Wilde for Her

Wilde for Her

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by Tonya Burrows

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A thrilling category romance from Entangled's Ignite Imprint

Friends with benefits just got hotter...

Former homicide detective Camden Wilde has been in love with his ex-partner, Eva Cardoso, for longer than he cares to admit. Not that it matters. She's shoved him into the friend zone, and after living through the hell of his


A thrilling category romance from Entangled's Ignite Imprint

Friends with benefits just got hotter...

Former homicide detective Camden Wilde has been in love with his ex-partner, Eva Cardoso, for longer than he cares to admit. Not that it matters. She's shoved him into the friend zone, and after living through the hell of his parents' violent deaths, Cam's unable to give her the idyllic life she secretly desires.

Eva's never met a person who hasn't let her down. Cam may be sex personified, but he's the only man she can trust, and there's no way she'll risk their friendship on the off-chance they could be more. Especially not after the one scintillating night she's trying-and failing-to forget.

When a murder-for-hire contract on his head lands Eva on his doorstep, Cam knows it's time to put up or shut up. He's done biding his time, and he'll be damned if he lets the delectable detective ignore what's between them, no matter the cost.

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Wilde Security , #2
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Meet the Author

Writing has always been Tonya Burrows's one true love. She wrote her first novel-length story in eighth grade and hasn't put down her pen since. She received a B.A. in creative writing from SUNY Oswego and is now working on a MFA in popular fiction at Seton Hill University.

She shares her life with two dogs and a ginormous cat in a small town in New York, but she suffers from a bad case of wanderlust and usually ends up moving someplace new every couple years. Luckily, her animals are all excellent travel buddies. When she's not writing, Tonya spends her time reading, painting, exploring new places, and enjoying time with her family.

