Willie Nelson Lyrics, 1957-1994

Willie Nelson Lyrics, 1957-1994

by Willie Nelson

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Ray Olson
Every so often, some publisher gets the notion that pop-song lyrics are real poetry, which, back when songwriters were expected to abide by grammatical and metrical conventions, they often could be. But we don't any longer expect good grammar or metrical regularity of pop songwriters. That we don't shows over and over in this hefty offering of country songster Nelson's lyrics. Nearly every song is riddled with grammatical gaffes, metaphors so dead, and logic so, so . . . "weird" that reading it rouses laughter rather than the wistful, worldly wise empathy Nelson's singing so effortlessly and effectively evokes. So buy this for the fans who've always wanted to know all the correct words to Willie's songs, but in order to enjoy reading it, keep the tunes in mind; if you don't, it's all way more silly than soulful.

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