Win These Posters and Other Unrelated Prizes Inside

Win These Posters and Other Unrelated Prizes Inside

by Norma Cole

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Win These Posters and Other Unrelated Prizes Inside opens with a foreword, an envoi laying out the concerns of the book.See more details below


Win These Posters and Other Unrelated Prizes Inside opens with a foreword, an envoi laying out the concerns of the book.

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Publishers Weekly
Terse and delightfully challenging, and more serious than its comical title implies, this latest collection from the prolific poet and translator explores short lines, short units, blank space, and things left unsaid. After an introductory ode, Cole splits her work up into three long parts: the first, "14000 Facts," compiles syntactically independent, often self-descriptive, very short poems. In one of them, "thoughts shared/ line up// little ships/ light up"; in another, "A sign is a symbol for blood-/ soaked arguments." Gnomic, sometimes quite traditional in their symbols (doves, lutes), these compact pieces are more accessible than much of Cole's demanding earlier work. In her second sequence, "More Facts," short units speak across the borders of the page. In one transition, "nobody wanted// to hear that/ conversation/ is just// possible/ emptiness is/ relative// the way air/ resists": the page break, coming before the word "conversation," stands for the separateness of human bodies, the barriers to conversation after all. This focus on difficulty, on what comes between words and meanings, continues into the prose and verse of "If I'm Asleep," whose fragments can feel like erasures: "Night is approaching/ Butch// one pill less." Cole (Where Shadows Will) deals in hints, and in mysteries. (Sept.)
From the Publisher

"I think deeply that Win These Posters comes first of all from the voice and the modalities of its call. I also deeply think the poems come from the wall and modalities of shouting out like posters, announcements, notices, placards, tags, graffiti, in short anything that cries out, calls, protests exactly like Mayakovsky's posters/signs that set the revolutionary crowds on fire."  —Jean Daive, author, Under The Dome

"The tokens offered here, the 'prizes inside,' are the gifts of instruction that Norma Cole has fought so tenaciously to provide us with."  —Ammiel Alcalay, author, A Little History

"Norma's vision is of a world of ordinary violence mixing with ordinary life, but also of an extreme violence raping the soul. That vision has here surpassed her own intellectual powers, which are amazing, has traversed ages and galaxies, and moved by a seldom encountered profound tenderness for the pain of living, has reached the ultimate unity between mind, heart and events, in words that leave us totally disarmed."  —Etel Adnan, author, Sea and Fog

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