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Wilde for Her (A Wilde Security Novel) 4.3 out of 5 based on 1 ratings. 20 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
## Just barely ok. The hero has been in love with the heroine for over 5 years, but doesn't persue her because he NEVER wants to be married or have kids. Then after one night they decide to become sex buddies. The hero makes it clear he doesn't 'do' relationships yet he gets mad because the heroine is taking things so lightly. She then asks just to be friends again because she eventually wants marriage and a family and he gets mad again. He buys her a ring but then says nevermind it was just a weak moment. Seriously?? Jeez, is this guy bi-polar? Make up your freaking mind dude! Can't recommend.
booknerdDS More than 1 year ago
Eva Cardoso and Camden Wild have known each other for five years. They were both homicidegh detectives and partners. Camden decides to start a security business with his brothers, Wilde Security. The Wilde brothers all seem like your typical alpha, testosterone filled males. Eva is not a pushover. She is tough and can hold her own. She had a very tough childhood. Her mother is an addict and was never very “mothering”. Although Eva has other siblings she is only has a relationship with her sister Shelby. Although Eva and Camden are best friends and attracted to each other they never tested the bonds of their friendship. Eva was in a two year relationship with Preston and Camden was always the best friend that she shared a beer with. When the novel starts Eva and Cam are at his brother Jude's wedding. Evan and Cam are overwhelmed with their attraction for each other and after a couple of shots and much hesitation they finally give into their intense attraction for each other. This is definitely not your Judy Blume story! When Cam wakes up the following morning Eva is gone! He tries several times to get a hold of her but she refuses to answer the phone. Eva is terrified that their intense night of passion will cost her the only stable and healthy relationship she has ever known. When Eva is called on to investigate a homicide Cam is linked to the death of a homeless man named Soup who also happens to be Cam's informant. Eva finally has to come face to face with Cam and they agree that they don't want to ruin their great friendship, but hey they also cannot ignore that fantastic sex that they share! So they set up a “friends with benefits” type of relationship. Their relationship sizzles and fireworks explode between these two. Complications arise as Eva learns that Cam has been keeping a secret from her. Someone has put a hit on Cam. Cam doesn't want to worry Eva and doesn't say anything about it to her. Eva also adds complications to their relationship when her ex-boyfriend Preston wants her back. Although Preston never wanted to marry Eva he some how becomes engaged to another girl, but he realizes its a mistake and proses to Eva begging for a second chance. Cam is obviously not happy with this change of events. As Cam's life is threatened his brothers step in and try to protect him. Eva realizes that she loves Cam and doesn't want to lose him. This is a dynamic story. The element of murder plays an undercurrent to the story and adds to the intrigue. Although both Eva and Cam are tough, they realize that they are exactly what the other one needs.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
ArizonaJo More than 1 year ago
Wilde for Her by Tonya Burrows is the second book in her Wilde Security series. I didn't think she could get any better than Wilde Nights in Paradise but I was wrong. I loved this one just as much. Camden Wilde is a former homicide detective and now partners with his brothers in Wilde Security. He is such a strong alpha male with a heart of gold (which he will deny) and devoted to his brothers and his best friend, Eva Cardoso. He's been in love with her since she became his partner on the police force but accepted the role of best friend because he didn't think he could give her everything that she wanted/needed in a relationship. Eva is so strong and sassy and thinks she is totally independent. She finds out just how much she needs others in this story. She wants what she never had while growing up - the sitcom perfect family life - house, yard with the white picket fence, a husband that comes home every night to her and their family. Yet she forgets that she is a homicide detective that loves her job and spends many, many hours on the job. I found it kind of sad that she tried so hard to keep this dream alive. The plot had twists and turns that kept me guessing about the murder. There was hot sexy times between Camden and Eva that practically burned my fingers as I was turning the pages. The Wilde brothers, sigh, they are swoon worthy even when they are arguing amongst themselves. But Vaughn and Camden has that twin brother relationship that can be so true (if you know any twins that are close, ask them). If you enjoy a romantic suspense that will keep you turning the pages, you won't be disappointed. I won this book from the author in a Facebook contest and am voluntarily doing this review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This had it all, good story, hot hunks & lots of steam!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Tammy_SmutReviewer More than 1 year ago
4.5 Stars from me! I am a huge sucker for books about friends to lovers. I love the whole tempting, but scared, but can't resist the pull....gah! Eva and Cam are hawt. They have too much to drink and just cannot resist one another. Afterwards, Eva is scared. She's not a one nighter kind of girl, but she knows Cam isn't looking for anything serious. Cam is hot, alpha, and only wants to protect Eva. He doesn't know about her feelings for him. I absolutely adore the Wilde brothers. All of them are seriously hot and I cannot wait for the next one. I can't wait to see what Tonya has in store for us!! Ladies, don't pass this one up if you love a hot alpha, coworkers/friends to lovers book with a side of hot steamy mclovin'! +Copy provided via Netgalley inexchange for an honest review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Bitten-By-Love-Reviews More than 1 year ago
