from time to time.....D
kitty36LD More than 1 year ago
Very little about horses but a fair story.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I like this author and have read other books of his. This story was pretty good.
BooksandBenches More than 1 year ago
A nice blend of mystery and romance, Wild Horses is the first in B.J. Daniels's Montana Hamilton series. I'm a sucker for a good cowboy, and Cooper Burnett is among the best of them. For most of the book, I just kept thinking that Livie Hamilton didn't deserve him, but Cooper is a great guy and stand's by her, despite his inner struggles. Wild Horses is certainly a wild ride with doses of family, love, mystery, and murder mixed in. Daniels always does a great job of leaving the reader guessing, and this time was no different. With a surprise and satisfying ending, Wild Horses is sure to please readers who enjoy romantic suspense.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great story
lrhubble More than 1 year ago
A Fantastic Book Contemporary, Romantic Suspense Beartooth, Montana One impulsive moment on a two-lane highway cost Livie Hamilton more than she could imagine. Cooper Barnett is a determined cowboy that feels a man is responsible for his own prosperity. What he has sacrificed to get a piece of Beartooth, Montana for himself and his fiancée, Livie, no one could know or guess. What he is willing to do for love no one knows. At least until someone’s twisted vendetta threatens their happy ending, one that should have happened long ago. Livie is keeping more than one secret from her fiancé. One fateful mistake is just the beginning. She was victimized during a blizzard by a man she mistakenly thought she could trust. Now she is pregnant and isn’t sure who the father is. With the threat of exposure by a blackmailer, she now must confess all to Cooper and trust that he will still protect her. When the truth comes out she might end up losing the only man she has ever loved or something even worse. This is part of a series set in and around the small town of Beartooth that makes for a wonderful return to the town and population. It will have readers wondering how it is possible to have so much happening in such a small town but makes for a series that is fun and interesting to revisit time and time again. It has plenty of action and suspense that the reader will never guess just what is going to happen next. It will also have readers hoping for more from Beartooth. While the story can easily be read as a standalone readers will find it much better if they read the other books in the series first. Readers who enjoy westerns or contemporaries will find an amazing series in this one. Even readers that don’t enjoy westerns will find themselves loving this series. It is definitely one to check out. Received a review copy.
jef71 More than 1 year ago
Wild Horses by B. J. Daniels: This story is about Livie Hamilton and Cooper Barnett. Cooper is a man who thinks that he has to do everything himself . He does not need any help until he goes to jail for murder.Livie is being blackmailed for a mistake she made during a treacherous blizzard by a man she thought she could trust, she is pregnant, but unsure how the father is. Love her books. Have read all of them
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Justpeachy1 More than 1 year ago
B.J. Daniels once again provides readers with a great romance and suspense novel rolled into one. In Wild Horses, readers are introduced to the Hamilton sisters, six daughters, of a powerful Senator and would be President of the United States. Wild Horses is primarily Livie's story. Readers looking for a romance with a twist, will definitely want to pick this one up. One mistake changes more than one life in this very intriguing book, that has everything from blackmail to betrayal. Wild Horses is the first book in a new series from B.J. Daniels. Readers who are familiar with Daniels work will be glad that she once again takes readers back to Montana. One of the things that is so remarkable about any book by this author is the setting. She does such a wonderful job of transporting her reader to a different place. Montana is infinitely beautiful... How do I know that? Because B.J. Daniels tells me so! She can set a scene as good as any author in the business. I want to visit Montana! I liked the fact that Daniels gives readers a very difficult situation with Livie and Cooper. They are forced to make some drastic decisions in their lives after a tragic event that reshapes the landscape of their relationship. Livie is used to the good life, she isn't used to be in a situation like this one. You can tell that she has the strength to do what needs to be done, but shes scared. I really felt for her as a character, what a sad set of circumstances to find yourself in, just when you've given up everything you've always known for the man you love. Cooper is a great guy. He may not have much money but he has plenty of heart and he isn't afraid of a little work. I liked his tenacity and his determination. Just when it looked like everything was going great, he got the girl and they were going to live happily ever after... boom, it all blows up. Handling this situation would be difficult for anyone and I liked the way Daniels allowed Cooper to react. He was a great character, only made better by this situation. Bottom Line: Great storyline, great characters, and spectacular setting. This is one of those romances that you just want to savor. They went through so much to get where they are. I loved that and I think readers will too. Daniels is a pro at setting the scene and with giving the reader everything they need for a good heartwarming and intriguing story. I did not like the cover, they could do so much better with her books in that department.
