William Shakespeare Readings from the Tragedies

William Shakespeare Readings from the Tragedies

by Harriet Walter

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  1. ...Fortune My Foe  -  Broadside Band
  2. Macbeth: Act I Scene 7  - John Killoran
  3. Macbeth: Act II Scene 1  - John Killoran
  4. Macbeth: Act V Scene 1  - Peter Blythe
  5. Macbeth: Act V Scene 5  - John Killoran
  6. Passa Mezzo Pavan  -  Broadside Band
  7. King Lear: Act II Scene 4  - John Killoran
  8. King Lear: Act IV Scene 7  - John Killoran
  9. The Poor Soul Sat Sighing (Willow Song)  -  Broadside Band
  10. Romeo and Juliet: Act II Scene 2  - John Killoran
  11. Romeo and Juliet: Act III Scene 5  - John Killoran
  12. Romeo and Juliet: Act IV Scene 3
  13. Bonny Sweet Robin  -  Broadside Band
  14. Hamlet: Act I Scene 5  - John Killoran
  15. Hamlet: Act IV Scene 5  - Peter Blythe
  16. How Should I, Your True Love Know  -  Broadside Band
  17. Hamlet: Act IV Scene 7
  18. And Will He Not Come Again  -  Broadside Band
  19. Anthony and Cleopatra: Act II Scene 2  - John Killoran
  20. Anthony and Cleopatra: Act IV Scene 15  - John Killoran
  21. Anthony and Cleopatra: Act V Scene 2
  22. Earl of Essex Measure  -  Broadside Band

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Harriet Walter   Primary Artist,Readings
John Potter   Tenor (Vocal)
Diane Beck   Readings
Deborah Roberts   Soprano (Vocal)
Jeremy Barlow   Pipe,Recorder,Virginal,Tabor
Peter Blythe   Track Performer,Readings
Broadside Band   Track Performer
John Killoran   Track Performer,Readings
George Weigand   Lute,Cittern,Mandora,Arch Cittern,Orpharion

Technical Credits

Gef Lucena   Producer,Engineer
David Wilkins   Producer,Engineer
Jeremy Barlow   Arranger,Director
Broadside Band   Contributor

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