This was my first time reading a book by Tonya Burrows and it will NOT be my last.  I absolutely loved how she created chemistry between Camden Wilde and Eva Cardoso.  The way she wrote the brothers interacting together had me laughing.  I could so see myself arguing with my siblings in the same way. Camden has been in love with Eva since they were partners on the police force.  The big problem is that they are best friends and neither want to risk their friendship by taking a chance on their sexual tension.  While they were both at his brothers wedding the both took the next step in their relationship  and had crazy monkey sex :)  when they got back home they tried to ignore their sexual tension and get their friendship back.  Meanwhile Cam found out that he had a contract out on his head.  Cam doesn't want Eva involved even though she is a cop and wants to help him.  Can the couple realize they are meant to be together or will the contract be taken out on Cam before Wilde Security can solve the case?
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Eva and Camden sizzle
MyBookAddictionandMore More than 1 year ago
Wilde for Her by Tonya Burrows was a fun, intense, and suspenseful read. Though missing out on the first book in this series probably hurt a bit, the plot and characters were vivid and cohesive enough that it didn’t matter too much. This book also sets up the next book in the series. Camden and Eva light up the sheets, hearts, and pages with their explosive chemistry. They do tender and caring equally well. Both are scarred by familial issues and they each use those issues to push the other away, at first. But then, they know each other so well, those issues can’t keep them apart for long. The mystery of the book isn’t whether they will end up together, in bed and out of it. The mystery is who has it out for Camden and what are they going to do about it. With Camden’s macho issues, he botches almost everything related to the hit out on him. An intervention on the part of his brothers sets the stage for his enemy’ s plan. Unfortunately, it was pretty obvious who the villain of the piece was. Good pacing, good build up, great finish for Wilde for Her. RATING: 4 Heat Rating: Hot REVIEWED BY: Monique Neaves Courtesy of My Book Addiction and More
SunMtnReviews More than 1 year ago
Wilde for Her is the second book in the Wilde Brothers Security series that focuses on five brothers who have started their own security company. Although I didn’t have the opportunity to read the first book, Wilde Nights in Paradise, I had no difficulty in reading this book as a stand alone.  Burrows provides enough description of all five brothers and their backstories to help me get to know each character as an individual and to see the undeniable love and loyalty these siblings have for one another.  While this story centers on Cameron Wilde’s blossoming romance with his former homicide partner, Eva, Burrows also sets up future storylines for the other brothers that are waiting to unfold. She gives just enough detail to nudge future story threads into the existing plot and pique my curiosity about what will happen in the next book, so this is a series I plan to continue.  The plot has a nicely balanced blend of romance, mystery, and suspense, with a bit more emphasis on the romance between Cam and Eva, who worked together for five years as detectives before Cam left the force to join his brothers in the security business.  Now they are still best friends, even though deep down Cam has always wanted more with Eva. He’s always kept his feelings for her hidden because he knows she’s the type of woman who wants marriage and a family, and he doesn’t see that for himself.   Eva has been relationship-free for the last six months, and the heartbreak has left her insecure about her desirability and whether she can have the ideal family life she’s longed for all of her life after growing up with a single mother whose need for parties, drugs, and men hindered her from providing a stable environment. Although Eva’s very attracted to Cam and has fantasized about him for years, she won’t risk taking their friendship to a physical and romantic level for fear of losing the best friend she’s ever had.  The story is told from both Cam’s and Eva’s perspectives and their thoughts and interactions together really show how right they are for each other. Their personalities and interests mesh well, and they are so comfortable and easy around each other that it’s obvious they have a strong emotional connection that will provide a solid foundation for a loving, satisfying relationship if only they will push beyond their fears and take the risk. I think it’s ironic, that these two strong-willed, independent, heroic characters won’t hesitate to risk their lives to protect others, but when it comes to matters of the heart, they both turn and run away.  Yet, events throughout the story force these Cam and Eva to delve into the root of their fears, and I enjoyed watching them become more emotionally resilient as they moved out of their comfort zones. Along with the romance, filled with steamy, passionate love scenes, Cam and his brothers must work together to find out who wants Cam dead.  The danger escalates as Eva is brought into the drama because of a related homicide case, and, although it isn’t immediately clear who is the real antagonist is, it becomes more obvious as the plot builds toward a suspenseful climax. Wilde for Her is an enjoyable read and I really hope Cam’s twin, Vaughn’s story is next.  I received a copy of this book from the publisher for an honest review.
