Wiley Electrical and Electronics Engineering Dictionary / Edition 1

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Electrical engineering is one of the largest professional disiplines in the world and as such has collected an enormous amount of unique terminology and jargon. This dictionary is the essential source of definitions of electrical engineering terms and acronyms used in todays electrical and electronics literature. It is meant to save time, to present the desired information in the place it is first looked up, and in a manner that allows the content to be more readily assimilated.

Key features include:

  • Contains over 35,000 detailed terms.
  • Sponsored by the Institite of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, the world's largest professional organization and the creator of electrical engineering standards.
  • Designed so that no cross referencing is required in order to achieve full understanding of terms.
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Editorial Reviews

From Barnes & Noble
The Barnes & Noble Review
Steven M. Kaplan's Wiley Electrical and Electronics Engineering Dictionary is a first-rate compilation of engineering terms and their meanings. The definitions are straightforward and easy to grasp. This is an outstanding reference book for electrical engineers, students, and others who have a need to be precise in their use of engineering terminology in the field of electronics.

With over 35,000 terms to its credit, this book is packed with information that you can have at your fingertips in moments. Each of the terms occupies a place in one or more of the many areas of expertise encompassed by electrical and electronics engineering. And, there are no special rules for the use of this dictionary. The author has opted not to use cross-referencing in this book. Thus, you'll find the information you need where you expect it to be; and, you'll find it very quickly. There is no page flipping required to get to the desired term to find its definition, plus other practical information when appropriate. When a word or phrase is the same as another, it is clearly stated, so you can easily find the definition. John R. Vacca

John R. Vacca, the former computer security official (CSO) for NASA's space station program (Freedom), has written nearly 40 books about advanced storage, computer security, and aerospace technology.

From the Publisher
"...this dictionary will prove useful to both the student and the working engineer...every entry was exhaustively researched using a variety of resources." (Electronic Design Online, June 14, 2005)

"…this is an excellent, well-done dictionary that should be in any science and technology collection." (American Reference Books Annual, 2005)

“…readable and concise…a useful basic reference text…” (Reference Reviews, Vol.18, No.6, September 2004)

"By using traditional print sources and Internet sources the compiler has created a comprehensive and up-to-date dictionary…should be very useful for engineers, researchers, and students in these and related fields." (E-STREAMS, July 2004)

"Kaplan's book, sponsored by IEEE, will be an asset to any university library that supports electrical and electronics engineering curriculum, or to any professional engineering library.” (Choice, July 2004)

“...defines over 35,000 terms and includes electronics as well as electrical engineering...also includes three appendixes...that are detailed cross references...suitable for public and academic libraries...” (Library Journal, April 1, 2004)

“...a valuable reference, containing more than 35,000 definitions from the often arcane and ever-expanding technical terminology used throughout electrical/electronics engineering.” (Electrical Apparatus, March 2004)

Library Journal
This addition to the growing list of publications from Wiley's IEEE Press imprint does not replace IEEE 100: The Authoritative Dictionary of IEEE Standards Terms, and librarians should be aware of the potential for confusion. Lexicographer Kaplan here offers his fifth dictionary for Wiley, having previously compiled English/Spanish business and science dictionaries. His text is broader than CRC's recently published Comprehensive Dictionary of Electrical Engineering. While the CRC text defines about 10,000 terms, Kaplan's defines over 35,000 and includes electronics as well as electrical engineering. It also includes three appendixes: Greek letters, symbols, and numbers (which includes IEEE standards numbers). Unfortunately, the numbers and text are not linked. For example, WLAN 802.11 is the common name for the IEEE wireless standards series. "WLAN" is defined in the main text and "802.11" is listed in the numbers appendix, but they are not cross-referenced. Within the text, there are detailed cross references, e.g., "Brinnell test" is noted as being the same as the "Brinnell hardness test." The dictionary is enhanced by the inclusion of computer component abbreviations like "SODIMM" (small outline dual inline memory module), which are often difficult to find. The text is fairly up-to-date, including concepts like "bioelectronics" and "Bluetooth," as well as computing slang such as "Smurf attack"-a type of denial-of-service hacking. However, it lags behind in some new wireless concepts. For instance, the "hot spot" definition does not include wi-fi usage-a site with public wireless broadband access. Suitable for public and academic libraries but perhaps not technical enough for engineering firms.-Sara Tompson, Packer Engineering Lib., Naperville, IL Copyright 2004 Reed Business Information.
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Product Details

  • ISBN-13: 9780471402244
  • Publisher: Wiley
  • Publication date: 1/9/2004
  • Edition number: 1
  • Pages: 896
  • Product dimensions: 7.09 (w) x 10.08 (h) x 1.58 (d)

Meet the Author

STEVEN M. KAPLAN is a lexicographer with a number of works to his credit.

