Wilde Ride (The Ride Series #1)

Wilde Ride (The Ride Series #1)

3.2 49
by Maegan Lynn Moores

An embarrassing run-in leaves her wanting more.
Ella Scott, ready for a change and the chance to escape family tragedy, heads to familiar Del Mar, California, after her college graduation.
No one could prepare her for what she’d find.
After starting her new job as a high school teacher, a scary encounter with some local thugs and a co-worker’s


An embarrassing run-in leaves her wanting more.
Ella Scott, ready for a change and the chance to escape family tragedy, heads to familiar Del Mar, California, after her college graduation.
No one could prepare her for what she’d find.
After starting her new job as a high school teacher, a scary encounter with some local thugs and a co-worker’s unwanted advances and attention send Ella into the arms of local bar owner Ryder Wilde. But Ryder comes with his own complications. As president of his motorcycle club, Mayhem, Ryder must choose between his biker family’s plans and whatever chance of a future he has with Ella.

This book contains sexual situations and graphic language.

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Maegan Lynn Moores
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Ride , #1
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Tanya Baikie spent her childhood in Gander, Newfoundland, Canada. She currently resides in the town of Happy Valley-Goose Bay, Labrador, Canada with her husband and three dogs. After enduring eleven long years of trying to start a family and failing, Tanya and her husband are unbelievably ecstatic since finding out that they are expecting their first child in January 2014. When she isn’t working, she enjoys spending time at the cabin with her husband, reading, and of course writing. Jillian Moores grew up in Deer Lake, Newfoundland, Canada. She’s currently living in the town of Happy Valley-Goose Bay, Labrador, Canada with her husband and adorable three year old daughter. During her spare time, Jillian loves spending time with her husband and daughter, getting invested in a steamy romance, listening to rock music, and writing. Maegan Rowe was born in Summerside, Prince Edward Island, Canada to military parents who eventually settled down in Happy Valley-Goose Bay, Labrador, Canada in her mid-teens. She is currently preparing to move to Prince Edward Island, Canada with her boyfriend to pursue her education in the nutrition field. When she’s not uprooting her life she enjoys getting outdoors, trips to the cabin and camping, reading some chick lit, and writing.