RBtWBC More than 1 year ago
I am in love with Tonya Burrows and her sexy ex-military men! Burrow paints a tale of best friends turned lovers in Wilde for Her with Eva Cardosa and Camden Wilde. Former homicide partners, these two bonded on their first meet over carrot sticks and have stuck together ever since. But Cam wants more then friendship from Eva, he has from the start. Fear of loosing another loved one though has kept him from revealing his true feelings these last five years and he is unsure that he could ever give Eva the white picket fence future that he knows she dreams of. But after a drunken night of incredible sex at his baby brother, Jude's, wedding there's no way that they can return to the same old friendship they shared before. Eva proposes a friends with benefits relationship, but can Camden live with being shuffled to the 'friends' corner for the rest of their lives? With his life on the line, and the life of his twin brother's, Cam decides that he's no longer willing to sit on the sidelines when it comes to love; even if that means loosing Eva forever. Friendship and all.  Wilde for Her was an exciting and fast paced story that I loved from the start. Because of her upbringing and her mother's unstable life, Eva longs for stability and basically perfection. Her best friend Cam doesn't fit in the picture Eva has painted for her future but that doesn't  stop her heart from speeding up every time she is around him. Her and Camden have an easily apparent connection that you can feel from the first scene of these two together. The passion Cam feels for Eva bursts from the pages and you can't help but fall in love with him; his heart, loyalty and determination is what true book heroes are made of. :) And Eva is a heroine to admire, anyone who can hold their own with this lot of men earns points with me! Wonderfully detailed and easy flowing, I enjoyed every minute of this book and anticipated each page; would Cam give in, WOULD EVA? Who put a hit out on Cam? Was someone else going to fall victim to the mysterious hit man?  Wilde for Her had everything; action, mystery, humor sprinkled throughout to keep the story from getting too deep, and a burning romance with a cast of characters that captivated. Plus, an unexpected twist at the end! I adored the comradeship between brothers as well as the little glimpses into future relationships and books. I can't wait for the next Wilde novel!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
krazymama_98 More than 1 year ago
I liked the first book in the series. But I really loved this one. What a terrific story. Its so easy for a heroine like this to go ''wrong''. For the reader. Often, tough capable women come off harsh. So I love when they are written this well. She is not just tough and capable, she is a woman. With the soft side that we women tend to yield to. But still, absolutely able to handle herself in any situation, no matter how violent or scary. She is comfortable around men. Without seeming like she needs to prove herself all the time. And the hero could also have gone "wrong'' easily too. He could have sounded wimpy or weak. But instead, he is the perfect alpha man. The absolute strong, brave, tough, fearless man. He loves. He loves people. There is a picture on facebook of a man at a grocery check out with a box of tampons sitting on top of a package of cupcakes. A man that is not only smart enough to know this is a good idea. But also, secure enough to do it. This H & H are perfect really. Loved the story. And now, I look forward to the next one! Which brother is next???? :-)
Mary_Waibel More than 1 year ago
Another page turner by the talented Tonya Burrows. I fell in love with the Wilde brothers when I read WILDE NIGHTS IN PARADISE, and fell even more in love with them in WILDE FOR HER. I swooned for Cam, and totally loved Eva. Their complicated relationship had me turning pages to see what would happen next, and I wasn't disappointed. All I can say is, when does the next book come out?
glaukos More than 1 year ago
This book was pretty awesome. I had no idea who was doing the evil deeds, and that makes for good reading. The romance didn't hurt either!!! This story picks up right after the first one, at Jude & Libby's wedding. Its focused on Camden and his ex-cop partner Eva. These 2 have circled each other and their feelings for one another for the past 5 years. Cam has finally had enough. The night of his brothers weeding they both get pretty darn drunk and end up sleeping together. Only to have Eva realize what has happened and possibly screwing up their friendship, she flees and returns home early. Cam has been in love with Eva for the past 5 years. He has done what Eva wanted and held onto the friend card for longer then he would like, but he isn't a cop any more and she isn't his partner so all bets are off. Eva has ignored her feeling for Cam for 5 years cause she 1- doesn't want to mess up what they have (friends) & 2- she wants to be happily married, have the perfect life with 2.5 kids and a dog. 3- she doesn't think that Cam can give her what she really want, refer back to #2. The two of them are still circling around each other all while crazy, messed up things are happening around them. Cam has someone out to kill him and doesn't want anything to happen to his brothers or the women he loves. This book will leave you not wanting to put it down. Wanting to see if these two ever get past everything they are placing between them and who is making Cam's life hell. It wraps up nicely, but leaves something hanging, not a cliffhanger, just an opening for the next Wilde brother book. Really looking forward to the next one. Once again Tonya Burrows has written another great one that has turned into another favorite series of mine. *I received an arc copy of this book for an honest review.
