Willie & Joe: Back Home

Willie & Joe: Back Home

by Bill Mauldin

WWII’s most famous soldiers, Willie and Joe, battle civilian life upon their return home in this sequel.  See more details below


WWII’s most famous soldiers, Willie and Joe, battle civilian life upon their return home in this sequel.

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Publishers Weekly
This time capsule is the second collection of Mauldin's cartoons from Fantagraphics, this time covering the post-World War II period of 1945-1946. Pulitzer Prize�winner Mauldin is best known for drawing foxhole-level realistic images of everyday soldiers Willie and Joe on the European front for Stars and Stripes. In this follow-up collection, the problem of "what do we do with them now that the war is over?" is apparent both in the explicit content of the single-page cartoons as well as Mauldin's struggles to find suitable subjects. The book would have been much improved with annotations for the images, explaining long-forgotten political arguments and names. The linework and chiaroscuro are amazing, but too often the subjects are of little to no meaning to modern readers, especially once Mauldin gets into the anti-Communist propaganda or forgotten foreign controversies of the time. Editor Todd DePastino's introduction, covering key events in Mauldin's life during the creation of these cartoons, is essential to comprehending some of the content, but other cartoons—such as those featuring forgotten veterans, lying politicians, or creeping consumerism—are universal. Best for those who already know Mauldin's skill and want more examples of his work with characters now out of infantry uniform. (Aug.)
Michael Giltz - The Huffington Post
“...Willie & Joe: Back Home… moved me... Mauldin is always funny, but those with a rosy image of WW II will be surprised by the complex world shown here... Fantagraphics has captured Mauldin's most enduring characters in two releases that do him justice.”
David Allen - Inland Valley Daily Bulletin
“Mauldin's postwar panels in which Willie and Joe tried to readjust to civilian life... were somewhat controversial, but their chronicle of the duo's struggles and disillusionment might be enjoyed by anyone who's ever left the service to return to a life that seems both familiar and foreign.”

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