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by Maxine Paetro

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Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
Such problems we should all have! is the thought that keeps recurring as one reads this richly detailed but uninvolving look at an upscale Manhattan couple. Harriet is a literary agent who inherits $7 million and a run-down castle on Long Island. Dean is a Wall Street stockbroker struggling to emerge from the shadow of his father's success. They've been dating for two years, and Harriet is ready for the nuptials. Dean's a nice guy who genuinely loves her, but he thinks Harriet is too middle-class for his WASP family and high-powered career. So although she hopes the renovation of her castle will climax with their wedding, the two grow estranged. Harriet's oft-mentioned quirky charm seems limited to her thrift-store taste in clothes and decor. And Dean is one of those men, draped in expensive suits and swanky suspenders, who cares deeply about leading his team to victory at the annual office ladder-toss contest. Paetro ( Babydreams ) lavishes attention on the surface of her characters without stinting on their interior lives; Harriet and Dean are reasonably appealing people. Even so, it's hard to sustain interest in a novel devoted to their tribulations. (Aug.)
Library Journal - Library Journal
As she did in Babydreams (LJ 12/1/88) and Manshare (LJ 4/15/86), Paetro again taps into the fears and fantasies of the thirtysomething woman. Here the woman is literary agent Harriet Braintree, who is yearning for marriage--to boyfriend Dean--and a family. Unlike similar novels written solely from the woman's point of view, Paetro also gives voice to male fears and fantasies through Dean. A dyslexic poor little rich boy, now a Wall Street broker, Dean is looking for the ``right'' woman to grace his arm and his career. Unfortunately for Harrie, she's not that woman, even after she inherits a dilapidated Long Island mansion and $7 million to bring it back to life. Despite the predictable ending and stock supporting cast, this is a witty, if innocuous, contemporary romance for the popular fiction shelf.-- Francine Fialkoff, ``Library Journal''

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