NicoleMD More than 1 year ago
Wilde for Her is the second book in Tonya Burrows Wilde Security series. Wilde for Her tells the story of Cam Wilde and Eva Cardoso, former police partners, they remained best friends after Cam left the force to go work with his brothers in their Wilde Security firm. Unbeknownst to Eva, Cam’s always been in love with her, he just never felt he could really give her the white picket fence she has always wanted. For Eva, Cam is the one person she trusts implicitly and she would never risk losing him as her friend by giving in to her true feelings for him. When Eva agrees to be Cam’s date at his brother’s wedding in Florida, the entire scope of their relationship changes. After drinking far too much, they gave into their desire for each other and spent the hottest night together either had ever had!!!! Now, unable to unring THAT bell, they must try to come to terms with the new reality of their relationship. This proves to be difficult when they realize that there is a hit out on Cam. As they try to figure out who wants Cam dead and why, Cam is determined to show Eva that he is WILDE for Her and they do belong together!!! I was thrilled a few months back when I discovered the talented Tonya Burrow. She writes Romantic Suspense how I would like to think I would write it if I ever tried……interesting storylines, great characters, steamy sex scenes and perfectly integrated humor. Unfortunately for me, I don’t think I could do it half as well as Ms Burrows!!! Burrows balances the mystery, passion and action with humor and family that makes for the best kind of read, the kind you can’t put down!!! Her characters are relatable (I just KNOW that Eva and I would be friends), the men might be Alpha Males but they are flawed in all the best ways. Burrows brings her characters to life in the pages of her books, Wilde for Her made me groan in frustration as Cam and Eva continued to circle each other; I felt my temperature rise when their passion got the better of them and yes, I laughed out loud during a certain bar scene!!! Burrows does a great job of drawing the reader in and letting them really get to know her characters, even the secondary ones (namely the other Wilde Brothers). Overall I completely enjoyed this latest edition in the Wilde Security series. Tonya Burrows has a knack for merging together everything I want in a book…..romance, action, adventure, humor and yes, sexy time!!!! I not only recommend but encourage readers of romantic suspense to give Ms. Burrows’ books a try…..you will not be disappointed!!! ****I received an arc of this book in exchange for an honest review****
RipeForReader More than 1 year ago
My rating: 4 of 5 ¿¿ For years Camden Wilde had been a homicide detective, before he left the force and joined his brothers in the Wilde Security company. A tight knit group, the boys had stayed close after the violent death of their parents when they were much younger. The one person he stayed in close touch with is his ex-partner, Eva Cardoso, the woman he has been in love with about as long as he has known her.  Daughter of a flightly mother and one of many fathers, and sibling to one known sister, Eva Cardoso is determined to do love, marriage and children the proper way. She wants the whole nine yards, complete with dog and white picket fence, something she has never known growing up herself. Although always harbouring more than just a passing interest in Cam, she has always kept him firmly in the friends category, knowing he would never want her ideal dream life. When at a weekend wedding event, under the influence of copious amounts of alcohol, both Cam and Eva lose their reservations and let passions rule their actions, they embark on a scorching hot night neither of them will easily forget. No matter how hard they try in the days to follow. Not able to undo what happened and not wanting to lose their friendship, they try to work out a mutually beneficial agreement.  When a blast from the past and a disgruntled ex decide to create some disturbing distractions, Cam and Eva need to re-evaluate their expectations and evaluations and let their heart do the talking. **** Another great read in the Entangled/Blaze publications!!  A familiar friends to lovers trope, this one has the added dimension of ex-homicide partners and some interesting character context.  The tension build up is steamy and the story has an unexpected and intense twist at the end. Camden has been in self-sacrificing mode for most of the time he has known Eva. Well aware of her wish for the perfect family, he never saw himself as part of that picture and he valued her too much just to pass the time with her. He rather kept her as a trusted friend than a fly by night lover. Until he had one taste of her, and then he had enough of waiting and was determined to convince Eva he wouldn't just let her go again. Eva was so hung up on doing the opposite of what her mother had set as a poor example, she chased an ideal and forgot to see what was right in front of her. She neglected to take her feelings for Cam into account. Once she was able to look beyond the surface and see the possibilities that laid deeper, her future became clearer. It took a shocking mistake in judgement on her part to come to that realization. Tonya Burrows writes a finely balanced tale, where suspense, family dynamics, romance and some delectable bedroom fireworks complete an extremely satisfying story. ¿A thrilling and sexy tale of family, friendship and true love.¿ **ARC courtesy of Entangled/Brazen Publishing in return for an honest review.**