Wildlife and Society: The Science of Human Dimensions / Edition 2

Wildlife and Society: The Science of Human Dimensions / Edition 2

by Michael J. Manfredo

ISBN-10: 1597264083

ISBN-13: 9781597264082

Pub. Date: 09/15/2008

Publisher: Island Press

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Table of Contents

Acknowledments xi

Chapter 1 Introduction: Perspectives on the Past and Future of Human Dimensions of Fish and Wildlife Perry J. Brown 1

Part I Social Factors Creating Change in Fish and Wildlife Conservation 15

Chapter 2 Social and Demographic Trends Affecting Fish and Wildlife Management Michael A. Schuett David Scott Joseph T. O'Leary 18

Chapter 3 Understanging Global Values toward Wildlife Michael J. Manfredo Tara L. Teel Harry C. Zinn 31

Chapter 4 The Emergence of Conservation NGOs as Catalysts for Local Democracy John Fraser David Wilkie Robert Wallace Peter Coppolillo Roan Balas McNab R. Lilian E. Painter Peter Zahler Isabel Buechsel 44

Chapter 5 Imagining the Future: Humans, Wildlife, and Global Climate Change Douglas B. Inkley Amanda C. Staudt and Mark Damian Duda 57

Part II Building the Social Component into the Philosophy of WildlifeManagement 73

Chapter 6 Changing Culture of Wildlife Management Larry M. Gigliotti Duane L. Shroufe Scott Gurtin 75

Chapter 7 Toward a Framework for Integrating Human Dimensions in Wildlife Management Irene Ring 90

Chapter 8 Camanaging Wildlife in the Amazon and the Salvation of the Pacaya-Samiria National Richard Bodmer Pablo Puertas Tula G. Fang 104

Chapter 9 Working with Communities to Achieve Conservation Goals Catherine M. Hill 117

Chapter 10 Humans and Wildlife as Ecosystem Components in Integrated Assessments Kathleen A. Galvin Randall B. Boone Shauna B. BurnSilver Philip K. Thornton 129

Part III Dealing with Legal and Institutional Factors of Fish and Wildlife Management 143

Chapter 11 Legal Trends in Fish and WildLife Policy

Chapter 12 Reviving the Public Trust Doctrine as a Foundation for Management inNorth America John F. Organ Gordon R. Batcheller 161

Chapter 13 A "Wicked" Problem: Institutional Structures and Wildlife Management Success Susan J. Buck 172

Chapter 14 Fueling the Conservation Engine: Where Will the Money Come from to Drive Fish and Wildlife Management and Conservation? Michael Hutchings Heather E. Eves Cristina Goettsch Mittermeier 184

Part IV Social Perspectives on Contemporary Fish and Wildlife Management Issues 199

Chapter 15 The Socioecology of Urban Wildlife Management John Hadidian 202

Chapter 16 The Human Dimensions of Conflicts with Wildlife around Protected Areas Adrian Treves 214

Chapter 17 New Markets for Recreational Fishing Oystein Aas Robert Arlinghaus 229

Chapter 18 Preparing for the Next Disease: The Human-Wildlife Connection Jerry J. Vaske Lori B. Shelby Mark D. Needham 244

Chapter 19 Challenges and Opportunities at the Interface of Wildlife-Viewing Marketing and Management in the Twenty-first Century Stephen F. Mccool 262

Chapter 20 Trends in Access and Wildlife Privatization Tommy L. Brown and Terry A. Messmer 275

Chapter 21 Social Dimensions of Managing Hunting in Tropical Forests Elizabeth L. Bennett 289

Chapter 22 Communication as an Effective Management Strategy in a Diverse World Susan K. Jacobson Mallory D. McDuff 301

chapter 23 Conclusion: What Is Wildlife Management? Daniel J. Decker Willam. F. Siemer Kirsten M. Leong Shown J. Riley Brent A. Rudolph Len H. Carpenter

Contributors 329

Index 341

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