Wind in the Willows

Wind in the Willows

by Kenneth Grahame

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Disc 1

  1. The River Bank
  2. The Rat Sculled Smartly Across and Made Fast
  3. The Rat Brought the Boat Alongside the Bank
  4. The Afternoon Sun Was Getting Low
  5. The Open Road
  6. "I Beg Your Pardon, " Said the Rat Slowly
  7. After So Much Open Air and Exitement
  8. The Toad Never Answered a Word
  9. The Wild Wood
  10. Everything Was Very Still Now
  11. It Was Already Getting Towards Dusk
  12. They Were Investigating One of the Hummocky Bits

Disc 2

  1. Mr. Badger
  2. When Supper Was Really Finished at Last
  3. In Accordance With the Kindly Badger's Injunctions
  4. After Luncheon, Accordingly
  5. Mr Toad
  6. They Arranged Watches Accordingly
  7. Meanwhile, Toad Was Walking Briskly
  8. Toad's Adventures
  9. With a Quaking Heart, Toad Set Forth Cautiously
  10. They Had Covered Many and Many a Mile
  11. The Further Adventures of Toad
  12. A Long Half-Hour Passed

Disc 3

  1. He Had Travelled Some Miles
  2. When Toad Had Taken as Much Stew on Board
  3. Toad Eagerly Scrambled into the Seat Vacated by the Driver
  4. Like Summer Tempests Came His Tears
  5. Now It Was a Very Comforting Point in Toad's Character
  6. He Went Back, Very Crestfallen, And Told the Water Rat
  7. They Had Just Finished Their Meal
  8. When the Badger Had Quite Done
  9. Toad Slept Till a Late Hour Next Morning
  10. The Return of Ulysses
  11. The Affair Was Soon Over
  12. The Following Morning, Toad, Who Had Overslept
  13. Toad's Last Little Song

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