Wild Man of the Woods

Wild Man of the Woods

by Joan Clark

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Gr 5-7 Somewhere in the Canadian Rockies out of Calgary, a goofus/gallant conflict is weakly worked out by two sets of boys at a small-time resort area on a lake. Sludge and Willard ``play'' some dastardly tricks (including shooting at the other guyswhether with slugs or blanks is not made clear) on Louie and Stephen. Stephen, who knuckles under to bullies, seeks an improved personality by hiding behind masks; before the change is effected, if it really is, he and Louie return the tricks with some of their own, including knifing a tire on a motorbike. Even though the trouble terminates with a truce as the boys swim off on a raft, the peace pact, like a lot of other details, is not believable. In particular, the mask business is more decoration than plot essential, and Stephen's problem is not so clearly resolved as is Ben's same problem in Pat Mauser's A Bundle of Sticks (Atheneum, 1982). Clark's writing is filled with heavy-handed similes, and a subplot about a Big Indian just clutters the action. George Gleason, Department of English, Southwest Missouri State University, Springfield

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Viking Kestrel Novels Series
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10 - 14 Years

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