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Wiley Electrical and Electronics Engineering Dictionary

By Steven M. Kaplan

John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 0-471-40224-9

Chapter One


a 1. Symbol for atto-. 2. Symbol for acceleration. 3. Abbreviation of year.

A 1. Symbol for ampere. 2. Symbol for gain. 3. Symbol for mass number or nucleon number.

A/B box Abbreviation of A/B switch box.

A/B switch A switch used in an A/B switch box.

A/B switch box A switch box with two outputs, A and B. Each output is manually selected by the user. May be used, for instance, to connect two peripherals to a computer. Also spelled AB switch box. Its abbreviation is A/B box.

A-B test A qualitative test performed by alternating sounds, images, or the like. For example, two pairs of speakers wish to be compared, so each is connected to the same amplifier, and the same music source is played. The two sets of speakers are then heard alternately. Also spelled AB test.

A battery A battery which supplies current to the filaments of electron tubes. Also known as filament battery. a.c. Same as ac.

A channel In a two-channel stereo component, such as an amplifier, the left channel.

a/d Abbreviation of analog to digital.

A/D Abbreviation of analog to digital.

a/d converter Abbreviation of analog-to-digital converter.

A/D converter Abbreviation of analog-to-digital converter.

A display In radars, an oscilloscopic display which plots time or distance in the horizontal plane versus the scanned object, which appears in the vertical plane. Also called A scope, A indicator, A scanner, or range-amplitude display.

A-h Abbreviation of ampere-hour.

A indicator Same as A display.

A-law A standard utilized to convert an analog input, usually voice, into digital form using pulse code modulation. Currently, it is used in most of the world, except in North America and Japan, where the mu-Law standard is used.

A/m Abbreviation of ampere per meter.

A/[m.sup.2] Abbreviation of ampere per square meter.

A min Abbreviation of ampere-minute.

A minus The negative terminal of an A battery. Its symbol is A-.

A-N radio range Same as AN range.

A-N range Same as AN range.

A negative Same as A minus.

A plus The positive terminal of an A battery. Its symbol is A+.

A positive Same as A plus.

A power supply Same as A supply.

A Programming Language Same as APL.

A scan Same as A scanner.

A scanner Same as A display.

A scope Same as A display.

A station Within the loran radio navigation system, one of two transmitting stations, the other being the B station. The A station is the control station in this pair.

A supply A source which supplies current to the filaments of electron tubes. Also called A power supply.

A-t Abbreviation of ampere-turn.

a/v Abbreviation of audiovisual, or audio video.

A/V Abbreviation of audiovisual, or audio video.

a/v connector Abbreviation of audio/video connector.

A/V connector Abbreviation of audio/video connector.

a/v inputs Abbreviation of audio/video inputs, or audiovisual inputs.

A/V inputs Abbreviation of audio/video inputs, or audiovisual inputs.

a/v outputs Abbreviation of audio/video outputs, or audiovisual outputs.

A/V outputs Abbreviation of audio/video outputs, or audiovisual outputs.

A-weighted noise level Same as A-weighted sound level.

A-weighted sound level A sound level which is weighted in a manner that more closely matches the ear's response. Such weighting reduces the influence of lower and higher frequencies relative to the middle frequencies, and is usually expressed in dBA units. Also called A-weighted noise level.

A- Symbol A minus.

A+ Symbol for A plus.

A4 Same as A440.

A440 An internationally recognized standard for musical pitch, whose frequency is 440 Hz. It is the musical note of A above middle C Also called A4.

aA 1. Abbreviation of attoampere. 2. Abbreviation of abampere.

AA Abbreviation of auto answer.

AAC Abbreviation of augmentative and alternative communication.

AAL Abbreviation of ATM Adaptation Layer.

AAR Abbreviation of automatic alternate routing.

AAS Abbreviation of atomic absorption spectroscopy.

ab- A prefix which identifies units conforming to the cgs system. Seen, for example, in abvolt.

AB box Same as A/B box.

AB power pack 1. A source of current in battery-operated electron tubes, consisting of the A battery and the B battery. 2. A unit which supplies A and B direct-current voltages from an AC source.

AB switch Same as A/B switch.

AB switch box Same as A/B switch box.

