Wind in the Willows

Wind in the Willows

by Kenneth Grahame

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Disc 1

  1. The River Bank  - Martin Jarvis
  2. The Rat Sculled Smartly Across and Made Fast  - Martin Jarvis
  3. The Rat Brought the Boat Alongside the Bank  - Martin Jarvis
  4. The Afternoon Sun Was Getting Low  - Martin Jarvis
  5. The Open Road  - Martin Jarvis
  6. "I Beg Your Pardon, " Said the Rat Slowly  - Martin Jarvis
  7. After So Much Open Air and Exitement  - Martin Jarvis
  8. The Toad Never Answered a Word  - Martin Jarvis
  9. The Wild Wood  - Martin Jarvis
  10. Everything Was Very Still Now  - Martin Jarvis
  11. It Was Already Getting Towards Dusk  - Martin Jarvis
  12. They Were Investigating One of the Hummocky Bits  - Martin Jarvis

Disc 2

  1. Mr. Badger  - Martin Jarvis
  2. When Supper Was Really Finished at Last  - Martin Jarvis
  3. In Accordance With the Kindly Badger's Injunctions  - Martin Jarvis
  4. After Luncheon, Accordingly  - Martin Jarvis
  5. Mr Toad  - Martin Jarvis
  6. They Arranged Watches Accordingly  - Martin Jarvis
  7. Meanwhile, Toad Was Walking Briskly  - Martin Jarvis
  8. Toad's Adventures  - Martin Jarvis
  9. With a Quaking Heart, Toad Set Forth Cautiously  - Martin Jarvis
  10. They Had Covered Many and Many a Mile  - Martin Jarvis
  11. The Further Adventures of Toad  - Martin Jarvis
  12. A Long Half-Hour Passed  - Martin Jarvis

Disc 3

  1. He Had Travelled Some Miles  - Martin Jarvis
  2. When Toad Had Taken as Much Stew on Board  - Martin Jarvis
  3. Toad Eagerly Scrambled into the Seat Vacated by the Driver  - Martin Jarvis
  4. Like Summer Tempests Came His Tears  - Martin Jarvis
  5. Now It Was a Very Comforting Point in Toad's Character  - Martin Jarvis
  6. He Went Back, Very Crestfallen, And Told the Water Rat  - Martin Jarvis
  7. They Had Just Finished Their Meal  - Martin Jarvis
  8. When the Badger Had Quite Done  - Martin Jarvis
  9. Toad Slept Till a Late Hour Next Morning  - Martin Jarvis
  10. The Return of Ulysses  - Martin Jarvis
  11. The Affair Was Soon Over  - Martin Jarvis
  12. The Following Morning, Toad, Who Had Overslept  - Martin Jarvis
  13. Toad's Last Little Song  - Martin Jarvis

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