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Wilde Ride (The Ride Series #1) 3.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 49 reviews.
Book_WhispererJO More than 1 year ago
Who loves a BAD BOY???? Anyone that loves a home town bad boy this is your book. Ella and Ryder are scorching hot. I was breathless for 90% of this book! The first few chapters of this book seems a little rocky, and I not entirely sure why. I could be the abruptness of Ella and Ryder blossoming relationship, that so immediate was a little hard to fully accept. I felt a little overwhelmed and felt that it was more pushed at me than a natural emotion. For a full length story this seemed entirely unnecessary, and could have been easily overcome with just a little more detail and building to the relationship. Although, once the romance is in full swing it was also easily forgotten. The story that ensues was action packed and addictive. It is just what every woman would fantasize: a gorgeous bad boy that does nothing, but love and protect you. *SIGH* From the very start Ryder is immediately loved; everything about him is accepted from the scary raging man to the sweet and gentle lover. Ella was not as easily accepted, and I found her character to be slightly annoying in the beginning. I am not your typical girl, and I can not stand a whiner or a priss. Upon introduction Ella was both of these traits in abundance. Fortunately, I think this was the point, as the story continues she finds herself falling comfortably in her "GI JANE" alter ego. I immediately fell in love with everything about her from this point on. I think I actually stood up, and cheered when she stands up for herself in the bar. It was a liberating and empowering moment for her character, and I loved every minute of it. Wrapping up this story was heart wrenching. Good Job for that Maegan you almost had me in tears. Any rate, after having finished and reflecting on the story that I just read this was incredible. Even with the quirks it was everything I would hope for and more. Not only for the storyline and its characters, but it appeared as the though the further the story the more comfortable the author became. I was truly astounded by raw talent that I see throughout, and I am absolutely going to be reading more of her work. It was easily predicted that a future novel would evolve from sub characters, and I must say that I was thrilled to see it has happened. I am probably just as excited about them as I was the main characters for this novel. This guarantees an absolutely incredible sequel! ~BookWhisperer Reviewer JO~
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I bought this after reading two similar series from Kristen Ashley. This author loves her as well, but lacks her skill with character development. A waste of money.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book reads like a high schooler wrote it. Really? Who talks like this? In the 4th chapter and I'm shelving it.
BookLoverAE More than 1 year ago
The characters in this story have the mentality and maturity of twelve year olds. There is no depth to this story. They fall in love with each other so quickly and for no apparent reason. The author tries to create drama out of insignificant situations that are resolved on the next page. She leaves him for no reason and is back with him within 2 pages. The story jumps around from one subject to the next; there is no flow or character growth.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved the book fell in love with ryder also does't hurt that the author gave a shout out to my favorite author kristen ashley rock on
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I normally never write reviews, but this book is so bad I felt compelled to warn people.  Both main characters have the emotional maturity of a twelve year old and the vocabulary of  truck driver. Don't waste your money.  I wish there was a way to give this book negative stars, because that is what it deserves.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I think the characters and storyline have a lot of potential, but for me I could not get pass the sophmoric writing style.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I also really wanted to like this book. But it was so awful i could not even finish it! The characters were so immature. Poorly written dont waste your time!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great love an alpha male story!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Horrible grammar, sentence structure, punctuation, and plot. What a waste of four dollars.
frosty1 More than 1 year ago
I really wanted to love this book since it was recommended to me by a book buddy but I really disliked everything about it.  I was told this author was like Kristen Ashley and that is like a slap in the face to KA in my book.  The writing style was almost juvenile and very choppy.  There was hardly no character development and some of the "love" scenes almost seemed forced and didn't flow.  This is probably my last book by this author.
Myzeri More than 1 year ago
I wanted to like this book, I really did. It sounded fun and different, not the typical sweet innocent girl and the intense sexy millionaiire formula that has saturated the market lately. But the carictures caricatures, oops I mean chracacter are hard to take seriously. They had not real depth and that pretty much remained unexplored throughout the entire story. They jump into their relationship so quickly; the author would have better been served using her time building the relationship throughout the book..Bad boy stories are fun, but does the cave-man thing really work these days? It was jarring to see OMG as part of the dialogue so often. And sweet little Ella calls herself G.I. Jane and i just want to smack her . My high school English teacher would turn over in her grave if she saw some of the grammer mistakes. That said, for a first time author it was okay, but she has potential for growth in her writing and I hope to see that in the next book, should I decide to buy it.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
But the author didnt develop characters. Very amateur writing skills. Shame. The cover was hot.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
this author has a lot of work to do for her next book. Feels like she took bits and pieces from other books to come up with hers. Need more detail & depth
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed this book and look forward to more by this author. There were a couple spots where the dialogue wasnt perfect but only a couple short spots. Being that this is a new author, thats to be expected. This book is worth buying for sure. Cant wait for the next in the series and to watch this author develop her already great plot lines.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Love, sex , stalkers , hot bikers , and double crossing as*hats. The story is hot.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Horrible book, childish writing.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I was not impressed, there's not very much detail to the book "hey you're going to go home with me, okay let's go" and the whole book is in third person I don't like that
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I almost didn't buy this book because of some of the reviews. So glad I decided to check it out any way. It was a very good read. I don't know why it got bad reviews. It was a good story. Check it out for yourself
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
54avidreader More than 1 year ago
Enjoyed this book very much
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
So within the first few pages the heroine calls some women whores and then ditches her date for the bartender. And is proud of hiw easy it was to lie. Classy.
ReadingismySolace More than 1 year ago
Unbelievable..er not in the good way.  Okay, so it must be said that I love MC books. What I love about them is the foul-mouthed, womanizing, egotistical alpha male , self entitled bad asses.  I bought this without reading the reviews (my bad) but also in order to give a different author a chance. I love Madeline Sheehan and Kristen Ashley's MC books and this book was recommended to me.  Okay so here it goes in a nut shell...The writing reminded me of the proof-reading I used to do in college writing classes. It was too generic, too immature and I didn't "feel it". The story as well as the characters were never developed. The drama that she tried to create just didn't make sense and she went overboard when she made Ella a virgin. This is just my opinion but it feels like she tried to take her favorite books by her fave authors and replicate it.  Poorly done I must say.  The story just wasn't believable. Bad ass bikers don't tell chics they love them after two days; they definitely don't go to motels and beg said chic to never leave them and they don't do sweet! She was unable to sell Ryder's character and Ella was just clueless and unable to form a complete sentence. Again, maybe just my opinion but I hate books where the leading lady is a ditz and even more than I hate them when they are the stereotypical virgin. I don't make it a point to give bad reviews; I am a "got nothing nice to say, say nothing at all " kinda chic. However, I could not let people go in blindly on this book and then force themselves to read it hoping it would get better. It doesn't. With that said....I have an inkling that this may have been the authors first book. So I think she deserves to be given a chance. It takes a tremendous amount of bravery to put your work out there in the hands of people who can rip it apart with their opinions. I am sure some of favorite authors had a rough start and it took them more than once to get it right. When I read a book it becomes a movie in my brain. I have to be able to see it; to get to know my characters and fall in love with them. That just didn't happen for me in this book.  I could see what the author was trying to accomplish  and where she wanted to take her characters.... after all she is a KA fan. I am not going to say that this was money wasted, I am going to think of it as an investment on a new author who I hope comes into her own and does great things. Good Luck!. 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
What a great book, why some gave bad reviews i don't know. But loved Ryder (my new book boyfriend) and Ella. Such a hot, sweet, badass story!! Take a chance and read it, you won't be sorry!!