AB test Same as A-B test.

abampere The unit of current in the cgs system. There are 10 amperes in an abampere. Its abbreviation is aA.

abandoned call 1. A call that is terminated by the calling party before being answered. 2. A call that is terminated by the calling patty before being completed. For example, that in which a caller waiting to speak to a representative ends the call before being attended.

abandoned site A Web site that is no longer maintained, but which is still available for viewing. It is essentially the same as a ghost site, except the former generally provides a statement to the effect.

abandoware Software that is no longer considered by the publisher or vendor to be worth selling or supporting.

abbreviated dialing A system employing circuitry which permits dialing with fewer operations than ordinarily necessary. An example is speed dialing.

abbreviated ringing Ringing that is initiated at the arrival of an incoming call, but which stops within a determined number of seconds whether the calling party has terminated the call or not.

abc Same as ABC.

ABC 1. Abbreviation of automatic brightness control. 2. Abbreviation of automatic bass compensation. 3. Abbreviation of Atanasoff-Berry Computer.

abcoulomb The unit of electrical quantity in the cgs system. There are 10 coulombs in an abcoulomb. Its abbreviation is aC.

abcoulomb centimeter The unit of electric dipole moment in the cgs system. Its abbreviation is aCcm.

abend Abbreviation of abnormal end. A complete and unexpected program or system halt. Caused by a program deficiency or a hardware failure. Also called abnormal termination, crash (1), or bomb.

ABEND Same as abend.

aberration In optics, the inability of an optical lens to produce a perfect correlation between an object and its resulting image. This can be due to various factors, including the physical properties of the lens. Types of optical aberration include curvature, astigmatism, spherical aberration, and chromatic aberration. Also called optical aberration.

abfarad The unit of capacitance in the cgs system. There are [10.sup.9] farads in an abfarad. Its abbreviation is aF.

abhenry The unit of inductance in the cgs system. There is [10.sup.9] henry in an abhenry. Its abbreviation is aH.

ABI Abbreviation of application binary interface.

Abilene A high-speed backbone used, for instance, for Internet2.

abmho Same as absiemens.

abnormal end Same as abend.

abnormal glow discharge A current discharge in a gas tube that causes the cathode area to be completely surrounded by a glow. Under these conditions the voltage drop increases proportionally to the current.

abnormal propagation Radio-wave propagation which is adversely affected by unstable atmospheric conditions. Within these circumstances the waves are unable to travel their normal path through space, thus interfering with communications.

abnormal reflections Sharply defined reflections of radio waves at frequencies above the critical frequency of the ionized layer of the ionosphere. When they occur in sporadic E-layers of the ionosphere they are called sporadic-E reflections. abnormal termination Same as abend.

abnormal triggering Activation of a switching device by a source other than that of the designated triggering signal.

abohm The unit of resistance, impedance, or reactance in the cgs system. There is [10.sup.-9] ohm in an abohm. Its abbreviation is a[ohm].

abohm centimeter The unit of resistivity in the cgs system.

abort 1. To intentionally terminate a process before it is meant to end. 2. To interrupt a process before it is meant to end.

above the fold The part of a Web page that is visible without scrolling, while the part that requires scrolling to be seen is below the fold. Content above the fold is usually considered to be more important than that below.

abrasion resistance The extent to which materials can withstand mechanical wear on their surface. If a surface is exposed to a wiper arm or a brush, for example, this must be taken into account.

abrupt junction A pn junction with an irregular transition region between the p-type and n-type semiconductors.

ABS resin Abbreviation of acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene resin.

abscissa In a two-coordinate system, the horizontal coordinate. The ordinate is the vertical coordinate. Its symbol is x, or X. Also called x-coordinate.

absiemens The unit of conductance in the cgs system. There are [10.sup.9] Siemens in an absiemens. Its abbreviation is aS. An absiemens is the same as an abmho, but the former is the preferred term.

absolute 1. Independent of arbitrary parameters. 2. In computer programming, a mathematical function that always yields a positive number.

absolute accuracy Accuracy as measured in reference to an absolute standard.

absolute address A specific memory location. It is an address from which relative addresses may be derived. Also called real address (1), actual address (1), direct address, machine address, or specific address.

absolute altimeter An instrument which measures and indicates altitude above a reference level, such as a given terrain, by the utilization of radio, radar, laser, sonic, or capacitive technology.

absolute code Program code which uses absolute addresses.

absolute coding Coding which uses absolute addresses.

absolute delay 1. The time difference between two synchronized signals. 2. Within the loran radio navigation system, the time difference between the last signal sent from the A station and the next signal from the B station.

