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Children's Literature - Debby Willett
Wind...the air moving around you is the wind. It doesn't just swirl where you live, it moves all over the earth, and it can't be seen. The wind will make your kite fly, and helps the sailboats move faster across the water. Sometimes the wind is warm and slow. Sometimes the wind is strong when storms are coming. Wind can't be seen, but when it is blowing, you can see it in the trees, or in your hair. Dangerous storms have strong winds and can do damage. Tornadoes and hurricanes appear in warm months; snowstorms appear in winter months. Sometimes snowstorms can leave snowdrifts that are fun to play in. What do you think the wind does to the sand dunes in the deserts? The photographs are colorful and engaging and appropriate to the text. The "Blastoff! Reader's" series, at Level 3 for early readers, is a combination of text and concept load. Using the simple photographs, there is less reliance on visuals and more on the longer sentences. The use of longer sentences develops a more literary language. Through reading comprehension and confidence, your child will develop a love for reading that will last a lifetime. The author has included a glossary at the end of the book focusing on words that are more relevant to the learning experience. In addition, there is a page with resources and Internet links. Finally, credit is given to the photographs used and an index. Part of the subseries entitled "Weather." Reviewer: Debby Willett

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