LindaTownsend More than 1 year ago
I highly recommend WILD HORSES to anyone who enjoys reading gripping roller coaster rides of suspense.  "Jack and I are looking forward to the wedding. Jack said he's never seen a man who has such a way with horses as Cooper Barnett." Livie nodded. Cooper gave the horses a kind of unconditional love that seemed to make them want to do anything he asked of them. She swore she'd seen the horses look at him with adoration. She chuckled at the thought since she was sure she looked at him the same way. WILD HORSES by B.J. Daniels is the first fantastic installment in her brand new The Montana Hamiltons series. This new series will be focusing on The Hamiltons, consisting of "Buckmaster", a rich and influential widower with Presidential aspirations, his "ice queen" second wife and his six daughters. WILD HORSES is the story of horse wrangler Cooper Barnett, and of his fiance, Livie Hamilton, Montana Senator "Buckmaster" Hamilton's daughter. Wow! There hasn't been a day since I finished reading it that I haven't thought about this book. That right there tells you that this is one fabulous book! B.J. has proven, again, that's she's truly the master of western murder mayhem. I am not exaggerating when I state that she writes romantic suspense like no other. This is, hands down, her best book yet! I know I say that with every one of her books, but this one is beyond fabulous! First of all, I was drawn in by the cover with the sexy cowboy and the lone horse silhouetted against the rolling hills. To me, it's a reminder that B.J.'s picturesque Montana settings set against the Crazy Mountains always draw the reader into the ranch life highlighted in her stories. My full review is posted at Reading Between The Wines Book Club. 5 Wine Glasses!
ttaborsky More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed the book immensely...I will say that it is not my favorite book of BJ Daniels, but it is definitely worth the read no matter what. I don't regret reading 'Wild Horses' and am looking forward to the rest of the series; I need to know what happens to those characters who haven't received their happy (or not so happy) endings. It's too bad readers have to wait for the next release! As always, BJ has a great imagination and comes up with the most interesting plots and story lines; she also keeps the reader on his/her toes with the suspense and drama which circle the characters. Thank you, BJ, for writing such intense, creative, and well-developed books; I'm looking forward to much more so keep 'em coming!
pixie56PZ More than 1 year ago
I have been given the pleasure of reading Wild Horses written by BJ Daniels, a Malta Montana author. I am one of the lucky few who were issued an advance copy of the book for the express duty of writing a review of this story before it is released to stores the end of February. The book begins in present day, but in a place where honor and duty cling to another time. “A man’s responsible for his own property-especially if he is Cooper Barnett, the most determined cowboy in the West.” This man with his stubbornness made the human error of falling hard for the daughter of a rich and powerful man, one that was headed towards political success at the highest level. Cooper was born dirt poor, had gone to bed hungry more than once, uses grit and determination to make his way in the world without the help of any man. Olivia Hamilton is as impulsive as she is beautiful, she feels she found her soul mate in Cooper, fighting against family and friends advice to cancel the wedding she dreams of; Livie often felt she was battling Cooper’s stubbornness as well. One cold January night after a heated argument, Livie throws her engagement ring in Cooper’s face and drives into a Montana blizzard. Swirling snow, icy roads and tear filled eyes causes an accident in a very remote place. Fearing for her life Livie accepts the first and only ride to come along. When she awoke the next morning in a strange cabin, discovering her savior was gone, a confused and remorseful Olivia returns to Coop to begin the long process of mending fences. As time races towards the wedding alarming things come to light, her champion is hell bent on using that night as a chance to improve his standing in life, threatening everything that Livie’s father has worked for. Ghosts from the past shock the small community by rising from the grave. And a sheriff who has spent his whole career serving this close knit village begins to wonder if it is time to hang up his badge. This is a book that I read from first words to last sentence in one day. I couldn’t put it down. On the rare occasions I looked up from the pages I would not have been surprised to find Cooper and Livie standing in my living room, they were that real. Daniels weaves her readers into the pages of the book, grabbing them by the back of the Wranglers, hoisting ‘em onto a wild horse for a ride that won’t soon forget. This book is first in the series, “The Montana Hamilton’s.” Wild Horses will be released on February 24, 2015 I am anxiously awaiting the next adventure to see what trouble the Hamilton girls can get themselves into.