absolute efficiency The ratio between the actual output signal of a transducer and the value of an ideal transducer under the same conditions.

absolute electrometer An attracted-disk electrometer in which the attraction between the metals disks is balanced against the force of gravity.

absolute error 1. The difference between the measured value and the real value. 2. The absolute value of the difference between the measured value and the real value, thus always resulting in a positive value.

absolute gain Same as absolute gain of an antenna.

absolute gain of an antenna For a hypothetical antenna that transmits and receives uniformly in all directions, the gain in any specific direction. Also called absolute gain.

absolute humidity The grams of water vapor per cubic meter of moist air. The proportion of moistness does not vary with temperature. This contrasts with relative humidity, which depends more on how much water air can hold at a given temperature.

absolute index of refraction 1. The ratio of the phase velocity of a wave in free space, to the phase velocity of the same wave in a given medium. Also called index of refraction (1), or refractive index (1). 2. The ratio of the phase velocity of light in free space, to the phase velocity of light in a given medium. Also called index of refraction (2), or refractive index (2).

absolute instruction A computer instruction that specifies an operation and causes it to be executed.

absolute magnetometer A device which measures the strength and direction of a magnetic field without using other magnetic instruments.

absolute maximum rating The extreme operating or environmental conditions beyond which a device can malfunction or become damaged.

absolute measurement A measurement made utilizing internationally accepted base units, such as time measured in seconds, or mass expressed in kilograms.

absolute path A file pathname that starts with the drive letter, leads through the directories, and ends with a full file name. For example: C:\Documents\Reminders\Today.xyz. Also known as access path, full path, search path, or filespec.

absolute pitch The pitch of a tone expressed in vibrations per second, thus independently of other tones. This contrasts with relative pitch, which is based on relationships between tones.

absolute pressure Pressure relative to that found in an absolute vacuum. This contrasts with gauge pressure, which is measured relative to the ambient pressure.

absolute pressure sensor Same as absolute pressure transducer.

absolute pressure transducer A pressure transducer with an internal chamber kept as close as possible to a perfect vacuum, so as to provide absolute pressure readings. Also called absolute pressure sensor.

absolute programming Programming using absolute code, which specifies specific physical storage locations.

absolute scale 1. Same as absolute temperature scale. 2. A standard scale utilizing internationally accepted base units, such as time measured in seconds, or mass expressed in kilograms.

absolute standard A standard which is independent of arbitrary parameters.

absolute system Same as absolute system of units.

absolute system of units A system used for measurement of physical quantities using internationally accepted fundamental units. All other units and internationally accepted systems of units are based on these fundamental, or absolute, units. Currently, the fundamental, or base, SI units are: the second, the kilogram, the meter, the ampere, the Kelvin, the mole, and the candela. Also called absolute system.

absolute temperature Temperature according to the thermodynamic temperature, Kelvin, or Rankine scales. When using any of these scales, a reading of zero represents absolute zero.

absolute temperature scale A temperature scale whose value of zero degrees equals absolute zero. The thermodynamic temperature, Kelvin, and Rankine scales are absolute temperature scales. Also known as absolute scale (1).

absolute uniform resource locator Same as absolute URL.

absolute unit 1. A unit which does not incorporate arbitrary parameters. 2. A unit within the absolute system of units.

absolute URL Abbreviation of absolute uniform resource locator. A URL which specifies the full path to the location of a given page, document, or resource. A relative URL provides abbreviated information based on an absolute URL.

absolute vacuum A hypothetical space which contains no matter, and whose absolute pressure is defined as zero. Free space approaches an absolute vacuum. Also called perfect vacuum, or vacuum (1).

absolute value The magnitude of a quantity always expressed as a positive number, regardless of the sign or direction. For example, the absolute value of-12.3 or 12.3 is the same, namely 12.3.

absolute-value computer A computer that processes the magnitudes of variables independently of their algebraic sign.

absolute-value device A device which produces an output signal with a fixed polarity that is equal in magnitude to the input, regardless of the polarity of the input.


Excerpted from Wiley Electrical and Electronics Engineering Dictionary by Steven M. Kaplan Excerpted by permission.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

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  • Anonymous

    Posted August 15, 2005

    I love it!

    It is has everything I need and is really easy to use. It is interesting to note that there is no volume 1 or volume 2 or anything. It is a complete dictionary, A to Z in a single volume, so I do not understand why it is listed as Vol. 1. In any case, it gets the job done for me! Highly recommended!

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